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'Yes, but did your mate spend a month and half in prison for the "crime" of looking for his kids? I agree that things are bad in this area in the UK, but to say it is "kind of the same" as Japan is just not true'.

Well if the mother gets a restraining order in the UK, then of course it could easily happen. In fact, fathers4justice have highlighted many similar cases to this. Bottom line is, dad's don't have the parental rights they should have. And on that note, I is off to bed cos it's 01:07. Night all!

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It's kind of the same in the UK. My mate lost access to his two kids after his ex wife ran off with his two sons aged 7 and 2. This was 7 years ago. She said he had hit her (he claims he didn't and I don't know the truth) so the UK family courts wouldn't grant him access based on her testimony of domestic violence. After 3 appeals, he ran out of money and gave up 4 years ago. All he can do now is wait until his children are 18. Cases like this is why Fathers4Justice became a well known UK organisation. So, sadly, it's not just Japan. At the end of the day, it's the children that suffer. I should know. I never knew my dad. Good luck to the bloke.

'“By the end of today, another 200 children will have been cruelly separated from their fathers in secret family courts.”

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Nice one Taiwan. With the amount of 'friends' Taiwan is now losing due to Chinese pressure, it's good to see Taiwan not fueling anti-Japanese sentiment or using it as a diplomatic tool as Ossan said.

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'The US is officially an occupying invader'.

Stop talking about Japan, what about Iraq?

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Well see, but fingers crossed. Two Japanese links regarding Japan's 'Hostage Justice'.

Kaku Imamura: 'Legal Professionals Call for an End to Japan's 'Hostage Justice'

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations

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'Not ordinary foreigners. Illegal foreigners. There's a difference. If foreigners feel that these are "extreme measures", than they should do more for Japan by whistleblowing those people that they already know are here illegally.'


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Good opinion piece in The G: 'The former Nissan boss is right to point the finger at a legal system that the UN has described as ‘medieval’. In Japan, laws are used as weapons against targeted people and not applied equally. One example of this is the “hostage justice” (hitojichi-shiho) system. Hostage justice boils down to the accused remaining in custody until they incriminate themselves by signing a confession. Often this is drawn up by prosecutors who browbeat the accused without defence counsel. Knowing that the playing field is tilted in favour of the prosecutors and that they could spend a very long time in jail even before going to court, many innocent defendants confess. Ghosn spent more than 120 days in detention'.

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From The Guardian Live Feed:

Ghosn: Plot was like Pearl Harbor

In a highly provocative, and distasteful move, Ghosn is comparing this alleged plot to remove him to the Pearl Harbor attacks!

He says his friends have asked how he didn’t notice he was being set up -- and he reminds them how the Japanese air force caught the Americans by surprise in 1941.

That is going to cause fury in Japan, we suspect.

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Posted in: Ghosn's legal team accuses Nissan of 'perversion of truth' See in context

Try this one! (edit function please!)

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Posted in: Ghosn's legal team accuses Nissan of 'perversion of truth' See in context

Carlos Ghosn press conference is live

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Posted in: Renovated Shibuya subway station with M-shaped roof begins service See in context

Woo, looks good. I used to use that line a lot when nipping in to Shibuya to play open mics.

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol red notice for ex-Nissan boss Ghosn See in context

Plus 5 hours..edit button please JP lol!

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Posted in: Lebanon receives Interpol red notice for ex-Nissan boss Ghosn See in context

Here's the Guardian UK article from 5 hours ago

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I don't know how you can have two passports from the same country. I have an Irish one, and if I want, I can get a British one, but I can't have two Irish passports at the same time. That's illegal.

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So..a deputy Japanese foreign minister visited Beirut 10 days ago....And then Ghosn ends up in Beirut. Hmmm!

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In today's Guardian UK, there's a story on Kirin and Myanmar.

'Brewer’s parent company, Kirin, provides foreign currency to military accused of genocide'.

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Reuters are suggesting the jail break is face saving for everyone. 'Carlos Ghosn jailbreak is all-purpose face saver'

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There's a good BBC World Service radio documentary called 'Japan: Forced Confessions' from 2013. In it, they interview a man who spent 29 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. The prosecutors were even going to take a copy of his fingerprints and place them at a crime scene if he didn't confess. Apparently, it's too embarassing for the police to admit when they're wrong so they have to push on with the conviction. You have to download the documentary: On a personal note, I wouldn't have run. Now everyone thinks he's guity and he'll probably have to stay in the Lebanon for life now.

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I landed on Christmas day 2013, met the J girly and her son (now ex J girly lol) and had a great Christmas! Now, it's Christmas in London today - wehay! I've also done Christmas in Denmark (you dance around a tree singing songs on the evening of the 24th!) and Christmas in Ireland (few beers for that!) Japan Christmas will always stand out as it was my first time in Japan! Merry Chrimbo all!

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Norway, (and Denmark and Sweden) have really low reoffending rates due to their approach. Prisoners can even go home sometimes and see what they're missing out on. It's good to see a different approach being tried. Thanks for the YT link ebisen, I'll defo watch that. Now, back to working on my radio documentary course...It's gonna take me ages!

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Growing in 1970s London when the UK police routinely framed innocent Irish people such as the Guildford four, the Birmingham six, and the Maguire Seven to name but a few, I've always been against the death penalty. If the UK had the death penalty, they would have all been hanged. The death penalty has never been an effective deterrent. It's just cheaper.

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Good lord. In 1945 America moved into Japan and then never left. That's called occupation. Can you imagine if the UK or France were still under American occupation? There would be riots. Let's face it, America doesn't want to leave because it's in its strategic interest to stay..'defence' being the excuse. Do you think if Japan turned around tomorrow and said 'right lads, out you go' that the US would suddenly up and leave? I don't think so. I bet a 'crisis' would suddenly arise in the region. 'Oh look, see, we have to stay' and so on. The question to ask is, will America ever leave?

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I follow a certain Twatter account so I'm playing 'devils advocate' here..and this is their words not mine...'In case anyone wonders why East Asian progressive governments seem so short-lived compared to their conservative governments, it's because in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats, their supposed "ally," repeatedly kick them down. Make no mistake: The degree of pressure that Washington put on Moon Jae-In will be dropped into the memory hole almost immediately. The Americans won't want to openly admit how badly they crushed the South Koreans, and the Moon government itself will hasten to save face'. And there you for me..I'm about to start a month of night shifts as a temp worker for The Royal Mail at £12.50ph.. so I'm orf for a few beers before that kicks in!

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Meanwhile in Ghana: 'Illegal fishing by Chinese-owned trawlers is costing the country millions – and one of the officials trying to stop it has now been missing for months'.

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A few years ago, I went to meet a couple of friends for a game of pool somewhere in Tokyo (I can't remember where it was now). After the game we walked the streets looking for a cheap place to eat. There were a few touts about. One suggested we go restaurant A and if we did, we could get beers for X price. Of course, that beer price never existed and it was a lie just to get us inside. We bit and went in. It was a bit of a rubbish restaurant and was also a tad pricey. After looking at the menu, I just had a beer cos I'm tight! After that night, I just ignored all the touts as it's all rubbish. Basically, just go where you want to go and ignore the touts.

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

South Korea has just signed a defence agreement with China: 'China signs defence agreement with South Korea as US angers Seoul with demand for $5bn troop payment'

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Most of this is due to America wanting to have a pop at China in the next 20 years. It's defo gonna kick off in the future between America and China. About 8 years ago, I watched a doc on local South Koreans fighting to save a coastal area from becoming a future American naval base. They lost. The American's want a strong Japan and bases in South Korea so they can kick it off with China in the future. And with American backing Abe can now try and push this through. Most of the Japanese rearming is being 'encouraged' by the US.

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Slightly off topic but I've just started watching the Netflix Japanese drama series called Scams (it has Japanese and English subtitles so you can study Japanese while you watch!) Anyway, it's ok and the show takes a good look at how these phone scams are orchestrated.

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I always use the checkouts in London and refuse to use self service tills. A) Why should I do the job myself and B) by using the tills, I'm helping to keep someone in a job. There's no way I'm going to help a stonkingly rich company lay off more staff just so they can make a bit more profit.

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Thousands of Irish suffered under the British Union Jack but you don't hear Ireland calling for a flag ban. How many people have died under the Stars and Stripes banner in the last 50 years? Point is, a lot of flags have caused a lot of deaths in the past so if you ban one, you'll have to ban them all. I say keep it.

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