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Posted in: Gov't confirms it will start accepting some foreign tourists in June See in context

During the trial phase, small groups of foreigners would visit sightseeing spots based on fixed itineraries in order for the government to see whether it can grasp their movements and how to respond if a COVID-19 case is detected, according to the source.

Great! It'll be just like visiting North Korea!

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Posted in: Singapore-bound plane returns to Japan after pilot falls ill See in context

If they were already over western Japan, I'm surprised they didn't land at Fukuoka or Naha.

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Posted in: Japan’s best-selling beer changing its recipe for first time in 35 years See in context

New Coke?

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Posted in: Trying out McDonald’s Japan’s new Rich Umami Angus Beef Bolognese Gurakoro croquette burger See in context

I wonder if you have to say all of “Rich Umami Angus Beef Bolognese Gurakoro croquette burger“ when you order?

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Posted in: FamilyMart launches new food brand after controversy over 'Okasan Shokudo' name See in context

Wow.... onigiri just like [a person] used to make!

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Posted in: Australian baseball team withdraws from Olympic qualifying See in context

No baseball, no golf, no tennis.

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Posted in: Japan scientist awarded Nobel for LED lamp dies at 92 See in context

We had groundbreaking technology when we got PCs and Macs back in the '80s, but none of this became world-changing until we had gigantic breakthroughs in power storage, data storage and displays. Full color LED (and OLED) display that eliminates CRT and backlit LCD means we can have tiny full-resolution, full color display anywhere, any time. And oh yeah - blue LED made DVDs possible, which is what moved us past videotape for home replay of pre-recorded material.

Forty years ago, trying to make a blue LED might have seemed really esoteric. But creating it changed the world.

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Posted in: Internal politics imperil Japan's soccer future See in context

TPOJ, that precise mindset prevails throughout Japan's history, especially when it comes to Emperors and Shoguns. If Kawabuchi-san sees himself as the emperor of J-League soccer, any other mindset would be staggeringly un-Japanese.

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Posted in: Losing Kei See in context

Not to minimize the benefit of the reviewer bringing up Japan's divorce/custody laws...

This wasn't a book review, it was a book report. Simply summarizing the plot does not constitute a review. The only critical analysis made by the writer was that the nonlinear structure of the book is a good thing. Nothing about how the author uses language, nothing about character development, not much of anything.

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Posted in: Myanmar junta distributes foreign aid -- with generals' names on it See in context

Jyan Bon, the whole world is watching this. The whole world sees these "heroes" for what they are. The whole world wants to help. We're all hoping that things reach some breaking point that will allow foreign aid and aid workers to flow into the country.

Off-topic: Remember when this forum used to allow users to rate other users' posts? Removing that feature (and the facility to report inappropriate, etc. posts) means that certain people can throw out flame bait indiscriminately. I hope the people who run this site will reinstate those features, and worry less about fluff like "Gravatars."

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Posted in: Carter defends talks with Hamas after 2 days of meetings with militant Palestinian group See in context

Like it or not, Hamas is the legitimately elected government of Palestine. If the U.S. is to pay more than lip service to the concept of supporting democratically elected governments, that's who they have to talk to.

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Posted in: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. troops has mental problems after war service See in context

@GW: I hear exactly what you're saying. A few years ago, I had a boss (a good man) who was a Vietman vet. He was all gung-ho for going into Iraq. My opinion was that if the U.S. went in, it would be quagmire to make Vietnam look like a garden party. He disagreed. Guess who was right?

The U.S. military has never had a great record of getting treatment for returning soldiers who were traumatized by their experiences. I can't say that I know what things are like now, but I'm not hopeful. These men and women who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan deserve the best treatment the U.S. has to offer. I can only hope they get it.

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