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Posted in: Biden says next presidential debate should be called off if Trump still has COVID-19 See in context

Trump has no business leaving his home. All this political theatrics is risking spreading virus to WH staff, Secret Service, and the general public.

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Posted in: Fewer infections lead Japan to study relaxing rules on eating in cinemas See in context

I don't go to movies because people eat.

It's so distracting to hear someone munching on popcorn and the noxious odors.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 220 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 570 See in context

That's .0000028% of the population. The total number of people with corona is .0026% of the population. But yeah, let's keep making everyone wear masks, and keep making a lot of people wear gloves, force shops to use plastic shields and close early.

Wow, this comment is so reckless that I have to fix you.

The masks will have to be worn until 2 weeks after the last person is vaccinated.

So buckle up, stop complaining, get used to it. If you want to go back to normal, keep your mask on.

The science is clear.

Don't be a knucklehead.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 77 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 288 See in context

A lot less people wearing masks in Tokyo today. Like when the emergency was lifted.

When masks go out of fashion the numbers will be back in 2 weeks. Let's keep the masks on for 2 months after eliminating the virus.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: Partner's sex demands ruining my mental health See in context

Seriously, you can't be more than friends with him. He won't get it from you, he'll get it from paid services, and then you can throw both mental health and physical health out the window.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: Partner's sex demands ruining my mental health See in context

Dump him now.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

Anti-vaxxers are as ignorant as anti-maskers, and a danger.

Agreed. Anti-vaxxers get thousands killed every year by not getting flu-shots.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 258 new cases of coronavirus; nationwide total 1,014 See in context

I can't understand people who don't wear masks.

I see foreigners on the subway and supermarket not wearing masks as well.

Retirees of every gender not wearing masks in public.

And don't get me started on the half-measured just cover the mouth masks.

All these people wear shoes and pants. So no excuse not to wear a mask. None.

Are people lazy, selfish, or dumb?

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Posted in: Biden promises to end 'darkness' of Trump era See in context

*when the history books are written, the people that sided against trump will be looked at as backwards as the southern secessionists of the civil war..*

I hope that's a typo.

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context


Not wearing a mask = killing.

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

So many posters letting fear guide them! Let love guide you not fear.

My love for community is shown through my actions to protect the community by ALWAYS wearing a mask no matter hot or uncomfortable its, thank you very much.

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Posted in: 22-year-old mother arrested for tossing newborn baby into sea See in context

I feel judgmental comments here is just another form of cyberbullying, even if unintentional.

We don't know the circumstances of the situation. Most people don't give birth at home, so there's a clear lack of support. I would first treat her as a victim.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 309 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally tops 1,000 See in context

This is just ridiculous.

I agree with you.

The point of the measures is to reduce the probability of transmissions. If a significant number of transmissions are occurring in afterwork karaoke parties, then the probabilities of those can be reduced by closing early, allowing the businesses to receive income during the day.

Day karaoke is usually someone who wants to sing, or sing with a friend.

Night karaoke is a sort of after-work nomikai with large numbers of people who have to go even if they don't want to.

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Posted in: Gov't will not ask people to forgo summer travel due to virus, Suga says See in context

I got sick several years ago, so I'm very accustomed to giving up "fun."

I don't wish for anyone to get sick. But I wish people would be more mindful and make smarter choices.

Too much is placed on enjoying life now, and not enough for preserving life for the future.

Just look at climate.

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Posted in: Man arrested for ramming car into work crew, killing one; claims he ‘wanted to be a god’ See in context

Is it just me or have there been a plethora of people over the past year giving "just wanted to kill" as their motive?

Are you new here?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 260 new coronavirus cases See in context


Let's keep the infections going as we build herd immunity. The death rate remains low, about one death every 2nd day (on average).

Thats not how herd immunity works. Let me break it down.

Let's say we need 70% (instead of 90%) of people to have antibodies (which we don't know yet if antibodies last) to achieve heard immunity. With 126.5 million people, that would require 88,550,000 infections.

(Now let's set aside the long term organ damage the virus causes and how negatively that would effect the economy for a few generations).

Now let's also put aside the fact that 3% of cases in Japan were fatal. Let's drop the mortality rate to 0.2%.

How many dead? 177,100


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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

Wear a mask. Too many foreigners walking around without masks.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over alleged child prostitution with 16-year-old girl See in context

They both should be punished. The girl who took advantage of him needs to have her name and photo released.


First she is 16. That should be enough.

Second, do some research to see how a significant amount of women end up in these situations.

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

And the woman in the picture shows exactly why I don't wear masks. They are stifling hot, creating lots of sweat.

I could never understand this type of selfish behavior. Your comfort is more important than the health and safety of everyone?

I got friends and family with cancer, diabetes and heart disease. I got tumors growing in me.

I can't say how much it ticks me off every time I see someone like you, nonchalant with no mask, spewing your germs in public.

Under my mask are beads of sweat. I'll gladly deal with the discomfort than risk getting someone sick.

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

@since1981, you misread those stats you posted.

You're looking at totals when you need to take in account percentages.

It's not the total number that's important, but the probability of an event happening due to race that is important.

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Posted in: Tokyo to further relax restrictions on Monday, Koike says See in context

Everyone needs to wear a mask.

People are going to confuse "opening up" with "no need for mask."

By my count, 2 in 10 people are not wearing face coverings, or wearing incorrectly.

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context

Those who think it's a fear-based narrative, you're what I am really afraid of.

Distancing measures are effective. They have saved us thus far.

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

It seems like the vast majority of people are social distancing. Unfortunately, photos like these send a message that it's OK to go out.

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Posted in: Netflix banks on vast production line to weather pandemic See in context

I just canceled a few minutes ago.

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Posted in: Japan to review seal-stamping custom to better contain coronavirus See in context

Great news.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor asks residents to grocery shop only every 3 days See in context

Deadly virus?

80 percent of people infected have no symptoms. People who are mostly older and or with preexisting illnesses, for them it may be deadly in some cases, but we are not talking about Ebola here...

I'm so disappointed to still hear this argument. We don't know the number of asymptomatic cases, it could be higher or lower. But it is still fatal for 1% of people under 30 who present symptoms. So if it's really 80%, and it hits a school, you're still going to lose some kids.

What really gets me is that, including me, a lot of people of my generation (X), have had bouts with conditions like autoimmune disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney problems, etc. This eugenic-based argument that writes off people who have suffered illnesses as already dead is abhorrent. I implore you to re-think your position, as it might be life or death for some of us and we sure don'r want the latter for your convenience.

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Posted in: Tokyo care home for babies reports 8 coronavirus cases See in context


Please like to know how their condition is as there so far has been no deaths from this virus reported for anyone under 10 years old.

That's not true. Unfortunately, there have been a number of deaths. In the news today, a 5 year old daughter of American healthcare workers passed away from the virus.

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Posted in: Abe leans toward ¥100,000 cash handout scheme See in context

Well its good for us but I guess gaikokujins wont get a penny.

Yes, because it's in yen.

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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

I do not understand the logic of some commenters.

If no active and strict social distancing the numbers will be high.

Then strict social distancing is put into place and the numbers stay low.

Their conclusion: "This was fear mongering, look at the low numbers!"

What's more, there's no reason for the government to fear monger as it hurts them economically. The government, as with many countries, did the opposite.

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Posted in: Health ministry says 400,000 could die in Japan without virus containment measures See in context

If the virus was first in Japan in January then why have we not seen a massive amount of sick and many many dead from it already?

I am hoping for the best.

Wide use of masks + no handshaking lowered the R naught compared to western countries. But the virus is still here and getting worse. Effect of any measure taken today won't be seen for a few weeks in the numbers.

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