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Posted in: With China rift ongoing, NBA commissioner says league will support freedom of speech See in context

I take my hat off to China in that it's a brilliant way to dominate foreign policy. You get companies (and countries) addicted to huge money and then threaten to withdraw that money if they don't tow the line on foreign policy. So far it's working. The majority of western companies offer grovelling apologies and tow the CCP party line afraid of losing their access to the market. China has even got countries to withdraw support from Taiwan using this same method. A few years ago, the UK government was unhappy with China in Hong Kong. The Chinese didn't like this so they pressurised British businesses in mainland China. Those businesses went to the government to get them back down and the government did. It's a brilliant tactic and a lot cheaper than an armed conflict. Until the western addiction to Chinese money and cheap labour stops, this will continue to go on. And at the moment, China is winning.

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Posted in: Scorsese slams Marvel films as 'not cinema' See in context

You can also pop over to The Guardian where there are 1,326 comments on this very subject lol

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Posted in: Woman, arrested for knife possession, says she was planning to kill boyfriend See in context

It's interesting how she immediately blurted out her confession. Everyone in the UK would've just said: 'I'm carrying it for protection'. I would've said 'Well, the thing is officer, you just don't know when you're going to run into a loaf of bread'. (Joke! I probably would have confessed too, and I'm innocent lol)

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Posted in: Kansai Electric admits execs' acceptance of gifts; president won't resign See in context

Gifts lol! 'Hi, I was in the neighbourhood, and I thought I'd just pop round with this gift. It's a box...full of money. Have a great day'.

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Posted in: Netflix announces fourth season of hit show 'Stranger Things' See in context

Good lord, no more please! Season 1, monster runs after kids. Season 2, bigger monster runs after slightly older kids. Season 3, giant monster runs after spotty kids. I barely made the end of season 3 as I found it rather boring and predictable. Season 4, humongous monster runs after horny teenagers?

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Posted in: Japan's consumption tax raised to 10% amid swelling welfare costs See in context

Reminds me of UK VAT. Started off at 10%, now nestling in at a cosy 20% and no doubt will go higher in the future.

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Posted in: EU, Japan sign agreement to bypass China's 'new Silk Road' See in context

Very interesting. And with Taiwan losing more supporters to Chinese money, it's definitely time someone put a spanner in the 'New Chinese World Order' lol. It'll be interesting to see what the plan is though. What routes will it take etc.? As for the rise of Euro skepticism, it is rising. In France and Denmark it never went away. France voted 50.8% Yes to 49.8% No (but were never asked to have a 'people's vote') and Denmark was told to have another vote after their first No vote, so to say it's all hunky dory in the EU isn't actually true. Anyway here's hoping the EU and Japan sort out freedom of movement too (I have an Irish passport so I'm ok!).

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Posted in: 'Shiraku' -- Japan mourns Chirac, sumo ultra-fan See in context

Crikey. I never knew that. Good read that!

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring woman who was texting while walking See in context

I was in Tokyo a few years ago and a businessman was walking on the other side of the street while holding his laptop in front of him. Suddenly he trips and goes sprawling across the pavement. I deserved an Oscar that day for being able to keep a straight face while continuing my walk. (I had a good giggle about it later though). I mean, come on, that's not too clever. If someone in London is about to walk into me with their phone, I find a loud HELLO, tends to wake them up.

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Posted in: Alleged operator of illegal manga site arrested after deportation from Philippines See in context

'What you inside for mate?'

'Lost Season 3'.

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Posted in: What to do if you are stopped by the police in Japan See in context

A lot is simply to do with politeness to authority. Be polite and respectful and 9/10 times, the police will respect that and reciprocate. I was in the benefit office (welfare office) in London about 6 months ago where it kicked off over nothing. When you enter, you're told to find a seat and sit down. It's for safety reasons, so you don't suddenly attack the staff. So, I walk in and the security guard (a low paid bloke in a black suit) is a bit abrupt with me. He tells me to sit down a bit rudely. Let's say his customer service could've been better, but I'm like 'sure, no problem sir'. A guy in his mid 20s walks in, doesn't like the 'attitude' and suddenly a big argument kicks off. 'Sir, you're being rude': 'You can't tell me what to do blah blah blah'. More security guards come, 'Sir calm down': 'You can't tell me what to do', 'calm down sir': 'don't touch me, if you touch me, I'll call the police, GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME': THUD, restrained on floor: Staff: 'Ok, call the police'.. Everyone in the benefit office stops what they're doing and is just staring at him being restrained on the floor. What happens? a) He gets arrested, and b) he loses his benefit (welfare payments) all because, he didn't like the way the security guard spoke to him. What a plank. All he had to do was say 'sure!' The yoof of today hey lol.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan announces locker delivery service at train stations and convenience stores See in context

We can get our amazon deliveries sent to local shops in the UK if we want. We can also return goods via them for free. It's pretty handy; however, 95% of the time, I just get my deliveries sent to my home.

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Posted in: S Korean beer imports from Japan plunge 97% See in context

Japanese beer is awesome. I had a great time in Japan a few years ago trying them all lol. Love the can designs too. We only have one mainstream beer in the UK and that's Asahi. Give us some of that Sapporo, Ebisu, Asahi off shoots etc. I'll drink them if SK doesn't want them!

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Posted in: UK appeals for public input in setting post-Brexit trade with Japan See in context

Freedom of movement would be awesome. They're looking at doing that with Australia now.

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

Lol. Lots of legal action coming then! In one famous UK food chain, they now prefer to monitor the staff for thefts rather than the customers. A lot has to do with the law. You can get sued for physically 'stopping' someone. Technically, it can be 'assault'. I think it's dumb, but there you go. What if someone grabs me and I fall over and break my leg? Law suit. What if I'm innocent and I'm acqused of theft in front of people, which then damages my 'reputation'? Law suit. And so on... Good luck with that business!

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Posted in: Koizumi seeks further innovation in Japan to fight climate change See in context

Well, he made today's UK Guardian: 'Japan should scrap nuclear reactors after Fukushima, says new environment minister'. He has arrived lol!

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Posted in: 6 months past legal drinking age, actress Kanna Hashimoto reveals binge drinking See in context

I think it's all perspective. In London, we have a joke about Californians: 'In California, one drink and you're an alcoholic' . The point being, if you drink six pints in London you... 'like a drink'; however, if you have one drink in California, 'you're an alcoholic'. Obviously, this is very unfair to Americans but the point is, every country has their own perspective on drinking. To me, she 'likes a drink'. It doesn't mean she's a raving alchy. I'm half Irish, brought up in London so I also used to 'like a drink'. I'm now into my 40s and still here. Nowadays, I prefer a cup of tea to a beer to be honest! Storm in a tea cup for me.

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Posted in: Kyoto arson attack victims to be honored in end credits of new film See in context

I thought the series on Netflix was great. Personally, I think it's a nice move so I don't get the negativity.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees sue Fukushima firm over decontamination work See in context

I would have said no way, do it yourself. Pretty grim stuff to be honest.

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Posted in: Abe urges Putin to fulfill 'historical duty' to sign peace treaty See in context

Playing devils advocate, why would you give back a strategic position when your key 'enemy' has around 54,000 U.S. military personnel stationed there? There are more American soldiers based in Japan than in any other foreign country. From a strategic point of view, it would be a bad move. If America has never left, why should Russia? Also, I believe in the next 20 - 30 years America and China will kick off. America is already encouraging Japan to rearm and is also building naval basis in South Korea, so Russia will want to stay in the area. I have no side to pick as my army (the mighty Irish armed forces) has a more important job to do, and that is, hassle the odd Spanish fishing boat from time to time!

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