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Posted in: Japan's pro-Pyongyang Koreans lose patience with media See in context

To think if Japan had not invaded Korea during WW2, the peninsula would still be unified today.

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Posted in: The KFC-Christmas connection in Japan See in context

Japanese KFC is pretty good. I wish we had the recipe in the US.

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Posted in: Wrong twin terminated in Australian hospital error See in context

Man, heart goes out to the mom.

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context


So you support the position that no matter the evidence, serial killers, child rapists/murderers who have confessed should not be executed?

The protections against executing the innocent are inherent in the system. Is it a perfect system? No, but what system is? Neither the state nor the defense will have the best attorneys, experts (since they both cost money), or even investigators. Criminals exploit technicalities in the law, some say their confessions were forced or the search was illegal and that can be the basis for an appeal, despite the overwhelming evidence states that in all likelihood, the defendant committed the crime. Not without doubt, but without reasonable doubt.

There are protections inherent in the system as well: the provision of a defense attorney at cost to the state, a trial by a jury of your peers who all have to agree on the verdict, a judge whose sole purpose is to facilitate fairness for the two sides and decide which evidence is permissible or not, and in practice prosecutors will not prosecute all the crimes and investigators knowing the judicial system, will play by the books.

The issue I have is when the appeals system is abused to file appeal after appeal based on technicalities when the overwhelming evidence still supports that the now convicted felon committed the crime. I remember one a convicted felon who had the county's best attorneys, but he found one error out of many rights and had his retrial. Then he found a basis for the judge who heard the appeal to be removed and another trial was ordered and so it went. The length of time between conviction and execution should be shortened so that victims, society, and justice is served.

The system is made up of human beings so it is impossible for mistakes not to be made. We must understand that. To point out one mistake and say it doesn't work is not practical nor efficient. Plus, we ignore when the system does work and the innocents are released. Also, the very point of having a life sentence for say, multiple murders is ridiculous. People are highly adaptive and some prisons even have cell phones and MTV, all supported by our tax dollars. Hardly a fate criminals fear. As it is, the system does not serve the victims nor as a deterrent which is why we have the death penalty in the first place and this is why the appeals process needs to be revamped.

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context

So SmithinJapan, let me get this straight: you believe that nothing at all warrants execution? Not even child rapist/murderers and serial rapists? For every crime the victim's entire circle are victimized. I sincerely suggest you look up the criminal records of serial killers Ed Kemper, Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Robert Hansen et. al. all of whom confessed to their multiple murders and then reevaluate your position.

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context

Humongus, obviously you don't know anyone who's been sexually assaulted or have been yourself. There are details of them I won't share with you for fear of being deemed lewd, but let's just say that "one-off" rapists' imaginations are limitless. The scars are permanent even if it is no longer bleeding. "Full recovery" is never truly possible; but they can go on to fulfilling lives, yes. But we're getting away from the point. Saying rape isn't as bad as murder so it doesn't deserve capital punishment is a false comparison. Rape is an act of depraved evil in itself. Obviously there are degrees and mitigating factors such as prior offenses, details of the rape that can be taken into account. But usually when its of the degree that warrants a life sentence, it is severe enough to be a capital crime. This is in the category of raping multiple women/children and some have an added element of sadism. These rapists cannot be rehabilitated. They see the world in a fundamentally different way. Society deserves to be rid of them.

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context

Swiss: I reject your notion that the death penalty is "baying for blood." We are not the guilty. They are. Convicted by a jury of their peers and again upon appeal. Get that straight. Exterminating predators is the best way to keep society safe, give victims and their families a resolution, save taxpayer money that can be used for other services such as the one you suggested for victims, and deter criminals. Of course the last reason is laughably flimsy since criminals can't be thinking of the death penalty when it's some abstract notion that is decades away.

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context

I had a family member who was molested by her uncle as a child. She's now a paranoid schizophrenic who'll go into psychotic episodes if she doesn't take her meds. Cruel part is she thinks she doesn't need her meds when she's lucid but she goes off them and it's right back to nightly screaming. Her condition has torn her family apart with people taking sides, issuing blame.

Maybe some victims of sexual assaults do recover, but the fact is some do not and are haunted by it the rest of their lives. Yet we're taking the side of the criminal who is likely to prey on another victim. I say no. The sex offenders out there need to be in jail for the rest of their lives; the worst among them, executed. Another point: how do we even expect these criminals to be rehabiliated in prison? They can't even function in society and you throw them in with the worst of the worst and expect them to become better people? That's patently ridiculous.

No system is ever perfect. But putting the victims and their families through decades of parole hearings and testifying, dreading the day of his relief is what is cruel and unusual. When you commit heinous crimes, you do not deserve decades of tying up the courts. Heck, they even get a gourmet meal of their choosing before they die. But I digress. No system is perfect but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the criminal few.

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Posted in: China executes man for raping 14 schoolgirls See in context

We need faster executions of rapists and murderers around the world. These people recidivate after their release and harm entire families with their rapes. The victims do not die but they live in hell afterward. And sometimes, the violence in the offender escalates into murder either to fulfill their fantasy or get rid of the witnesses. Families deserve a quick resolution that is not dragged on by years and decades of technical wrangling. One appeal at the state/province level and that's it.

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Posted in: Gemba asks China to set up crisis management mechanism See in context

This is a step towards ideal, respectful relations between the two.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise has 4 missions during 27-hour visit to Japan See in context


What's the point in trying to point out possible hypocrisy in Tom Cruise's visit with the Fukushima victims? Does that supposed insight contribute anything other than show the world your own cynicism? Bottomline: Tom's meeting with victims and the victims who go to meet him will have their spirits cheered. Good for both of them.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes Fukushima rice ban after high level of cesium detected See in context

So between the radiation in all the different types of food, water, and even in the air, basically Japan's screwed. Those with common sense has known this since the first measurements were released of the nuclear release from the plants.

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Posted in: Yakuza pundit: New laws unlikely to eradicate gangs See in context

Japan needs an organization like the FBI which can investigate with better trained men and equipment (since it's nationalized). Also, it can act as an overseer to local police departments.

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Posted in: Celery most disliked vegetable among adults: survey See in context

I think I liked celery once and I do mean one bite when I was a little tot. Since then, I cannot stomach it. I hate ginger about equally unless it's with my seafood. For the life of me, I can't see how someone can not like tomato. That's like anti-food to me. Other than okra, everything else on the list is fine by me.

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Posted in: Sony seeks to pull out of Samsung LCD venture See in context

I have a Sony laptop, but some other electronics in my house are Korean now, too, such as my cell phone and air condition unit. If I want something of high quality and I have a choice, I'll get Japanese still. But more and more, Korean electronics are the more affordable option and the quality is nearly equal to or equal to Japanese product. Perhaps Sony should have tiered pricing like Toyota to cultivate young consumers. They are in danger of becoming perceived as too high end. Also, some innovation. They did very well with the PS1 and 2 and to a degree, 3, but the last time they had a must own product was at the beginning of the flat screen TV boom.

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Posted in: Dalai Lama, in Tokyo, says China policy caused monk immolations See in context

Utrack, I think that's what everyone's real fears are: a rising China. If you can characterize China, however, as an abuser of human rights, the pretext is made for war. Certainly they are an abuser of human rights such as freedom of expression and lack of due process, yet they've also made gains in lifting a huge section of their population out of poverty. It is a land of contradiction and to label it as black and white is a misrepresentation. I think some of the one-sided actions by the government such as the taking of land benefits some and hurts others. What China needs is democracy and an appeals process, so that the people have a voice and injustices have an avenue in which it is righted. China is a huge country and perhaps the communist leaders are afraid that they won't speak with one voice, but with increasing social unrest and economic disparity, there may not be a choice. Still, outside intervention in Chinese politics shouldn't be an option; it may hurt the average citizen more than it would help; change should happen at the grassroots level.

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Posted in: World's 7 billionth person will be born on Monday See in context

the more equality there is in the world, the sooner the birth rate will drop and we will have less violence. i blame the pope for a lot of the violence and inequality. if he advocated the use of condoms instead of abstinence, catholic countries around the world would have lower birthrates and thus crime. the US had a similar crime problem until Roe V Wade was passed and abortions were allowed, according to freakonomics. it's not PC to say that poverty breeds crime but the stats back it up. or even a cursory glance at developing nations will tell you that's the case.

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Posted in: Kirwan under fire for using too many foreign-born players See in context

Yep. What's the point of having a national team if none of them is from that nation? Imagine the Olympics team makeup. Yikes. And France indeed is a shame. They no longer resemble any France from history but maybe the United States in a more racist, less inclusive version.

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Posted in: Apple's tongue-tied Siri faces 'Singlish' rival See in context

Singaporean English is pretty fluent except for a slight accent but that's the case for Australia, the Irish, English and Americans.

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Posted in: Farmers launch campaign to promote Miyagi rice See in context

It'd be nice to know where it is safe to buy rice. I knew this info before but that's the problem with time and being told contradictory things.

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

Hmmm one person dies because of her criminal actions or an untold number of people and their families hurt from effects of meth use...hang the drug mule!

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Posted in: Greenpeace urges tougher radiation screening, seafood labeling rules See in context

The Japanese are going to have to accept the fact that their entire food supply is FUBAR. Complain all they want about food labeling and radiation checks but it won't change a thing. Accept now that your cancer risk has raised significantly; prey you don't get it; move out or move on with your life.

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Posted in: World wealth to rise 50% in 5 years with China replacing Japan in No. 2 spot See in context

Elbuda: Mexico's basically the toilet we Americans sit on. Have you ever been there? It's filthy and third world. Maybe you should direct your energy to cleaning up Mexico.

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Posted in: Japan requests China to loan panda to Sendai See in context

I don't think anyone wants to see a panda die from radiation. Horribly insensitive and calculated move by the Japanese government to try to allay the fears of its citizenry by basically slow nuking a panda.

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Posted in: How Japanese manga can land international travelers in jail See in context

Manga with erotic depictions of school girls is precisely the reason why Japan is full of perverts even among the police molesting 16 year old izakaya waitresses.

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Posted in: Nishikori poised to make history See in context

I love his jumping forehand. Beautiful and explosive. If he can stay healthy, he's a contender to make a deep run into the Slams.

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Posted in: Stringent tests planned to map radiation spread after hotspot found in Setagaya See in context

Just wait until flu season and then you'll see real fear in the populace. That nagging doubt about radiation - was it 500 bcqs you ate for the day or the week - is gonna come back with a vengeance.

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Posted in: Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant worker dies See in context

Let me just say what everyone else is thinking: if a nuclear plant worker can die while just working at the plant for days, then for those that live further away where the contamination spread more diffusely, are risking a slower fate.

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Posted in: Contaminated soil found outside Fukushima no-go zone See in context

kurispisu: godspeed in your next step in life. you're taking a step few are lucid enough to take.

i think zichi offers some very good information. for those still in japan, i'd listen to him.

honestly, i can't offer any further thoughts. i've been saying from day one that staying in the eastern part of honshu is betting with your and your loved ones lives. heck, i know how inconvenient it must be to change even the little things like where you bank much less where you live. hope you all make the best decision for you. that's all.

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Posted in: NZ, Australia condemn Japan's plan to go ahead with whaling See in context

Ossan: The MAJORITY of the world condemns killing whales. Japan is in the minority along with Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish. Likewise, Japan is a member of the global community and that global community can condemn that practice. Even the Japanese populace hardly eat whale or dolphin meat but because of some twisted national pride, whale killing is subsidized by the government.

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