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Posted in: Vienna ranked world's most liveable city; Osaka 10th See in context

Osaka has virtually no buildings of architectural interest. Its waterways are ugly, and the centre is a jumble of ghastly steel, concrete and glass. Livable? Well, yes, in the sense of convenient, but the people are noisy and pushy and good luck if you fancy a quiet drink somewhere; your evening will be wrecked by hysterical 'high-tension' shouting, screaming and clapping, guaranteed.

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Posted in: 'The world's gone mad': Kate Bush on 'Stranger Things' and chart reprise See in context

"There was some great music in the '80s, but I think it's an incredibly exciting time we're in now,"

OK, Kate, I'd be grateful if you could point us to anything remotely worth listening to these days.

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Posted in: Why monkeypox may soon get a new name See in context

Here we go again.

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Posted in: 4 people wounded by man on stabbing rampage in New Zealand See in context

She said there was no indication the attack was a hate crime, as the victims were of different genders, ethnicities and ages.

Ever heard of misanthropy?

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Posted in: Musk aims to ease concerns in address to Twitter workers See in context

Paul: Right wing fascist in charge of Twitter.

Paul, would you be more comfortable with a left-wing fascist in charge? Name me one thing that Musk has said or done that could remotely be regarded as fascist.

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Posted in: Osaka court rules same-sex marriage ban not unconstitutional See in context


And in the country of Japan there is a: ban on same-sex marriage 

Not sure about that; it's simply that marriage is - it goes without saying between a man a woman. Anything else is so absurd that, quite rightly, it's not recognised.

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Posted in: Osaka court rules same-sex marriage ban not unconstitutional See in context

Excellent decision.

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Posted in: Travel off the beaten path in Japan, to a point where three prefectures meet See in context

Potentially an interesting spot, but it looks like a miniature version of the DMZ.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks' founder Assange vows to fight extradition from UK to United States See in context

I hope we drove a hard bargain on this. At the minimum, I expect a favourable trade deal with the U.S. and an undertaking from them to drop their barmy support of the EU against us with regard to our own sovereign territory.

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Posted in: RIP Internet Explorer: South Korean engineer's browser 'grave' goes viral See in context

'He was a good tool to download other browsers.' Hmm. Pity about the English. May I suggest two better options:

He was a good tool to download other browsers with.

He was a good tool for downloading other browsers.

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Posted in: 7 arrested in House office building linked to Colbert show See in context

I assume Colbert will now be charge with conspiracy to lead an insurrection against the republic. Oh no, wait, he's on the 'correct' side of American politics.

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Posted in: Thailand rushes to rein in cannabis use a week after decriminalization See in context

I don’t use drugs but had a police plant cannibals in my pocket. 

Rodney, sounds dangerous. I hope those cannibals didn't nibble on your meat and two veg.

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Posted in: Japanese airline Zipair ditches 'Z' logo to avoid pro-Russia misunderstanding See in context

Phew, I'm glad they cleared that up. I genuinely thought that airline was owned by Putin and the pilots were all FSB agents.

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Posted in: EU sues UK over move to rewrite post-Brexit trade rules See in context

The whole Brexit campaign was a lie

There we go again. An unsubstantiated assertion. The complete opposite could also be asserted with more accuracy. Clegg told us all, for example, that the notion of an EU army was a silly fantasy. It is now moving ahead. We were also systematically lied to by Edward Heath's government when he took us into the Common Market. He flatly denied the possibility of a political union, even though everyone knew that that was what the project was all about from the beginning.

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Posted in: EU sues UK over move to rewrite post-Brexit trade rules See in context

A lot of globalist types seem to have a hard time understanding (or is it deliberate?) that Brexit is a different issue from Boris Johnson and the policies pursued by the UK government since the historic vote in 2016. Brexit was nothing more than the act of leaving the EU, which gave us a lot of opportunities to reshape our standing in the world. It is not the fault of Brexit if these opportunities are not being taken. Many Brexiteers are frustrated by the government's timidity. For remoaners to gloat about this is intellectually disingenuous.

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Posted in: U.S. abortions rise: 1 in 5 pregnancies terminated in 2020 See in context

I am very much "pro choice" ... but those numbers are quite disturbing. Abortion is not and should not be used as a form of contraception.

Mr Kipling, if you're pro-choice, you shouldn't be disturbed, because that means you don't recognise the fetus as a human. However, it's good to be disturbed. That means you are actually pro-life, but haven't quite realised it. I love many of your posts, by the way.

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Posted in: U.S. abortions rise: 1 in 5 pregnancies terminated in 2020 See in context

I just wish that all of the people who oppose abortion showed as much zeal when it came to raising children.

We do.

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Posted in: UK migrant flight to Rwanda grounded as European Court steps in See in context

Funny thing is how many Brexit "idiots" don't know the difference between the ECHR and the EU.

We know very well, and we don't like either. What's your point?

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Posted in: Disney's 'Lightyear' banned in 14 markets after same-sex kiss controversy See in context

Only 14?! I hope Japan does too, though I doubt it.

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Posted in: Court refuses to halt UK deportation plan to Rwanda for migrants See in context

We've been far too soft for decades. Most of these people are economic migrants and we simply cannot take them in. Our country is too small, and the NHS and transportation infrastructure are collapsing under the strain.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward rejects couple's marriage registry under separate surnames See in context

Good. Families should share the same surname. Stop messing around.

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Posted in: UK moves to rewrite Brexit rules for Northern Ireland; EU threatens legal action See in context

If the protocol isn't working for us, we have to dump it. That's the reality of international relations. The French would do so in an instant. The only valid criticism of the UK government in all this is that they never went far enough with Brexit. To some extent, Boris's hands were tied thanks to useless Theresa May, but we have not made the most of our new independence.

'Tis not too late to seek a newer world', wrote Tennyson:

'Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'

We are not now that strength which in old days

Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.'

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Posted in: Japan passes bill to make online insults punishable by jail time See in context

There is a very poor understanding of free speech here, and increasingly so in the west too. Everyone I talk to here unquestioningly agrees that Hate Speech should be outlawed and punished. When I ask them to define it, they just say, 'So you think it's OK to blast Korean kids at Korean schools with vile insults?', which is not what I was saying at all. Ill-defined laws are extremely dangerous. In the end, anyone who claims to have been emotionally hurt by another person will be able to have them locked away.

In my childhood, there was a common saying, 'Sticks and stones shall break my bones, but words will never hurt me'. A 15-year-old girl in my class the other broke down in tears for 10 minutes when I asked her this question in the textbook: 'How often do you eat sushi?' because she couldn't answer. We really need to focus on toughening kids up rather than mollycoddling them. Imagine what will happen when this girl encounters a real conflict in her life...

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Posted in: Japan's outdoor mask relaxation yet to filter through See in context

I take off my mask as soon as I get off the train and don't wear it ever outside. We really need to set an example, or this country will descend into a permanent masked dystopia.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson's weakness brings international complications See in context

Britain and the EU each accuse the other of refusing to compromise. Now Johnson says he will act unilaterally — and, critics say, illegally — by passing a law to rip up part of the binding treaty he signed with the bloc.

Biased reporting: it's a binding treaty, yes, until you adjust it ACCORDING TO ITS OWN PROVISIONS. Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol allows either the EU or UK to take unilateral "safeguard" measures if they conclude that the deal is leading to serious practical problems or causing diversion of trade.

Once you know the truth, you realise that the image peddled here of Johnson recklessly 'ripping up' a 'binding treaty' is outrageously inaccurate.

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Posted in: With Roe in doubt, states weigh letting nurses do abortions See in context

Oh great, well at least they won't be violating their Hippocratic Oath, unlike doctors ('First, do no harm'), but what a dreadful thing to see. The very people who should be saving lives are taking them, and the most innocent of all lives at that.

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Posted in: Satellite images suggest new Chinese carrier close to launch See in context

I hope the Chinese Navy learned from the mistakes that Russia made after they stole a Ukrainian carrier.

What? Russia stole an aircraft carrier from Ukraine? Nonsense.

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Posted in: Japan's landmark capsules coming down to sit in museums See in context

Musuems? They'd be lucky to get anything for that rubbish from a scrap metal dealer.

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