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Posted in: 3 elementary school students injured in hit-and-run; driver arrested See in context

Not defending him at all, but it's possible he still had alcohol in his blood from the night before rather than drinking at 8am.

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Posted in: Sport is not just about heavy exercise. I would like people to start with something simple and easy to do. See in context

Sneakers? On a train? How will this promote exercise?

You've never seen Japanese go jogging or hiking? They need to buy a bunch of gear before they can do it.

Now they propose you to have the shoes so you can go running in your suit... wait, yeah, I don't get it either.

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Posted in: Google launches new phones, speakers in hardware push See in context

Nothing new here. It still has fat borders too. Disappointing.

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Posted in: Japanese companies struggle to hire, retain staff as labor shortage worsens See in context

This goes waaaay beyond raising the minimum wage. Most people are just slaves to some kind of corporate job that they hate, and they just live for the weekends. They endure awful commutes in packed sardine cans, awful bosses and coworkers, boring, repetitive work, insanely long hours and cold, atomised "families" and unhappy marriages. Yep, livin' the dream in Tokyo...

But this insight can only be seen from those that have seen otherwise. Most people here just accept it as the norm and we are the nails standing out for thinking otherwise.

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Posted in: 3 Britons to be put on int'l wanted list over 2015 jewelry heist See in context

I guess it would be much easier to identify them compared to the usual black hair, 170cm, slim wearing a mask guy.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 59, injures 500, in Las Vegas concert attack; Trump calls it 'act of pure evil' See in context

I love guns and I am a legal owner and law abiding citizen and hunter as well as the rest of my family and children and I make NO apologies for it.

No issues with you having one as you seem like a stand up citizen. The issue is that is unpreventable for idiots to get them too...

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Posted in: Gunman kills 59, injures 500, in Las Vegas concert attack; Trump calls it 'act of pure evil' See in context

Again, blame the guns and not the perpetrator, I think as long as the left tries to demonize and attack the 2nd amendment like this, there can never be any dialogue on how to solve this without infringing on the rights of law abiding and responsible.

Left/right/up/down seems pretty irrelevant when we are talking about lax restrictions allowing someone to obtain something that can kill numerous people in seconds.

I'm curious of your opinion on NK and their right to bear arms. Or is this just a U.S. thing because there is an archaic rule saying it's ok?

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Posted in: Gunman kills 59, injures 500, in Las Vegas concert attack; Trump calls it 'act of pure evil' See in context

We already have strict gun laws...

I stopped reading here.

Clearly not strict enough if psychopaths can get their hands on a weapon that can mow down 59 people.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 59, injures 500, in Las Vegas concert attack; Trump calls it 'act of pure evil' See in context

How can anyone in their right mind suggest that gun laws don't need changing in the US...

It's razy someone is able to get their hands on such deadly weapons.

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Posted in: Macau casino scion rolls dice on Japan venture See in context

This is definitely going to cause issues with the local gangs in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 5-hour siege at ex-wife’s apartment See in context

Obviously the knife-wielding idiot is in the wrong, but I wonder what made him go to the police numerous times about the disputes he was having.

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

South Korea and Japan have signed an agreement ending this Comfort Women issue permanently in 2015. Japan has fulfilled it's end of the bargain. Either South Korea stands by it's international agreements or it has zero credibility as a nation.

I believe the statues outside of South Korea have nothing to do with the government though (I may be wrong).

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Posted in: Gov't to start new warning system for massive earthquake possibility See in context

Taking the subway everyday, I would be terrified to be stuck underground when it will struck...

I'd be terrified to be stuck anywhere when it hits.

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Posted in: Unlimited expressway passes for foreign drivers to go on sale See in context


Japanese only I'm afraid. Input start / finish / via points, choose type of car, hit search, boom.

Great, thanks!

So a round trip to Osaka from Tokyo costs about 22,000yen in tolls in a regular car so if you were to use this unlimited pass you'd potentially save money if going for a week or less.

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Posted in: Unlimited expressway passes for foreign drivers to go on sale See in context

> Ricky KaminskiToday 08:57 am JST

Does this mean us foreign residents can make use of these tickets too? No restrictions like the JR rail Pass??That'd be awesome as we live to drive around Japan.

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ModeratorToday 09:52 am JST

Yes, if you have a foreign passport and valid driver's license for Japan.

So it seems foreigners living in Japan, not just those with tourist stamps, are eligible. Maybe it's because most Japanese don't really travel much...?

Does anyone know of a website that shows highway costs?

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Posted in: Dentsu chief admits illegal labor practice in trial over employee's suicide See in context

That is a crazy small amount of money to demand from the company... It wouldn't even cover the woman's monthly salary.

A more appropriate amount, would perhaps be 500 Million Yen, to be paid to the victim's family, but even then what price can be put upon a loved one ?

Agreed. They need a serious fine to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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Posted in: 29-year-old man arrested for abusing one-month-old son See in context

Put this with the other article about older first time fathers increasing. These young guys are just over-emotional children who cannot control themselves. Men in their 40's and 50' are emotionally mature and can deal with the stress of child rearing (most of them anyway).

While I hate to stereotype, many a Japanese male (and female for that matter) here seem like over-emotional children.

He will get a suspended sentence because he's the family breadwinner.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling you are right on this...

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Posted in: Japanese men wrongly believe other men dislike paternity leave: study See in context

I don't really get why the Japanese make their lives so difficult for each other.

It's all about image I think. They want to look like they are the hardest worker in the room.

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

This latest NK firing is just another scare tactic provocation to "rattle our cages" to force the UN and U.S. to the negotiation tables in Pyongyang to sign a "peace treaty" under NK's terms that would: (a) withdraw all U.S. forces from Korean Peninsula, (b) unify the two Koreas under DPRK leadership, which would essentially be the end of South Korea, and (c) world recognition of DPRK as the legitimate ruling government of the Unified Koreas. That's always been DPRK's "final victory" goals.

'A' may be possible, but I can never see 'B' or 'C' happening.

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Posted in: iPhone X puts exclamation point on Apple's pricing strategy See in context

I like Apple products, but this is just too much money for too little development in my opinion. I don't see anything new here to motivate me to drop $1000 on it.

I actually hope this is a big miss and Apple need to go back to the table to bring something new and what people want. Apple are on cruise mode right now and need to be pushed back into a situation where they need to work harder to get customers.

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Posted in: 5G phones to go mainstream in key markets in 2019: Qualcomm CEO See in context

Any info on data speeds?

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

I think Japan should stay out of it. Stay quiet and let the missles fly over it and let the big boys (US, China etc) negotiate with NK. Clearly NK can hit Japan if they want to, so why provoke them?

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Posted in: Kyoto plans minimum Y200 per night lodging tax See in context

I imagine this will be introduce in a similar way to the sales tax. Prices will be inflated more than the 200yen and blamed on the tax, just as prices increased 8%, rather than an additional 3% from 5%.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: Episode IX' release date delayed; Abrams back as writer-director See in context

What about Episode VII?

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Posted in: Peruvian man indicted in multiple murders suffering from mental illness See in context

Wasn't there an article about a week or so ago about Japanese companies wanting to hire people with mental illnesses?

This is actually a thing. My company specifically hires people with mental illnesses and also disabilities. They get a tax break for doing so. Most of the ones with disabilities are able workers, but those with mental illnesses usually get very basic jobs to do like run around with mail and cleaning.

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Posted in: Japanese firms step up measures to keep employees healthy See in context

Another thing, some of the people I work with seem to don't have an outside life (out of work). Our annual leave is lose or use and they would rather sit on their desk all day long and stare at the computer than having a leisure time outside work...I just don't get it!

Because they get paid for staring at the PC. I think this is one big hurdle on the side of the employee. Most people don't really do anything outside of work. If they weren't working overtime, many would likely still just play video games on their phone or watch tv. Relaxing sure, but not very healthy if in excess.

I just read a book about maintaining your brain and body. First chapter was on exercise. How much? A 20-minute walk three times a week is enough. More is also good but not too much.

I disagree. 20 minutes walk 3x per week is nothing. Even once a day is practically nothing. Personally I feel people should do at least 1 hour a day of exercise that makes you sweat and increases your heart rate. People are just lazy.

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Posted in: Koreans in Japan wary of tensions with North, worry about backlash See in context

The United States has not "threatened" North Korea since the Korean War ended in an armistice. It is the Kim regime that has continued to maintain a constant "state of war" mentality to maintain complete control over the population. North Korea's unneeded nuclear and missile program is what should to end, not international pressure.

I think from their point of view they see the US as a threat as they have the power to go to other countries to remove problems of their own deciding.

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Posted in: Int'l unity crumbles over N Korea; Trump to let Japan, S Korea buy more military equipment See in context

Abe should wake up from his worsening Stockholm Syndrome and steer Japan away from fighting a destructive catastrophe with a war with a NK that have no quarrel with the Japanese people


The danger here is if the good PM...


...will again fall prey to the biggest WMD supplier in the galaxy and purchase billions of dollars of such weapons which will make Tokyo only a big target in the region that...

...is still suffering from the bite of the lethal fangs of history.

Can't say I agree with this at all.

While I don't agree with some of your word choices here, I do agree with most of what you said and I'm actually in agreement with China and Russia on this.

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Posted in: Legal action launched to halt Australia same-sex marriage vote See in context

Two people should be able to get married and have the same rights as any other two people. Whether they identify as male/female or other isn't really relevant.

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Posted in: China says Japan shouldn't slap N Korea with sanctions See in context

NK may have progressed down this path more quickly without the sanctions, or perhaps not, we will never know. But the way I read it, the angle China has is that Japan will just make their situation worse and be a more likely target of NK if they increase sanctions- I seems like a mild threat but also seems a likely conclusion to me.


China hoped that Japan would work to improve bilateral relations by "restoring mutual trust and rebuilding friendship instead of thinking about futile matters."

...sounds like good advice.

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