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Lord Dartmouth comments

Posted in: Hungary will not agree to starting EU membership talks with Ukraine, minister says See in context

It's nothing but common sense. The Ukraine is far too corrupt to be allowed into the EU. The Eu already made that mistake with Greece; it won't make it again.

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Posted in: King Charles draws attention by wearing Greek flag tie after London-Athens diplomatic spat See in context

He was well trained by his mother for this job, but he seems to be going out of his way to sell out his kingdom to hostile foreign powers, globalists, eco-nuts, and left-wing radicals.

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Posted in: How to deal with your Japanese neighbors See in context

I'd be very willing to build relationships with the other people in my apartment building, but it takes two to tango. None of them seems to have the slightest interest in knowing me. Some even ignore my greetings.

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Posted in: Japan starts trial sales of over-the-counter 'morning-after' pill See in context

Japan's slide into degeneracy...

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Posted in: Japan hospital denies LGBT woman support for IVF pregnancy See in context

A fair decision.

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Posted in: Modern medicine has its scientific roots in the Middle Ages See in context

JefLee, species may well go extinct if they can't adapt to their environment, but that doesn't actually tell us anything useful, and certainly doesn't prove the theory of evolution of higher levels of creatures from lower. Natural selection shouldn't be confused with evolution.

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Posted in: Modern medicine has its scientific roots in the Middle Ages See in context

resistance to basic scientific truths like evolution

If it is a basic scientific truth, like gravity, why isn't it called the Law of Evolution? Because, of course, there simply isn't enough evidence for it to raise it beyond the level of a theory.

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Posted in: California startup to 'sponge' CO2 from atmosphere See in context

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is at historically low levels. It would be extremely beneficial for the planet and for human beings to at least double the CO2 content in the atmosphere.

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Posted in: King Charles visits Kenya as colonial past looms large See in context

Another shakedown in progress....

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Posted in: King Charles visits Kenya as colonial past looms large See in context

We have more than compensated them for any losses through our financial contributions, infrastructure building, providing jobs and livelihoods, the building of successful industries, such as tea and coffee, etc. We had to destroy the Mau Mau, and I guarantee that the present Kenyan state would do it far more brutally than we did. They were on a par with Hamas and ISIS.

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Posted in: Sydney to review plaques on colonial statues See in context

Here we go again...

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Posted in: Kishida cautious on same-sex marriage, separate spouse surnames See in context

Well, let's see. For countless millennia, the human race recognised that the family consists of a man and a woman and their offspring. It seems that our sexual revolutionaries want to pretend that their new morality ('Love is love!') is undeniably superior, and anyone questioning it must be either a moron or a reactionary bigot. If there's one thing the left is good at, it's smears and slurs.

I hope and pray that Japan will hold out against decadent western lifestyles.

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Posted in: Israel's endgame? No sign of postwar plan for Gaza See in context

Plan? The plan is to wipe the terrorists out forever, and turn Gaza back to the residents, ask them to elect a new government but be mindful that if they elect a new bunch of terrorists, the whole thing will kick off again.

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Posted in: Indigenous Australians end week of silence; denounce 'shameful' referendum result See in context

This was not a referendum on Aborigine 'rights'. They have the same rights as anyone else in Australia. I'm sickened to see Australia get so much stick over this. They made absolutely the right decision despite all the usual bullying, threats and smears from the worldwide, bien-pensant, holier-than-thou virtue-signallers.

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Posted in: Protests erupt across Middle East over Gaza hospital blast See in context

Let this be a warning to all those in the west who leap to accuse Israel without any evidence. Hamas's claims now lie in tatters. The whole world knows it was they (or Islamic Jihad - another bunch of charmers) who fired the missile, and the missile landed in a car park, killing a lot of people who were sheltering there. Hamas then shamelessly paraded the corpses, claiming they had been killed in the hospital. Lie after lie after lie.

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Posted in: Failed referendum on Indigenous rights sets back Australian government plans to become republic See in context

Congratulations, Australia!

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Posted in: Oura Church: A church with a memorial to the persecution of Christians in feudal Japan See in context

I find the Japanese are almost completely oblivious to this horrendous part of their history. It was one of the longest, worst and cruellest persecutions anywhere. It makes Diocletian's efforts look puny by comparison. Many Japanese have told me either that they had never learned about it (after high school, apparently, you're not expected to learn anything new), or that 'it couldn't be helped'. When I enquired as to why, I was told that the Japanese people had to keep Christianity out to ensure the survival of Japan. The truth is that Japan was well on the way to becoming Christian, and the authorities panicked.

When you're in Kyoto, visit the monument on the banks of the Kamogawa to the 52 Catholic Japanese burned alive in 1619 for their faith, tied back to back on crosses. including Juan Hashimoto, his wife Thecla, their 13-year-old daughter Katarina, 12-year-old son Tomas, 8-year-old son Francisco, 6-year-old son Pedro, and 3-year-old daughter Luisa.

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Posted in: Japan criticizes Russian ban on its seafood over release of treated radioactive water See in context

Diddums. What did Japan expect?

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Posted in: Flipping genius? Japan is getting new flip phone/smartphone hybrid See in context

No one is going to buy this.

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Posted in: What was Hamas thinking? For over three decades, it has had the same brutal idea of victory See in context

Hamas is committed to driving the Jews into the sea. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are actually given honourable mention in article 32 of their 'constitution'. We are literally talking about Nazis here.

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Posted in: Palestinians in Gaza struggle to follow Israeli evacuation order and face dire water shortage See in context

The Palestinians in Gaza voted for Hamas, who are nothing but murderers. It is time for Israel to remove Hamas from the face of the earth.

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Posted in: New Zealand National Party's Luxon to lead new government See in context


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Posted in: Australians reject Indigenous referendum in setback for reconciliation See in context

The title is incredibly biased towards 'Yes'. I stopped reading right there.

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Posted in: Beware the dark side of health checks See in context

Over three decades in Japan and I've never had a health check. No problems whatsoever.

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Posted in: Russia says Japan did not inform it fully about radioactive Fukushima water See in context

TaiwanIsNotChina, I recommend this article: https://apjjf.org/-Gregory-Clark/2018/article.html

The whole issue is really complex, and it certainly doesn't come down to 'theft'. I understand you loathe Russia; nevertheless, it doesn't follow that everything Russia has done is to be condemned. Japan's claim to the four islands is extremely tenuous.

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Posted in: Russia says Japan did not inform it fully about radioactive Fukushima water See in context

Japan should reply back with a map of the Northern Territories marked as Japanese.

Well, according to the post-war settlement, the islands are Russian. That was the clear outcome of Yalta, along with the 1951 San Francisco Treaty and the 1956 Soviet-Japanese joint agreement. There's no getting around it. If Japan and Russia sign a peace treaty (until now, always blocked by the US), Russia will return Shikotan and Habomai. Until then, Russia is fully justified in its occupation of all four islands.

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Posted in: King Charles III's image to appear on Australian coins this year See in context

He's a wokey-cokey eco-flake, but he is our king. Ad Multos Annos!

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Posted in: Biden suggests he has path around Congress to get more aid to Ukraine See in context

Of course he has a way around Congress. The military-industrial complex wields far more clout than the elected representatives of the USA.

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Posted in: For those of you old enough to remember, what was it like growing up in your home city in the late 1950s and early 1960s? Did life seem less complicated then? See in context

I remember the late 60s in England. Life was better, undoubtedly. American wokery had not reared its head yet, and nobody was confused about their sexual identity. The only restraint on freedom of speech was good manners and consideration for others, of which there was plenty.

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