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Posted in: Japanese women fight for right to wear glasses to work See in context

And what about all those people who cannot even get lenses in Japan? Since about 10 years ago when all those disposable lenses came out, the custom made ones got taken off the shelf. Someone high above decided that contact lenses are only available until -10. So, if you have more like I do and a situation that does not allow you to see clearly with glasses, well sorry as my eye doc told me, get used to no longer seeing. I really wished something would be done for all the other people suffering from this condition. We pay enough healthcare insurance as it is for getting nothing. I had to go abroad to get them made although the same companies have offices in Japan.

That sounds very surprising. I wear contacts from the brand called 1daypure. These are one−day disposable lenses, but they go up to -16.

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

Governments lack the funding and manpower to refurbish and replace tunnels, bridges and other structures to meet improved standards for resistance to earthquakes and other disasters.

Oh, why do they lack the funding, I wonder. Is it because the Jgovt has next to no notions of cutting costs, or because the current govt is more interested in its military than helping its people?

Japanese need to be more aware of disaster risks and do more to prepare on their own instead of counting on the government to take care of them, experts said.

Yeah, with the way the govt is run I wouldn't rely on them either. Imagine relying on them for anything except for their consistency in openly stealing our hard earned money in the form of so called taxes.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll rises to 40 as search-and-rescue operations continue See in context

I didn't see much information about central Tokyo in the past two days. Perhaps the damage there is limited?

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Posted in: Medical education not covering basics of nutrition See in context

I don't know much about discussing diets with Japanese doctors, but I once spoke to a nutritionist in Japan about the lack of proper food labeling in Japan (lots of stuff doesn't seem to adequately mention the exact amounts of sugar). She basically told me that "if something tastes sweet, then there's probably sugar in there". Her answer baffled me and I began to wonder about the state of Japan's general knowledge of nutrition. I must admit they've done a surprisingly good job with keeping their people generally healthy so far with their eating habits.

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Posted in: New Nissan CEO brings global outlook but faces uphill task See in context

I was getting very curious recently about the whole Ghosn case, so I looked up the latest news. To my surprise, I found some new news articles that mentioned the two main whistleblowers, and how much influence they've had over the investigation so far. But the most shocking: they themselves have admitted to being overcompensated, and yet, they received immunity from prosecutors in exchanges for information. This is truly scandalous.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly molesting young girl in car See in context

Poor girl. That guy does indeed deserve hell. But I also hold their parents responsible for not education her enough on getting into cars with strangers.

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Posted in: Revised law aimed at mobile phone fee cut in Japan comes into effect See in context

And with ¥180O for a ridiculous 3 GB data plan and a phone plan, your are not  impressing me.

Ok man, then I wish you good luck with continuing to pay 8000 for your current plan if that's what you prefer. You also didn't mention anything about mvnos in your original post which is why I brought it up.

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Posted in: Revised law aimed at mobile phone fee cut in Japan comes into effect See in context

Not relatively. Shamefully high! I pay more than 8,000 yen with Softbank for 5 GB and I don't even know why. I don't even get visual voicemail (I am stuck with the old archaic voicemail system) or conference call and I pay ¥3 per SMS sent. I get charged ¥20 per 30 seconds all day for voice calling (on top of the ¥980 monthly free). Softbank do propose an unlimited voice calls option but charges an additional ¥1,500/month.

Why are you still even using their services then? MVNO carriers have become popular and mainstream for several years now. I've been a happy user of Mineo since 2016 and I never looked back. Been paying about 1800 yen per month for a phone plan and 3gb of monthly usage. If you don't like your situation then at least do some form of research to improve your situation.

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Posted in: Gov't to study whether to introduce joint custody of children See in context

She emailed me that evening to say, if I went back to the apartment at any time she would call the police and put a stalking order on me. Such a lovely girl!

Correct me if i'm wrong, but is such a thing even possible? For someone to be considered a stalker they need to be following someone around regularly and over a certain period of time. Her threats sounds like threats only.

The key to agreeable custody arrangements is to marry a sensible, sane human being. If you didn't do that its on you.

I doubt it's that simple. You don't always know how sensible someone is even when you think you do, and people also change over time. You're making a sweeping generalization.

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Posted in: Man forgets wallet with ¥2.8 million in it on Yamanote line; cleaner who found it nabbed See in context

Plot twist: the owner of the wallet runs a cleaning business for JR and this Ogura guy was one of his employees who was due to be paid.

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Posted in: Kawasaki takes steps to lower language barrier for foreign kids in school See in context

Why did they call Kawasaki a city bordering Tokyo, when it's much closer to Yokohama?

Like chipstar said. I used to live in Miyamae ku in Kawasaki, which was closer to Shibuya by train than it was to downtown Kawasaki.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa resigns; new chief to face challenge of reviving profitability See in context

Absolutely scandalous how this dirty little two faced back stabber isn't also being thrown into custody. UNBELIEVABLE! He deserves to have his entire life wrecked just like they did Ghosn.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy hit by police car on crossing last month dies See in context

I don't know if it's just me, but i have the impression that in japan, cars are more likely to swirve around you, or in the worst case scenario, simply hit you if you're in their way. This is in stark contrast to back home in Europe where drivers have the tendency to stop more often.

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Posted in: 46-year-old 'hikikomori' arrested for leaving mother’s dead body inside house for over a year See in context

“I found her dead, and I didn’t know what to do to take care of it, so I left her there.”

same cr#p you hear from all the other recluses. It sounds just as rehearsed as people saying they were drunk and don't remember anything. Let the loser suffer in prison.

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Posted in: Olympic test events offer chance to assess impact of extreme heat See in context

Please forgive me if this is a silly question, but why aren't the olympics being organized indoors? That would resolve all this mumbo jumbo instantly.

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Posted in: TEPCO toughens stance toward nuclear disaster damages settlement See in context

The point of this comment is that we had to pay our own legal costs even though we didn't bring the court case in the first place.

Having been trough some legal battles in Japan myself, I can share some insight into this. The reason why you need to cover your own legal costs here is because there is no obligation to use a lawyer in Japan. You are free to defend yourself in a Japanese court of law, if you have the time and resources to do so.

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Posted in: Man arrested over illegal 'One Piece' manga-viewing website See in context

2017? Can you be arrested for crimes that predates when the law goes into affect? This is ridiculous.

It's not ridiculous, it's called a retroactive law and isn't that uncommon.

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Posted in: Anime-style security guard will be protecting home and offices in Japan See in context

I think it's a cool idea, and looks fancy too. But i've always been baffled that there is so much security in Japan for a country that is so safe and mostly honest already. I could see this as a necessity abroad, but not so much here.

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Posted in: Man held over knives left on prince's classroom desk criticizes imperial system See in context

How did this guy know which classroom is the one of the prince, much less how did he know which desk ws teh desk of the prince? Big data leak!

According to a past article, the names of the students are written on their desks or something.

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Posted in: Man arrested for opening door and jumping off bullet train in motion See in context

Selfish little brat he is.

And I wonder where he was in such a hurry to go despite being unemployed. I bet it wasn't a job interview.

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Posted in: New women-only gym in Tokyo offers free all-you-can-eat donuts and other sweets to members See in context

It also affects my mental health that i as a man am denied access to free donuts once per week.

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Posted in: New women-only gym in Tokyo offers free all-you-can-eat donuts and other sweets to members See in context

Ha, a women only gym is so discriminatory. Why can't men and women coexist in peace and harmony?

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Posted in: Court extends Ghosn's detention until April 22 See in context

Yes, how very predictable.

But they can only extend his detention up to two times per allegation, right? That means they only have one more extension left after this one and then they'll have to let him go unless they find new allegations, which surely they've exhausted by now?

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Posted in: Group investigated for placing bed in center of Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

This was actually pretty darn funny. At least some Japanese people have a sense of humor and the balls to make a video out of it, and it's of course the kansaijin. Good on them.

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Posted in: Ghosn, lawyer protest his rearrest; prosecutors confiscate Ghosn's wife's passport, mobile phone See in context

I honestly have no words left for this......

Why did he have to announce it on twitter though? That's his biggest mistake. That was so unnecessary. He could have made a video, or held an unanounced press conference or something.

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Posted in: In election year, weakening economy may force Abe's hand See in context

Time to face the music, eh abe?

All this time you were hoping the economy would mold itself to your agenda, and you kept falsely claiming - on a number of topics - that everything was under control and the economy was at an upward trend. None of your many stimulus plans or vows or urges for change really did much did they now.

But I bet you're going to hold a press conference really soon where you will deludingly proclaim once again that Japan is a growing, robust economy and that we all need to put our trust in you.

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Posted in: Princess Kako graduates from International Christian University See in context

I wonder how much of a normal student life she was able to have in Japan. I'm sure they have protocalls for when she went to the UK, but they couldn't have been monitoring non-stop over there. Hopefully she was able to mingle with the local crowd and have a good time.

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Posted in: Foreign technical trainees accused of shoplifting ¥12.58 million worth of drugstore goods in Japan See in context

I see people shoplifting in Tokyo every day; both Japanese and non-Japanese. Seriously. I am not joking. A few examples 1) an old grandma-type comes into my local supermarket with a grocery bag from that market. Grabs a basket and loads it up with food. Then goes to the bagging counter to bag her un-purchased items and then splits out the door. 2) A guy walks into Hard Off. Grabs a thin computer monitor off the shelf and tucks it under his arm as best he can, and then strolls out the door while the staff are helping real customers. 3) Three people enter a clothing shop in mid-Winter wearing no jackets (they are westerners that do not look poor). They each choose a jacket, put them on, and out the door they go.

Ok, so why didn't you do something about it every time you noticed? Like, block them from leaving, notify the staff, or record them?

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Posted in: Gov't warns organizations against firing pregnant foreign trainees See in context

*it forces

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Posted in: Gov't warns organizations against firing pregnant foreign trainees See in context

So, the govt warns companies not to fire pregnant employees, and it also urges companies to raise wages. However, we forces its citizens to enter into a contract with its public broadcasting network...

Shows you exactly where the priorities lie within this corrupt govt.

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