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@zatoizugoodo I disagree. Japanese producers put an incredible amount of care to make their produce. But I get it, I think you are one of those proponents that the cheaper the better: fruits from Africa, rice from Thailand, and all the rest from China - which paradoxically, would destroy the country's economy, and reduce the purchasing power of the same consumers looking to purchase the cheaper goods, thereby nullifying the "benefits" of cheaper prices, while transferring wealth from Japan to other countries. But hey, there are many socialists like you that think money should be taken from rich countries and just distributed to poor people, because we all know that poverty is only due to the tyranny of reach countries, and it has nothing to do with the laziness of entire cultures. Enjoy your China-made veggies. See how you like your veggies (or lack thereof) at the next pandemic. LOL.

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@drlucifer because the program is not for gaijin trying to exploit the benevolent Japanese system. If you started a business last year, surely you don't need this help. Leave it to whom really needs it.

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This is great news. This is karma coming down hard on Japan for trading their culture and industry for some cheap tourist business. They just need to let their women prostitute cheaply and they will be just like Thailand.

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