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Posted in: Japan Airlines defrauded of Y384 million See in context

SaikoPhyscoToday 07:07 am JST

Years ago... Japanese employees were transferred to different departments every couple of years or so. This was so that every employee could understand all the various functions within the company itself. I think it was called Tenkan.

This still happens in old fashioned companies. It's not a good system as it leads to people being at the mercy of the HR manager to decide where they will move.

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Posted in: International call for Japan to halt Antarctic whaling See in context

DisillusionedToday 10:17 am JST

There are 194 recognised countries in the world and, of that number around 30% of them have no coastline, which brings the number down to around 100 countries who would/should have an opinion on oceanic management.

Interesting logic. I'm pretty sure that the major oceans where these animals live is not owned by any specific country though.

Every country should have an opinion on something that relates to the continued existance of a species on our shared planet.

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Posted in: Penguin parade See in context

I want to be able to go to a zoo to see animals in as close to their natural state as possible. We do this to dogs, but they are domesticated. This is just horrible to do so to wild animals.

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Posted in: Many Japanese companies have no reduced-work system for cancer employees See in context

since1981Today 07:40 am JST

I can say, based on first hand experience, most Japanese companies could care less about employee's well being.

Nailed it right there.

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Posted in: Half of Britons support a second vote on Brexit, poll finds See in context

Right after the vote last year, they found a lot of people who voted to Brexit had done so thinking it would never go through, as a statement. Then they were shocked that it actually happened. So I can actually see the value in a re-vote.

 A few Brits I know also told me the same thing. I think a re-vote with minimum participation % requirements would be a sensible idea.

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Posted in: Japan inflation ticks up; jobless rate 2.8% in October See in context

I'm tired of reading about this. It's never good news for the masses.

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Posted in: Emperor Akihito to abdicate on April 30, 2019 See in context

Damn that looks like one boring meeting. No young people at all.

Many people have basically lost a holiday as of 2019 as some companies give golden week off anyway.

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Posted in: 'Spider-Man' nearly squashed at birth, says creator Lee See in context

Incidentally, Stan Lee's latest cameo (in Thor: Raganarok) is his best, I reckon.

Agreed. And he still has that teenage enegry about him which is great to see.

That movie was one of the better ones in this genre too. Definitely recommend it.

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Posted in: Skylark bans employees from smoking while on their way to work at head office See in context

While I dispise smoking, intruding on peoples private lives is harrassement pure and simple.

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Posted in: Tokyo condos shutting doors on home-sharing lodging businesses See in context

sourpussToday 11:35 am JST

It's not a surprise that the transient nature of apartment residents is are a safety concern of long-term residents.

Would you rather know your neighbors, or have complete strangers living next door?

Practically every mansion/apartment in Tokyo comes with a 2 year contract if you are renting . Not everyone renews their contract so people have unknown neighbors every few years anyway. Also, how many people actually know their neighbors here? Any sense of communal neighborhoods only really exisit in the countryside, where temporary visitors wouldn't stay anyway.

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Posted in: Male passenger arrested for kicking 2 JAL flight attendants See in context

Thunderbird2Nov. 28 04:19 pm JST

Ah, another elderly Japanese gent who thinks it's fine to abuse people when he can't get his own way. At least he's not saying he doesn't remember because he was drunk... so he's just a curmudgeonly old git who gets his jollies being a bully.

This is the most British thing I've read in some time haha!

It seems many older people regress into prepubescent behaviour unfortunately.

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Posted in: Dentsu to pay Y2.4 billion for overtime work See in context

Japan has a lot of great things is should be proud of, but one of the worst things about this country is the abusive work 'culture'. I'm doubting this will make a dent in Dentsu's ignorance of staff health either.

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Posted in: Graphic Australian video of Japanese whaling released See in context

SaikoPhyscoToday 07:39 am JST

No... don't talk bad about Japan, its a great country, they are honest, hard working, have a low crime rate, make high quality goods, so don't you Japan bashers start talking bad about Japan over this little thing. Its not like they're the only country in the world sending a fleet to hunt whale in international waters.

Can't understand if this is sarcastic or not...

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Posted in: Tokyo condos shutting doors on home-sharing lodging businesses See in context

Its members, all of whom are condo owners...

Right. So they don't want residents making money off of their building.

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Posted in: U.N. urges Japan to resettle more refugees See in context

Immigration is a positive thing when not met with resistance by the local population. Look at America, for example - went from wild west to the most developed nation in a short time.

This is a terrible example. America had numerous native tribes which were all nearly wiped-out due to immigrants. Their culture and socity is almost non-existant now in the US which I'm sure the Japanese do not want to happen.

Also, the US is still pretty 'wild west' with the rampant gun crime. And, most developed nation? I guess US citizens are alone in this thinking!

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Posted in: Typhoon bringing heavy rain to wide areas of Japan See in context

This and the previous weekends have been absolutely miserable, and noisy due to the rain hitting the roof of my window. Apart from Saturday morning it's been completely washed-out. Non-stop. And the week before last was non-stop too. Those reservoirs are going to be full.

Looks like the upcoming 3 day weekend will be clear though!

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Posted in: Abe calls for pay hike for 5th year as wage growth remains tepid See in context

Abe doesn't have the slightest interest in helping the millions in the lower class.

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Posted in: Not at home? Amazon wants to come in and drop off packages See in context

Considering you can just get stuff delivered to the local convenience store and pick it up on the way home, I don't really see this being necessary.

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Posted in: Workplace harassment blights industries across board See in context

Now....what do we do about Donald Trump?

Nothing, these were alleged allegations,you had a number of women allegedly said he did and an almost equal number that said, he didn’t, so at this point, it’s waste of time going back and forth on that.

I think for those that (if true) were sexually assaulted they wouldn't consider it a waste of time. How would you feel if it was your daughter or wife? It's not a waste of time to investigate whether someone was sexually assaulted or not, it's exactly the opposite. Just because you have a hard-on for trump, doesn't mean he is innocent nor does "an almost equal number that said, he didn’t", prove his innocence.

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Posted in: Workplace harassment blights industries across board See in context

While I find this despicable, honestly, I don't think these animal type urges have truly left humanity, we just bury them deep as it is unacceptable in today's society. These people do it because they are mostly in positions of power and believe they can get away with it.

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Posted in: Uber rides into credit card market with no-fee card See in context

This seems like a good deal, but it is co-branded by a British bank and issued in the US so how would this benefit those living in Japan (& receiving a Japanese salary)?

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Posted in: Japan eyes tobacco tax hike to cover revenue shortfalls See in context

It makes much more sense to increase the tax on luxury goods such as tobacco and alcohol and decrease on essentials such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Other countries also do this.

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Posted in: Google's latest iPhone rival off to a rocky start See in context

Not only that, but it still has giant unsightly bezels. Poor show from Google.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji has become so congested with tourists that it has reached breaking point See in context

the most picturesque mountain in Japan,

From a distance perhaps. When you climb it you will realize otherwise.

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Posted in: Eco cars, AI technology grab spotlight at Tokyo Motor Show See in context

They look nice, but until battery technology improves, I wouldn't buy one. They currently take hours to charge and only last a few hundred km. Compared to gasoline, which refills in minutes and can take you further.

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Posted in: One cause may be the growing proportion of foreign climbers who don't know about the admission fee. See in context

compliance rate for paying the optional admission fee

It's optional. So if I can opt to not pay it, why the complaining about compliance rate?

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Posted in: Japan fails to toughen passive smoking ban due to resistance See in context

I've no issues with people smoking provided it doesn't affect others, but I think there needs to be nationwide campaigns about the selfishness of second hand smoking. Somehow people still think it's cool and don't give a second thought about the health of those around them.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy killed after drunk father crashes car See in context

Ichinose's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit to drive,

I thought the limit was zero?

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Posted in: 5 injured after wild boar goes on rampage through Kagawa mall See in context

The animal was killed as police continued to hold it down with sticks and protective shields.

So they beat it to death?

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Posted in: 3 million Americans carry a handgun daily: study See in context

Whether people like guns or not, the simple fact is more guns = more gun crimes. Don't think about your own selfishness in wanting a gun, think about those who get killed by them.


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