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Posted in: S Koreans boycott Japanese beer See in context

@yaponezy closure? Your joking right?If they really want closure why does the SK blackmailing japan over the wartime labor to get what they want? And also japan want the SK governments to re-investigate the treaty but why does the SK governments reject it?

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Posted in: Japanese, S Korean defense chiefs meet in Singapore amid strains See in context

South Korean governments should accept to review the 1965 treaty. They just do whatever they want to get MORE MORE MORE MONEY from JAPAN using the Force labor , comfort women, etc. and spread the GRUDGE. tsk tsk

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Posted in: 'Made by war criminals' label proposed for some Japanese-made items in S Korean schools See in context

Firman NugrahaMar. 23  06:46 am JST

i will say this but then SK and Japan better not fight for their past grievences. Please just decide by game of paper and rock who is going to concede one thing and who will concede other issue. Tokyo shall hate Seoul all they want but there is no sane person going to be happy when the chinese start saw the hole and makes ultimate communist influenced korean peninsula. Even All the inhabitants in shirakuni shrine will not be amused.

I think Seoul shall hate Tokyo you mean. as far as I read of some article/news South korea governments always put the history every political minor/major. The war crimes already paid in the peace treaty agreements but the south korea governments dodge this subject. I know that south korean citizens want sincere apology from Japan governments. I know japan still not do the sincere apology but someday they will or it will in the Moon government but As the Moon governments now always forcing the japan to apology and always tackle the History I think its impossible to happen. Hope in the next governments in south korea they could get a peaceful argument with Japan governments about war crimes than forcing them.

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Posted in: 'Made by war criminals' label proposed for some Japanese-made items in S Korean schools See in context

South Korea's foreign minister has intervened over a provincial proposal to apply stickers to some Japanese-made items in schools as "made by a Japanese firm responsible for war crimes".

Everytime the south korea governments need something from Japan they always using the History.

i think Moon is trying to use the history for him to re-elect.

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Posted in: Japan reluctantly supports U.S. exit from arms pact with Russia See in context

1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty Better to END this AGREEMENT!!

North Korea build Nuclear Weapons = Russia join the Sanction But still Trading with North Korea secretly.

Iran plan to build nuclear weapons = Russia didnt do a thing.

In the first place what the hell is this agreement when one of the planner violate it.

Let all the NATION Build Nuclear Weapons so that the WORLD will be in PEACE when HUMANITY in GONE!

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Posted in: Japan cancels port call by warship in South Korea amid row See in context

bamboo you are right... Any Military ship from Japan when they port to South Korea. Knetz will going to criticize it. And also the December conflict can be easily be solved but the South Korea is playing that they are victim. high/low altitude when the Japan aircraft flying, The Japan aircraft radio the South Korea Navy 3 times but no respond to it. South Korea Government should answer this question "Why the Navy didnt respond to the call?" but they just playing victim.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan make no visible progress on territorial dispute See in context

If the progress still far then japan should wait for the WWIII And take the 4 islands again if possible take some russia's land. It takes many years for WWIII. For now Conflict in Asia , Conflict in Middle East , russia's Undeclare war with ukraine and threat in NATO's border.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan make no visible progress on territorial dispute See in context

If lavrov still the minister the negotiate will not end. This guy always the one who make the issue more hard like in ukraine

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Posted in: S Korean court orders another Japanese firm to pay for forced wartime labor See in context

Next month another firm to pay again. tsk tsk

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Posted in: S Korea demands apology from Japan for flight over navy warship See in context

Looks like the South Korea playing victim like North Korea now.... In the first place which water does this South Korean Navy enter? Japan or South Korea?

Its up to SDF to go high or low-altitude in their airspace.

Japan radio the Warship 3 times but no respond to the South korean Navy.

Ok South Korean doing rescuing but atleast they could respond the contact of the SDF about rescuing?

Now who really need to make an apology?

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Posted in: S Korea begins naval event without Japan after Rising Sun flag row See in context

@TigersTokyoDome you are right... They somehow look like China that everything they do turn into a POLITICAL TOOL. And they stain the allies(Japan-South Korea). And the HAPPY NATION is CHINA.

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Posted in: Japan to skip naval event after S Korea protests over flag See in context

It;s been many time the naval fleet review occur BUT why now? maybe this is 1 of the condition that the North Korea want to the South Korea to stain their alliance(South Korea - Japan).Moon was blinded by the unification of the North. After the Unification who will be the President of the Country? Do you think North Korea(Kim) will be ok when the South Citizen Candidate become the President?

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Posted in: India set to miss key target for Japan-backed bullet train project See in context

However, local political opposition in Palghar, ahead of a general election next year, has fanned the protests. Opponents say the bullet train is wasteful and the money would be better used upgrading the country's rickety rail infrastructure. Farmers have threatened a hunger strike.

wasteful for now but later on it will helps

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