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Posted in: Drumming up support See in context

Behind her, I can see a Boss DB-90 'Dr. Beat' (metronome)...I wonder if she knows how to use it?

You only say that because she's a woman.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

If vaccines are available to everyone,

and if people who cannot get vaccinated for VALID medical reasons,

then it is not discrimination. I fully support such measures.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser wary of easing restrictions See in context

This will continue worldwide until vaccines are mandatory.

With so many infections, the probability of an omega variant is increasing, that will pass from nose to nose through the air and wreck havoc in children. Full vaccinations (with exceptions for those who are genuinely at risk of side effects) is the only to stamp this virus out. But half the world is resisting in their ignorance.

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Posted in: Co-inventor of mRNA shots sets sights on pan-coronavirus vaccine See in context


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Posted in: Co-inventor of mRNA shots sets sights on pan-coronavirus vaccine See in context

These 2 researchers literally saved the world. They should be household names. I don't even know there names after one read.

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Posted in: Police extend reward period for info on 1996 murder of student See in context

25 years ago. Sad to say, but can memory from so long ago be relied upon?

Even if it were yesterday, human memory would be unreliable. Many innocent people have received sentences, sometimes death sentences, due to errors in human memory.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after stabbing mother on Kobe street See in context

I am getting tied of Japanese families getting violent.

Can't they just sit down and talk like mature adults?

No need for stabbings.

Is Japan Today the only news site you read?

Show me one country with a population or population density similar to Japan without violence.

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Posted in: Author Murakami criticizes Suga over pandemic measures See in context

People here still think vaccines are about control.

I want to be in an intelligent society. Luckily we have Murakami to shine a light.

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Posted in: Author Murakami criticizes Suga over pandemic measures See in context

So although I agree with what he said and it coincides with what I say. it's not good for him in the future. I suspect he will now have a bit of a problem with book publishers.

Nah, he'll be fine. It hasn't gotten him in trouble yet, and it makes money for publishers.

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Posted in: Police officer fatally shoots man threatening him with saw See in context

What a bizarre news. And why can't they shoot the hand or leg, even though the body is probably easier as a target? Still, I cannot understand.

Think what the hands and legs do when the body runs. Visualize the patterns moving through spacetime.

Or just wave your hand in front of you in a circular motion.

Now think of the size of a bullet and the speed it moves.

What is the probability a bullet will hit the moving target? 5%? If so 95% chance of hitting something not the target, which could be a person?

Also, hands aren't thick. What if the bullet passes through and hits a bystander?

The objective isn't to kill, but to stop the threat.

Against a chainsaw, the officer's service weapon is best defense. The only place to fire the weapon is center of the body. Unfortunately, we didn't evolve to have holes poked in this area.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

Unchaperoned? With parents? Teachers?

People still believe the virus doesn't affect children? Currently the world's number one hot spot of new infections is Israel where 80% of the population was fully vaccinated in March. It is thought immunity lasts 6 months. Delta seems to infect 50% of the vaccinated. By the way, don't read me wrong, I think vaccinations should be mandatory.

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling woman, robbing her See in context

In a news article I read yesterday, the young women pretended to pass out and then quickly notified authorities. Very smart and brave move.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy suspected of kicking 6-year-old sister to death See in context

Single mothers. Not good for the children.

Especially boys.

Instead of trying to make it work, many modern women would rather leave or divorce. The majority of divorces over 78% are file by the modern women. The children always suffer the consequences of this bad decisions.

^ This is what having unhealthy attitudes towards women looks like.

Single mothers are awesome. They are the hardest working people on the planet.

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Posted in: Study: Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as others See in context

Sorry, I still can't figure it out.

Wow. Still? In 3rd quarter of 2021? Wow.

OK, one more time.

Vaccine = less likely to require hospitalization, less likely to die.

Vaccine does not = stopping precautions.

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Posted in: CDC mask guidance met with hostility by leading Republicans See in context

Republicans using masks as a political weapon.. they should be charged with manslaughter on a genocidal scale in an international court.

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Posted in: Unvaccinated U.S. swimmer sparks debate as Olympics start See in context

Unless they have allergies, with all the vaccines available in the US, there's no excuse for any American not be vaccinated. Selfish and uneducated.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,832 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,943 See in context

"Well, as I said before, Japan should have vaccinated the young as a priority."

I agree.

Why? The probability of dying from covid 19 for a young person is very low.

Because if you look at the data, the young people are spreading the virus the most, some have died, many will be left irreparably damaged, but more importantly, they are statistically killing the elderly. You can see the data here. The case loads are heavy with the young and deaths highest with elderly:


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Posted in: Are we going to need COVID-19 booster shots? See in context

Vaxed people will get 2-3 shots a year for the rest of their lives IMO. Us, none.

Vaxed people will still have their lives.

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Posted in: Japan launches study to verify COVID vaccines' effects on citizens See in context

If you did had the C-thing (with symptoms), then there is no need for you to get the vaccine. You would already be more immune than anyone who only had the vaccinations.


Immunity from infections last around 8 months.

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Posted in: Are you in favor of vaccination passports for international travel? See in context

Some people seem to think that foreigners won't be able to get the vaccine.

This is not true. Foreign healthcare workers and foreign residents over 65 have been/are being vaccinated.

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Posted in: Over 30% in Japan see rise in exposure to secondhand smoke See in context

I wish I had the money to move.

My elderly neighbors are chain smokers... there's no escaping the stench. I run a very expensive coway air purifier 24/7.

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Posted in: Japan to start vaccinating Olympic athletes from June 1: JOC See in context

Although I hope the games get called off, I'm happy to hear that people are getting vaccinated.

Just my opinion, and maybe wrong, but vaccination of young people would be more effective at controlling the spread.

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Posted in: Japan to bar entry of foreigners from India, Nepal, Pakistan See in context

According to Japanese news, spouses and PR will also be banned:



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Posted in: Japan prepares to inoculate adolescents aged 12-15 against COVID See in context

People eat Pocky & McDonalds and then say

How can you inject this stuff into children?

It's mNRA. It's not a virus. It tells your cells to make spike proteins. Your immune system destroys the proteins.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

Antivaxxer say the wackiest things.

When it comes to public health, if it's not true, don't say it.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist indicted in Myanmar on 'fake news' charge See in context

If you go to Myanmar you must respect their rules or pay the price.

international standards and human rights do not apply.

False. He was respecting their rules when he was working there. There was a sudden coup and he was arrested covering it. The current "leadership" is illegitimate and only ruling because they will put bullets in any one who resist, no matter gender or age. They also kidnap citizens, kill, and harvest organs, then return the bodies as a sort of terrorization.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

I move mine up and down depending on how crowded it is in the vicinity I am walking in.

This isn't wise as you needlessly risk contaminating your mask. Just leave it on.

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Posted in: Man shot by police officer dies in Nagoya hospital See in context

I am not a cop, but putting a man down by the knee, if only carrying a knife sounds much more sensible to me.

I hate gun culture, so I'm not repeating the propaganda. This is simply the truth.

If someone is running towards you (with a knife), shooting in the knee would be extremely risky.

Rather than hit the knee, it is more likely to

A) miss the target and get stabbed.

B) miss the target and hit a bystander.

Given these possibilities the officer's actions cannot be faulted.

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Posted in: Suspect detained for stabbing 2 men in Saitama says he is ‘mentally ill’ See in context

Like stabbing people while going for a walk? That kind of daily life? If it is, then he should have been locked up a long time ago!

Absolutely wrong. I work with mentally ill people. That's all I can say, but I serve them and paid by city taxes. You can't put a blanket definition stereotype and a huge population of people based on something that happened in the news.

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Posted in: Suspect detained for stabbing 2 men in Saitama says he is ‘mentally ill’ See in context

That’s weird usually a mentally ill person doesn’t realize they are mentally ill, thus their behavior. To realize you are mentally ill would mean you are congregant of your actions? Two random people stabbed would seem to deflate my understanding of what constitutes mentally ill.

That's false. Pretty everyone who has a diagnosis knows about it. The struggle is in managing the symptoms when they prevent the normal carrying out of daily life.

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