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Zoroto, counting the EU as a country is ridiculous. That is not possible until they have merged their armies under a central command, get the right to elect their 'president', have one passport, one foreign policy and institute a single treasury and binding rules on economic convergence, along with a full 'transfer union'.

And if they try to do all this, just watch how fast the whole daft project collapses.

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Posted in: WHO renames monkeypox as mpox, citing racism concerns See in context

What's racist about the word 'monkey'? Could someone please explain?

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Posted in: What's your opinion of what Elon Musk has done so far with Twitter since buying it? See in context

Considering the meltdown among the wokesters, he's doing a brilliant job. Thoroughly enjoying it.

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The anti-government protesters are singing the 'Internationale'. Oh boy. Hey, wake up! That's like the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto singing the Horst Wessel Lied as the Germans move in.

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albaleo, you had one, if memory serves, 8 short years ago. We had to wait 41 years between referendums on EEC/EU membership, and we've never had a referendum in England on whether we want out of the union with Scotland.

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I have a serious question for those that attend football matches in Japan: do the fans clean up the stadium after the game? Or is it just when they're abroad?

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The Japanese went to Qatar to play football; the Germans went to do some pathetic posturing and virtue-signalling. Congratulations, Japan!

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@Rodney: Scotland willingly entered the union with England in 1707 and prospered mightily from it until the 1970s. There was no part of the British Empire without its Scots merchants, bankers, engineers, lawyers and administrators. Thomas Glover comes to mind in Japan. He came over from Shanghai where he was working for Jardine Matheson and played a major role in the Meiji Restoration. The British Empire was a joint venture and the Scottish staggering success would not have been possible outside the union with England. Likewise, England could not have profited as much without the input and dynamism of Scotland. It's a bit rich for some (a minority of) Scots to claim that they were unwilling partners and even colonised! In fact, it's a lie, pure and simple.

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@wallace: You are confused. The Home Office rules have NOTHING to do with Brexit, and were introduced in 2012, four years before the referendum and eight years before Brexit. On the contrary, they were made because the government was trying to control immigration in the face of free movement from the EU, which led to enormous influxes from eastern Europe. The £18,600 rule applies to UK citizens with non-EU spouses. Also, there is no 'Englishness test'. There is a SELT English test which takes about 10 minutes.

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@FizzBit: The Crown no longer has any say in legislation. All the monarch does is give the 'Royal Assent' to bills which have passed through Parliament. The last time the 'royal veto' was used was about 300 years ago, by Queen Anne.

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2020hindsights: I never approved of the rules; I'm just explaining why they came to be, and that it had nothing to do with Brexit. I am hoping that now we can control immigration from the EU, the rules may be relaxed for those of us with spouses from elsewhere.

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Posted in: More than one in three Japanese working women in survey would rather be housewives See in context

Interesting. Goes against the feminist narrative.

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This issue has nothing to do with Brexit. It was to do with a feeble attempt to limit out-of-control mass immigration. Freedom of movement from the EU meant that the UK government felt they had to introduce stricter controls on the rest of the world. All that was before Brexit. Take a break from your Brexit bashing. We're never going back.

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@Fizzbit: TokyoOldMan is correct. The UK Home Office demands an income of 18,600 pounds from the British spouse before he/she can bring his/her foreign spouse in. That income must be from the the British citizen only. Savings can count towards that sum to some extent only. Many, many families have been split up because of this.

The problem was that the EU forced free movement on us, so to counter-balance that, the government clamped down hard on the rest of the world.

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GBR48: "They have sealed the borders."? Have they indeed? I believe we still have in the region of 300,000 people coming into the UK every year: the population of a city the size of Cambridge. That's not even counting the illegals landing on our beaches every day.

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Posted in: Biden at 80: A 'respecter of fate' mulls 2nd White House bid See in context

He's done.

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Posted in: New Zealand group wanting voting age set at 16 wins in court See in context

The people who want 16 year olds to vote know that the younger they, the more gullible and susceptible to brainwashing by their left-wing teachers.

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Posted in: With Twitter in chaos, some ways to protect your account See in context

This is the best news I've heard in a while. Just imagine all those self-important, left-liberal, bien pensant twits deprived of their daily routine of boring the world with their second-hand slogans and virtue-signalling retweets!

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So we trust this poll, do we? And yet it was such as shock when we British voted to leave! This stuff about a Swiss-style deal is simply is another elite attempt to undermine Brexit by floating a balloon to see the reaction. No leaver I know has changed their mind on Brexit. We just want our government to make full use of it and stop trying to align us to the EU.

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But, knowing the UN, that won't apply to abortion survivor babies.

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Posted in: Born this way: Rats move to beat of Lady Gaga, Japanese study says See in context

I'm glad for the rats. Not for me, thanks.

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One question amidst all this Malthusian alarmism: Is there more or less hunger now than a hundred years ago? The population has increased because we can now produce huge amounts of food and because life spans have increased correspondingly. Ever tried flying over the earth's continents? For hours at a time there is absolutely no sign of human civilisation: just vast swathes of forests, meadows, grasslands, tundra and deserts.

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The photos of the missile fragments have now been analysed and it is clear that they belong to the 48D6 motor of the 5V55-series missile of the S-300 AD system- a Ukrainian one.

There will be some very red faces in the media and the Polish foreign ministry in particular, which called for stiff measures against the perpetrator.

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When in Rome... but I see the England team is going to be flying in in a rainbow-painted plane and wearing rainbow armbands. I thought it was frowned on now as imperialism to export our 'culture' abroad.

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Frankly, I don't blame him. They're just a bunch a useless posers.

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It's very silly to get angry with an ambassador for stating the position of his government.

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Posted in: Future of American democracy loomed large in voters' minds See in context

Clearly untrue. The young were simply bribed with free education, which Biden will never give them.

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Posted in: Fed up young climate activists: 'Adults aren't listening' See in context

Absolutely right; we're not listening, because all you're doing is regurgitating the lazy and uninformed opinions of your teachers.

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Posted in: Biden says climate crisis is about 'very life of the planet' See in context

What an idiot.

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Posted in: Nearly 60% in Japan unaware of relaxed COVID-19 mask guidelines: survey See in context

They are very aware of the new guidance; they just won't take them off until everyone else has.

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