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Posted in: Man arrested after staying 80 nights in hotel and being unable to pay bill See in context

Isn't this a private matter in which the police cannot intervene? That's usually what you hear from the police during such payment disputes.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

"...and we will strive to prevent this sort of incident from happening again.”

And yet, it keeps happening again and again, and again and again and again and then some....you're not striving hard enough. Or, you just don't give a toss and say what people want to hear and then it's all back to business as usual. Useless bloody muppets.

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Posted in: Ex-police inspector ordered to pay ¥800,000 fine for detainee’s death in Okazaki See in context

So this fool gets off with a fine....yet in an article further down the page of this very website, a doctor gets 18 years for voluntarily murdering someone with ALS. Riiight, makes perfect sense.......NOT.

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Posted in: Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami finalizes $3.35 million, 1-year contract with New York Mets See in context

This amount just looks like peanuts compared to Otani's 700 million.

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Posted in: Japan OKs new foreign trainee program to attract more workers See in context

Japan's population of 126 million is rapidly aging and shrinking,

To the author of this article, Mari Yamaguchi, you need to do some fact checking before publishing your articles. The Japanese population is at 122 million as of 2024, not 126 million as you incorrectly claim. In fact, it hasn't been 126m since 2018! Shabby reporting is what this is.

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Posted in: Japan issues improved emergency measures following fatal plane collision at Haneda airport See in context

They also instruct traffic control not use numerical terms such as No. 1 suggesting takeoff and landing priorities to avoid confusion.

I thought these terms were decided on internationally. Didn't know a country could unilaterally change terminology like this at their own discretion.

As for creating a new role specifically dedicated to monitoring unauthorized entry and take offs, that should surely be the job existing traffic controllers.

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Posted in: Japan Airlines pilots 'unaware of fire' at first See in context

There are 3 fire/smoke detectors on an aircraft: the engines (which were not on fire although there was fire around them), the cargo hold and the lavatories. If none of these smoke alarms is going off, the pilots wouldn’t know.

In addition, the windows are forward facing with pretty limited lateral visibility. When the planes block in, there is a ground staff on each wing checking the separation from other obstacles because it is quite difficult for the pilots to check themselves.

So for “some” indeterminate period of time, it’s perfectly plausible that they would not know the aircraft was on fire.

Thanks for clarifying this.

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Posted in: Japan Airlines pilots 'unaware of fire' at first See in context

But according to national broadcaster NHK, the Japan Airlines pilots in the cockpit did not know about the fire until being informed by the cabin crew.

I haven't seen anyone bring up or discuss this in the comments yet. Is it normal that the pilots had to wait to be informed by the cabin crew? That sounds rather fishy. One would think that in case of an emergency situation like an engine fire, the cockpit would immediately be made aware through a warning in their system, no?

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Posted in: Competitive pay at TSMC plant may ripple across Japan, beat inflation See in context

To all those sh#tting on the low wages for new grads, don't forget that this likely does NOT include bi-annual bonuses and other benefits like housing allowance. At my first job in Japan I was in a similar situation. I joined a Japanese manufacturing company as a shinsotsu, and my salary was about 220k per month. But with all other benefits, it amounted to about 4M yen per year.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting mother after she intervened in fight with his wife See in context

What a poor excuse for a man for abusing alcohol and using that to justify his extremely poor judgement

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Posted in: 10 simple tips for saving money in Japan See in context

Instead of daily showers, many Japanese enjoy a weekly deep soak in the ofuro,

Really? They only wash/bathe once a week? Not a great idea in terms of hygiene, especially in summer. LOL.

*Instead of daily showers, many Japanese enjoy a weekly deep soak in the ofuro, a deep bathtub **complemented by quick body rinses on other days***.**

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Posted in: Japanese senior vice finance minister resigns over unpaid taxes See in context

Jail time for this cockroach NOW. ZERO EXCEPTION.

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Posted in: Myanmar man sues sawmill operator after losing finger in accident See in context

Who’s paying legal fees for this hapless Myanmarese man? Lawyers never work free of charge.

Ever heard of 法テラス? You should check it out.

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Posted in: Nagasaki police OK use of sunglasses by officers See in context

they had long refrained from wearing them for fear of appearing intimidating to locals

that has to be one of the dumbest reasons ever recorded

I agree, only in Japan. I used to work for a Japanese company, and when I was having lunch with some team members one day, I mentioned wanting to get some sun glasses and a hat as it was the month of May and getting hotter recently. My boss who was there promptly looked at me and said I should not do that because nobody else at the company does it and those accessories are just fashion items. When I said that a hat protects against the sun, the reply I got was that it will look like I'm on holiday. I was instead suggested to get a 日傘 instead. God....

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Posted in: Kishida's political groups misreported 2021 donations See in context

Arrests? Jail time? Convictions? Heads rolling? No? Any form of proper punishment? Cockroaches.

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Posted in: Ghosn says $1 billion lawsuit against Nissan reasonable given his suffering after arrest See in context

Greg Kelly was stabbed in the back by a thoroughly corrupt and dishonest, cough cough, "legal" system in Japan. Greg Kelly did absolutely nothing wrong and was tricked into coming to Japan by dishonest prosecutors so they could arrest him and run him through their kangaroo court. . 

Just a small correction: it was nissan management who invited both of them to Japan, not the prosecutors. The latter merely arrested them once they were there.

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Posted in: Wages finally rising in Japan, as inflation eats away at consumer gains See in context

That's the definition of a shoebox on many other developed countries man. Hopefully your one is at least insulated with double glazed glass. For millions in the large cities here the reality is different.

That certainly is not my definition of a shoe box. That would be more like a 1R 10 square meter run down place that was built in the 1970s.

Now how about you answer my question? If, like one of the other posters mentioned, you have a family etc. and you are the only bread winner, I might be able to see where you're coming from. But as a single person I still must disagree with you.

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Posted in: Wages finally rising in Japan, as inflation eats away at consumer gains See in context


How about you explain to me why you think making less than 600k a month means living in a shoe box?

I assure you I was not living in a shoe box buddy, but in a regular 1K apartment like most other people.

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Posted in: Wages finally rising in Japan, as inflation eats away at consumer gains See in context

@larr flint

As I said before, if you make less than 500 000 a month in Tokyo your will hustle but now with inflation I think your target should be at least 600 000 a month

I remember you making that silly comment the other day, and I responded to it. Did you read it? I said your claim of needing that much in Tokyo was a huge exaggeration. Although most working class people including myself in the past didn't make that much per month, it's still possible to live a very decent life. Stop spewing nonsense like this.

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Posted in: Japan faces headwinds in drawing foreign workers despite visa change See in context

it is difficult to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in Tokyo, where a minimum of 600,000 yen is required

600k per month is a requirement? That's just plain rediculous mate. That's 7M a year after tax, so 10+M before tax. Most Japanese don't make that kind of money. I don't know how you define a comfortable lifestyle, but I have lived on about 300K~350K a month in the past and I was fine.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to merge health insurance cards with My Number IDs See in context

Cockroaches. That's all this government is to me.

The law enables the state to retain personal bank account information under the My Number system unless a cardholder denies the government access.

Oh really? Tell me how. I want to make sure I deny these cockroaches access to every bit of my financial information wherever possible.

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Posted in: Police say flaws in basic security allowed attacker to throw pipe bomb at Kishida See in context

“We take it seriously that this case occurred less than a year after (Abe’s assassination), and that’s why we have compiled this report,” National Police Agency chief Yasuhiro Tsuyuki said Thursday.

You bunch of cretins have clearly NOT taken anything seriously, or this incident would not have happened. Caught like a deer in the headlights just like last time. Amateurs of the highest order.

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Posted in: 80% in Japan oppose tax hike plan to cover defense outlay: poll See in context

How about, don't pay 500 million dollars to Africa for starters. Use that money instead so you don't have to raise taxes you elitist buffoons.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of wife See in context

Another day, another parasite who can't control his emotions. Lock him the hell up and let him perish. Maybe have someone stab him in the back too for good measure.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 68-year-old father See in context

I have no sympathy for any of these degenerates who murder the very people who gave them life and nurtured them for so long. The fool can't even find a job at that age. Ungrateful entitled little parasite.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $500 mil in financial support to Africa See in context

Just where does this moron suddenly get that money from? Give me 500 million too if it's that easy. Bloody hell.

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Posted in: Japan formally decides to downgrade COVID-19 to flu level on May 8 See in context

I will be returning to Japan for the first time since 2019 on May 22. If you see a blond guy maskless, that will be me. And no, I will not care what you think

No need to worry. You are not the only foreign tourist in Japan. You are also not the only one who is blonde, nor are you the only one who is maskless. I doubt anyone will know it's you.

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Posted in: Kishida urges better security after pipe bomb incident See in context

What a joke. So this government hasn't learned a thing from last year. Total morons, amateurs.

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

Based on the talent I have met in Japan the hurdle is already very low. You need a pulse and an offer letter. I have lived in Tokyo 15 years and know many recruiters and I have rarely seen any jobs offered for over 20 million yen. Even presidents of listed companies here make less than 40 million yen. The problem is not getting a visa, it is finding a highly skilled person who tolerates being underpaid to live in Japan.

IT recruiter here. Were those IT recruiters or were they in other industries? Most IT software sales jobs will easily pay 20M if you include on target earnings. Sales managers and or directors can get double that if they have sales targets too.

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

just out of interest.... anyone here know anyone who earns 20m or 40m yen? I used to earn 10m, and I thought that was pretty high.

Yes, I know some. A friend who works for a big consulting firm who was in Japan for a few years. He was a senior director and on 22M yen or so. He got his PR in 3 years. Some of his foreign friends in the same industry were also on similar salaries. They didn't necessarily speak good Japanese. They just came to Japan temporarily because of work.

And if you work for a gaishi IT company as a senior exec, 20M+ is not uncommon.

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