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It's all over Red Rover. When was the last time you went into a convenience store where the staff were not all Chinese. The takeover is over and no amount of hot air can disguise the fact that Japanese Govt has lost any ability to manage both its domestic or foreign affairs.

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3 months more like. Back to the polls it is by end year.

We now have an unholy alliance of Labor, Greens and right wing independents (both of whom will be thrown out at the next election).

Look at the Green's manifest and think. They are f....g communists may well be your conclusion. If not keep smoking the stuff in Roppongi.

Why are there no nails in a Green members bed...all tongue and groove! And they took Ms Rice's Jag off her...where's the right of freedom of expression gone.

My old friend Tony Windsor has definitely been smoking some strange stuff.

The best punishment for all would be for Oakeshott to appointed Speaker. His love of his own whining nasal voice would be just desserts for all who chose to inhabit the unholy cesspit in downtown Canberra.

And as an afterthought, Colin Barnett should start sending all the asylum seekers to Canberra to camp out in front of Plt Hse.

Time for all good Sand Gropers to stand up and secede from the festering septic tank of the eastern seaboard.

One country...forget it!

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I would have expected nothing less from the cowardly simpletons with the placards. They are paid to turn up.

Time for a change of tack. Publicity blitz on how much this ridiculous research whaling program is costing the taxpayers would be a place to start.

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I am sorry to be blunt but you have no idea of what you speak.

I stated denial of any access not the access one wants.

The facts speak for themselves. Almost 50% of parents denied any access will cut off support payments.

Denial of all access rights is quite common and becomes accepted practise (even though this may be against the ruling of the Family Law Court) due to the fact the court has no enforcement capability.

Without enforcement, the system cannot work and the children affected will continue to suffer unnecessarily.

And yes I do know people who have been affected by this broken system...both male and female.

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There are a number of separate issues at play here but the common thread is that the children are the ones who suffer permanent emotional damage and economic hardship.

The international element is just another twist, albeit a growing problem given the large increase in numbers of Japanese marrying foreigners.

Fault must lie squarely at the feet of the legal system and the unwillingness of the government to fund a proper enforcement system. With no enforcement system, the courts themselves are pretty much powerless and the laws themselves meaningless. Children can be kidnapped with impunity and dead-beat dads free to ignore financial obligations.

Denial of access invariably leads to a cessation of alimony and support payments, further aggravating the problems for the children, who grow to adulthood, permanently scarred by economic hardship and believing their father's are miserable no good so and so's. This view is reinforced on a daily basis by the mother, seeking her own revenge for real or imaginary grievances.

There is also more than a hint of racism involved when it comes to international marriage breakups.

On the one hand we have the well publicised case of the Canadian man who had primary custody of his children in Canada, only to have them kidnapped and brought to Japan. He has been unable to gain access for almost five years.

We then have numerous cases of Japanese men marrying women from countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. I have heard of cases where the husband simply divorces the wife (unilaterally) without any agreement or countersignature on the divorce documents. In some cases, he will simply abandon the children and in others he will simply take them himself. There is no viable redress available to these women, many of whom do not read Japanese well enough to understand what is actually happening.

Without a working system of enforcement Japan will never sign on to the Hague Treaty and join more enlightened countries that try to put the welfare of the children ahead of all else.

While no system is perfect, surely something would be better than what we have today in Japan.

North Korean kidnappings of Japanese nationals was ignored by the Japanese Government for 30 years so no-one should be surprised at the current state of affairs,

Shame on you Japan.

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