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Posted in: Japan's corporate image hit by falsification scandals: poll See in context

Just 5 percent said they planned to take steps in reaction to the scandal, while 16 percent said they would wait and see. The rest said they didn't plan to take any steps.

Sums up the state of this entire apathetic country. 79% is huge. As for the 16%, wait and see what? Until another scandal hits?

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Posted in: Schoolgirl caught stealing dozens of educational books in one night See in context

If she has no money for these books, the price of college textbooks will blow her mind if she can afford to go in the first place.

From my personal experience attending a Japanese uni for four years, there weren't that many text books we had to buy. I can only remember buying about half a dozen of them. Most of the time, you'll get hand outs from the lecturer that cover everything. They will sometimes recommend books but those are optional.

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Posted in: Transport ministry bureaucrat arrested for filming up woman’s skirt See in context

Tetsuo? More like, Twatsuo.

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Posted in: Japanese teen offers to catch purse snatcher for elderly woman, but is actually helping rob her See in context

Read the article from start to finish and you will know why the second boy was needed.

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Posted in: Gov't panel begins discussions to slash plastic waste See in context

But the legislation lacks penalties for those not complying.

And there we have it. Just like other Japanese legislation that has no teeth. I suspect nothing will change.

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Posted in: Fugitive apparently fled police station 30 minutes after seeing lawyer See in context

Sure the police are to blame, as well as their equipment not being up to date like it should. But i equally blame that total retard of a lawyer who should know better than to listen to a criminal and not inform the police they were done.

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Posted in: Woman jailed for 2 years for destroying ex-husband's 54 violins See in context

Not to mention witnesses and cross examinations.

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Posted in: Woman jailed for 2 years for destroying ex-husband's 54 violins See in context

This has taken four years before coming to court?

No, it was the court decision that came four years later. Having experience with Japanese courts myself, I can tell you that the back and forth yaritori between lawyers and the court is very time comsuming, and before a verdict is ever reached, there will be several court hearings where both parties plead their case. Documents need to be prepared, documents written, discussed, countered etc.

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Posted in: Japan, EU sign massive trade deal to eliminate nearly all tariffs See in context

Abe praised the deal with the EU for helping his "Abenomics" policies, designed to wrest the economy out of stagnation despite a shrinking population and cautious spending. Japan's growth remains heavily dependent on exports.

This made me chuckle ever so slightly. So he needs the EU to help him with his utterly ineffective and delusional abenomics? That proves it wasn't ever a success to begin with if you can't do it on your own. But now he tries to use third parties to make himself look good. He's a true comedian he is.

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Posted in: Man gropes woman, chases her for 100 meters to forcibly kiss her See in context

Jenna, I'm very sorry to hear that. This is so ironic given that the movie "soredemo boku ha yatte nai" would suggest the exact opposite about guys getting caught.

Also, you mention the police said there was no camera footage. Was there no camera in the train carriage?

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Posted in: ‘Jisa Biz’ campaign to ease overcrowding on Tokyo trains starts Monday See in context

For the rush hours they should introduce stranding only trains with more doors.

Then what about the elderly, pregnant women, or people with back problems who can't stand for that long but who also need to take the morning train? Ever thought about that?

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Posted in: Support for Abe cabinet at 45%, up for 2nd month: poll See in context

What a wonderful way to start the week...not. This just keeps repeating itself again and again it's depressing.

I'll never forget when I was with my ex Japanese gf a few years ago and I criticized abenomics, she told me that he was doing all he could to make the economy better, but that we would need 10 years before seeing results so we needed to be patient. This is likely what many others in Japan delude themselves into believing which is why this fool is still in office.

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Posted in: Many child welfare centers failing to share abuse info with police See in context

Priority is to maintain trust with the parents.

Wtf...so the priority is NOT protecting the helpless child from abusive parents. Total retards. Sounds more like a parent welfare center. They should have arrest warrants from the police whenever parents deny them entry, that's what. But when their own employees are as idiotic as the guy in the story there's little hope.

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Posted in: Prosecutors drop charges against ex-bureaucrat over document tampering See in context

You know what they all deserve (including the prosecutors)? Two words: iron maiden. And i'm not talking about the rock band.

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Posted in: Japanese airports short of safety inspectors See in context

Narita has taken steps to address the high ratio of people leaving jobs, such as enlarging the childcare facility within the airport to enable female workers to stay at work, while contests to improve security inspection skills have been held to heighten motivation.

This stood out. Better day care facilities? Fine. But organizing stupid contests (thus, expecting employees to work even longer hours!) WITHOUT raising wages? Did the idea of paying people more for better motivation even occur to them at all?

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Posted in: Abe cabinet support rate rises to 38.9% despite cronyism scandal See in context

Sad to see Jaosnese have such short term memory...

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Posted in: Japan's 3 megabanks consider operating ATMs jointly See in context

10 years too late, but ok.

Services offered by the new jointly-operated ATMs are expected to be simplified, with the ability to print transaction records on the bankbooks removed

So i won't be able to update transactions unless i use internet bsnking?

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up woman's skirt at train station See in context

Or better bet, why didn't he simply strike up a conversation with her? She might just have liked him. Too much ego I suppose.

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Posted in: Prison escapee caught in Hiroshima after 3 weeks on run See in context

Utter waste of police manpower and unjustifiable amount of inconvenience to the public to hunt down and capture a non-violent harmless criminal

What an oxymoron we have here. Harmless criminal? The sheer fact that he's a criminal and was sent to an open prison makes him not so harmless if you ask me.

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Posted in: Giant robot transforms into car See in context

Such negativity in the comments. Jeez. Did they use your tax money or something? This is a pretty amazing piece of engineering.

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Posted in: Voter support for Abe slips amid calls for Aso to quit See in context

Good. Very good. Any bad press about abe that serves to put him in his place makes me extremely happy. Let him suffer some more and then some.

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Posted in: Diet passes legislation to limit departure tax use to tourism See in context

Oh silly me, I thought the title said the tax will be limited to tourists. Guess that was wishful thinking.

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Posted in: Japanese women confront grim taboo by saying 'me too' See in context

This is something that truly baffles me. On the one hand, you have movies like "soredemo boku ha yatte inai" that depict a grim image for men in Japan who are falsely accused of molestation, and on the other hand you have the establishment turning a blind eye to the same things. It doesn't add up.

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Posted in: Facial recognition to make debut at 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

inspection of vehicles entering the venues.

Watch out, this is Japan. Those inspections and the data that comes with it might be forged.

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Posted in: Abe's support rate falls to 39% as demonstrations continue See in context

I bet Abe will be voted into office again despite all the proof surrounding him. It's happened before and I'd be very surprised if it doesn't happen again.

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

Shobayashi drafted a bill 17 years ago to urge restaurant managers and other facility operators in Japan to "make efforts" to prevent secondhand smoking.

Made me laugh. Make efforts! Urge! Oh yes! God forbid that you should actually introduce a bill that bans people from, or forces them to do something, right? What a waste of paper that drafted bill was even printed on.

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Posted in: Line to launch cryptocurrency exchange See in context

You will be much better off buying Line stock then speculating in cryptocurrencies.

With your incorrect use of "then", you are effectively saying that people SHOULD buy cryptocurrencies.

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Posted in: Bitcoin proving big hit in Japan See in context

55% tax on crypto currency? What?! Scandalously high. In my home country it's only 35%.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

And that only scratches the surface of his antics. Watch his other footage where he roams Shibuya and disturbs the public order with all sorts of outrageous behavior.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

I did not see the video, but from what I can gather from the description, any laughter/giggling was due to a normal human reaction when shocked/embarrassed.

Then I suggest you watch the video before you comment. It was nothing like that. He was outright laughing at the dead body and his entourage was encouraging him to get the camera to obtain more footage. And he mentioned in his video that hopefully, something like this had never been done before, it marked a big achievement in youtube history etc. On top of that, he used the dead body as a thumb nail for the video. Clickbait and sensationalism was all this little punk was after.

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