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Posted in: Police, tech firms hold response drills to counter attacks ahead of G7 summit See in context

These drills seem pretty useless to me. They couldn't protect former PM abe when it mattered most. All just for show. And just what is that miserable looking foldable briefcase  supposed to do? Protect with the little surface it has? I remember they used one too when abe got shot, and it looked absolutely laughable, like a little school kid with a plastic sword.

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Posted in: Japan starts requiring COVID tests for all passengers arriving from China See in context

Japan already requires either a negative covid test or proof of 3x vaccination from people from Europe, so not sure what the big deal is.

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Posted in: Japan wholesale price index hits highest level on energy, weak yen See in context

The supermarket I go to has raised prices too. The milk I always buy went from 178 yen to 198 yen. Water from 60 to 68 yen...

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Posted in: 63% of Japanese firms don't support Kishida, citing leadership, prices: poll See in context

I keep hearing the same crap over and over: People keep voting for the same buffoons from the LDP because there supposedly isn't anyone else in the opposition who is a worthy candidate. How, just how is it possible that in a country with 125 million people, there's not a SINGLE politician with even a shred of charisma who can make a change?

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Posted in: Riots in Belgium, Netherlands after Morocco's win at World Cup See in context

Because of things like these, immigration has to be very selective..

Poor Europe, you are in decline..

Just what does this have to do with immigration?? Nowhere in this story is it specified that the rioters were Moroccan. They were more likely locals who couldn't take a loss.

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Posted in: Panel wants Japanese public to pay more for defense buildup See in context

So, if they're supposedly "urging" us, that means we can refuse, right? Right? Middle finger for them all the way, bloody cockroaches that they are.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman arrested for shoplifting from supermarket See in context

Hopefully she'll be place on some type of welfare program that will supply her with food and have all the charges dismissed. Stealing food because you're hungry is not a crime its survival ....

You must be joking. Where in the law does it say that it's ok to steal if it's for survival? So you essentially condone stealing someone else's property huh. Then, please allow me to help myself to some free food from your fridge, or let me just steal your other belongings like clothes and shoes while I'm at it as I desperately need them for my own survival. Deal?

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Posted in: Nagasaki man lifts his apartment toilet lid to find terrifying surprise inside See in context


The next day! Why would it take so long for someone come to remove the snake?

Because the day he found it was a Sunday, so I guess they weren't working until the next day. Quite shocking and unacceptable if you ask me...

There's other stuff in this article that really annoy me:

It managed to escape the tub and wedge itself into a small space between the toilet tank and the wall, where the owner could not remove it, and though he tried to keep an eye on it, the snake had managed to disappear by October 1.

Why the heck doesn't this idiot INFORM the authorities immediately after ir disappeared, or even before when it was stuck and he couldn't remove it?! This guy is on the same level as those other parasites who leave the dead corpses of their parents in the house.

“I’m sorry for causing so much trouble,” he said. “I’m going to make an effort to learn more about snakes now.”

Double face palm....no, you should have learned more about snakes BEFORE you got one, you irresponsible FOOl!

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Posted in: Japan's population falls by record 726,342 to 125.93 mil in 2021 See in context

Forgive me in advance if I'm misunderstanding something here, but if the people who are passing away are the elderly for the most part, doesn't that mean there are fewer people on the pension system as well?

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Posted in: Japan’s new micro-houses want to be your home away from home on weekends, but we’d stay all week See in context

I like the concept. I'd love to rent one of those out for a little weekend trip, but I would not want to own one. Too much money given the limited usage.

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Posted in: Japan begins 3-month energy-saving period to conserve electricity See in context

Why the hell is this even a thing. My AC stays on when it's hot and humid, period. The government can go to hell.

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Posted in: Tight labor market leading to unsavory recruitment tactics in Japan See in context

This isn't a new problem though. There's always been high competition for new grads in Japan.

I remember back in 2015 when I joined my first company as a shinsotsu, one of my douki at the time told me a similar story about how one company he declined a job offer from after accepting it, were guilt tripping him. Luckily, he was a kikokushijo, so he didn't give into the pressure.

Japan Inc.- Let's don't consider offering higher wages. Let's try fraud and dishonesty!

It's not necessarily about raising wages in the case of new recruit hiring. At the time of application, all the salaries are usually publicized to the students, so they know exactly how much they will be making at each company. It's more a matter of joining a company in an industry they really like.

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Posted in: Toshiba studying going private as an option See in context

 The productive employees and influential shareholders can make the company profitable by permanently erasing Japan's feudal systems of lifetime seniority employment and akumadari.

It's amakudari

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

BOOM, let me do the honors and get this to 101 comments!

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Posted in: Pedestrian hit, killed by car driven by U.S. Marine in Okinawa See in context

What relevance is there to the accident in mentioning the fellows nationality and occupation? There's another article on here pointing out the 3 year anniversary of an accident in Shiga which doesn't mention the driver's nationality. More grubby double standards perhaps?

This question has been dealt with in the past i'm surprised you're still asking. His nationality came up because he's not Japanese. If it were a Japanese, they wouldn't need to mention it since this is Japan. Can you imagine mentioning a Japanese person's nationality every single time they commit a crime in their own country?

As for occupation, this is mentioned in virtually every single article, including Japanese nationals.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of intoxicated woman at hotel See in context

@girl in tokyo

There are many men here voicing doubt that this woman was raped, despite the fact that false accusations are excedingly rare, and the police already had enough evidence to arrest him

I thought you weren't making generalizations, but here you are talking about how false accusations are very rare.

Please point out what exactly this "evidence" is you speak of. Getting arrested is in no way an admission of guilt. Anyone can get arrested and held in custody for up to 3 weeks in Japan despite being innocent.

You say  you are accusing me of judging all men by the standards of some criminals, when all I have actually said is that the facts of THIS case, the one we are discussing, point to THIS man being guilty of rape

Not true. You just made a sweeping generalization above. You also wrote:

If you actually knew the stats about false accusations and used them to point out the flaws in the arguments that men here continually make about women lying about rape.

You bring up general statistics into this again which has nothing to do with THIS particular case which you claim you were arguing about.

But then you also say:

 I am not sure where the confidence of old men comes from, but far too many of you seem to think young women would chose you over some young guy with a six-pack.

Just what does "old men" have to do with this particular case? If you're going to talk about this particular case then stop making generalizations about men, their appearance or their age. For the record, I know several men who are in their 40s or 50s and are successful with women younger than them. Nothing at all to do with age or looks, but everything to do with charisma, life experience, and the ability to relate to women on a deeper level. I also know young women who prefer older men for just that reason, but also for their money. To each their own.

The point is, unless a proper investigation takes place in this case, we don't know much about what happened beyond this article. Maybe the woman liked the guy and they had consensual sex but her friends didn't know about it, or maybe not. Maybe he did assault her. We simply don't know and can't judge at this point.

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Posted in: Some companies try 4-day workweek to offer flexibility to employees See in context

Talking about salaries there is of course one consideration: are they receiving their bonuses or other benefits? When i started my first job in Japan as a shinsotsu at a Japanese company, my yearly salary was about 2.4M yen. But with the fixed bonuses and housing allowance, I was making more around 4M. Housing allowance was a pretty sweet deal too, only requiring me to pay 10.000 per month while the rest was covered by the company. It only required me to live in the company designated 独身寮. In the end, I did manage to save quite some money every month. That being said, I still prefer gaishi companies as they offer more competitive salaries even though there usually isn't any housing allowance AFAIK.

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Posted in: Some companies try 4-day workweek to offer flexibility to employees See in context

How about giving people choices: work four days a week, 8 hrs a day but with reduced pay, or four days a week for the same pay provided they keep their fourty hrs per week.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman dies after being found collapsed on street in Tokyo See in context

You can't possibly be serious. The whole purpose of an ambulance and paramedics is to get the patient to the nearest medical facilities ASAP lest they you know, DIE. The paramedics can only do so much triage in the bus. And what is this "calling around to which hospital would accept the patient"? Are you implying that ERs in Japan can REFUSE patients being brought in?!?!

I think the user lamilly is partly correct only. I say partly because covid patients in ambulances have been refused by private clinics during the pandemic. It made the news last year several times if I'm not wrong.

As for paperwork, that's only done once you're actually AT the hospital and being treated. I've been hospitalized in an ambulance twice in Japan and there certainly wasn't any paperwork involved during the ride there. Police also came to the hospital afterwards, not beforehand.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘How do you find a good man?’ See in context

And women don't need men to buy us flowers, pay for our dinner, or give us jewelry. Surprise, we can buy those things for ourselves because we have money.

Then please explain to me why women who have jobs, still expect the guy to pay for a date? Some of the reasons I heard from women is "if he invites me, he should pay", or "I spend time and money looking good, so the guy should pay". Please do share your thoughts on this.

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Posted in: Mizuho Bank suffers another ATM system failure See in context

"We apologize to our customers for causing inconvenience,"

It should read "We apologize to our customers for our gross incompetence"

These clowns just never seize to amaze. Like others have said, I cannot fathom how ANYONE still has any money there.

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Posted in: Japan to cut quarantine days for COVID close contacts to 7 from 10 See in context

If you had close contact with someone with COVID how does it help decrease public transmission by returning you to the public even sooner?

If you actually read the article you will know. Short answer: science.

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Posted in: Police ask public not to use 110 number for non-urgent calls See in context

I lived in Japan for nearly twenty years and never knew there was an alternate number

Maybe you've been living under a rock. It's been well documented in the media before.

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Posted in: 12,000 sign petition to ease Japan's tight entry rules over Omicron See in context

Japan has banned new entries by foreigners worldwide since Nov 30, following increasing reports on the highly contagious variant. Even entry of spouses and children of Japanese nationals or permanent residents is denied unless they are in "special exceptional circumstances."

Really? I have colleagues on spouse visas, long term residents and permanent residents who recently went home to visit family over the holidays and they seemed fine coming back into the country, as long as they quarantined at home?

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Posted in: Mizuho hit by system failure again despite pledge to improve operations See in context

HAHAHAHA what a bloody circus! Yes, this is japan! Pledges upon pledges and then some more pledges. Any improvements? NONE! Did those senior idiotic execs not previously agree to return part of their salaries to show remorse for all their damn incompetence? Maybe they should return a whole year's worth of salary and only be paid minimum wage. This is an amazing sh#t show that never ends, and it so perfectly depicts everything wrong with this third world country. Of course the customers won't complain beyond maybe a little tweet of dissatisfaction, so yhey

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Posted in: Tokyo police admit to losing 38 citizens’ personal data…that was stored on floppy disks See in context

Also, I would sue these idiotic clowns for damages if I had my data lost by them. It really pisses me off how in this country organizations think it's OK to give a freaking apology without any monetary compensation in return. Unless these morons feel it in their pockets, nothing will ever change. I've seen it happen in the private sector too. You ask for a financial compensation like a simple refund and they're totally surprised that you dare ask such a thing after they've so painstakingly given you their ever so profound but utterly useless apology.

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Posted in: Tokyo police admit to losing 38 citizens’ personal data…that was stored on floppy disks See in context

Maybe that's why the prosecution recently chose not to prosecute shinzo abe...because their evidence was also stored on floppy disks which they lost. The possibility is actually there.

“We will provide thorough guidance to our personnel to ensure that this sort of incident does not occur again.”

Usual empty statement meaning absolutely nothing. Useless bunch of circus clowns.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off now than you were this time last year? See in context

Better off. I changed jobs in 2021 and negotiated a 80% salary increase, putting me on about 8 million yen. Can't complain.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict Abe over dinner spending scandal See in context

Prosecutors said Tuesday they decided not to indict former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over allegations his camp illegally paid for dinner receptions held for supporters, officially bringing to an end a high-profile political scandal that came to light two years ago.

Not even an explanation as to why they didn't prosecute. But they'll readily prosecute Ghosn on money he never received. Bloody third world banana republic is what this country is. The only reason I still live here is to enhance my own personal and professional situation. Other than that I don't give a s#it about this place and the people that run it.

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Posted in: Japan’s job-quitting service not what it seems; is also sneakily hard to quit See in context

For better or worse, I have some personal experience dealing with Japanese courts regarding this topic. Not because I owed anyone anything, but bevau they owed us. And I can tell you this: this country is a bloody JOKE when it comes to financial restitution. In a nutshell, if you don't feel like paying a fee that you're owed, simply don't. If a company wants money from you, they first need to take you to court, which will cost way more than 39,000 yen. Even if you win in court, you won't receive any money unless the defendant actually feels like paying you. Guess what? You need launch a separate court case in order to have the defendants assets seized. That's just even more cost. And to top it all off, if the defendant decides to maliciously hide their assets, there's not a damn thing the courts can do about it, because they just assume that everyone is honest about their possessions.

In the case of this article, if you decide to fudge off and not tell these idiots where you went next, or where you have a bank account, they can't do anything about it. If they want to, they'll need to sue, which again is going to cost way more money and time. That's Japan for you. Toothless third world country.

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