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Posted in: Man arrested for delaying flight by saying he has coronavirus See in context

If he really had it, at least said something. If somebody had it and didn't say anything, then they could infect the whole plane.

But if he really had it then the loser shouldn't be on that plane in the first place. What a useless, petty life form he is.

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Posted in: 'Ore-ore' and related scams become increasingly elaborate See in context

“You are hereby notified that a civil suit has been initiated against you. If you do not respond, the required fees will be seized from your wages.” 

Just in case anyone is wondering, this isn't possible. In order for one's assets to be seized, an asset seizure, or kyousei shikkou must first be done. And this can only be done after you win the court case.

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Posted in: 6 things I wish someone had told me about job hunting in Japan See in context

"Dress for success" is another key one. Buy a decent tailored (bespoke) suit

I know I'm nitpicking here, but a tailored or made to measure suit is not the same as a bespoke suit. MTM is relative affordable for most, starting at about 30 000 yen and up. A real (and I do mean real, excluding the fake bespoke tailors) bespoke suit will run upwards of 300 or 400 000 yen here at least

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Posted in: Japanese politeness is a myth: One person’s tale strikes a chord with people around the country See in context

I don't know why this made the news in the first place. It's widely known that Japan can be very rude. I've had to endure power harassment at the Japanese company I previously worked at, and I've seen Japanese superiors being rude to their subordinates regularly. Everybody just takes it or turns a blind eye. Luckily, outside the office, I have only encountered a handful of rude people in all these years.

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Posted in: Ghosn's aide Kelly stands high chance of acquittal: ex-prosecutor See in context

Gohara said a separate trial over aggravated breach of trust would likely drag on for years as prosecutors lacked sufficient evidence to prove Ghosn was guilty of crimes including temporarily shifting a personal loss-making currency transaction onto Nissan's books.

Oh, what's this? I smell hypocrisy. Didn't the ministry of justice proudly declare the other day that prosecutors only bring a case to court if there is a high chance of conviction, aka clear evidence? Blatant lies from them yet again.

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Posted in: Ghosn seeks retirement benefit from Renault See in context

I don't need to watch a criminal address only the things that he wants you to hear. I do my homework and get my facts from various sources.

For your information, he also addressed every single accusation against him with arguments and evidence. If you consider that to be "the things he wants you to hear", then you're no better than the Japanese prosecutors. He hasn't had the chance to speak openly since his arrest, mind you. Hear his version instead of dismissing it.

As for the links you provided, it barely touched upon the evidence he presented in his press conference. It was just an account of people's opinions about him. What was your point?

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Posted in: Ghosn seeks retirement benefit from Renault See in context

No, I didn't watch most of the video, as he was just rambling about himself!!

Well....yeah, it's like, HIS press conference so he will naturally talk about himself. And if you haven't watched it then you shouldn't come on here to talk about things that have already been addressed.

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Posted in: Ghosn seeks retirement benefit from Renault See in context

Wedding at Versailles Palace and claiming he didn't realize he had to pay for it, Shady front companies using Nissan money to pay for shady services in Oman, Saudia Arabia and even used to buy his luxury homes around the world. He was even banned in the USA for 10 years by the SEC from holding any corporate executive position. Wake up and smell the coffee people!!!

Except for the SEC part, all the other points were covered at his press conference. Did you bother looking up the video? If not, I'll get you started: the palace in Versailles he had rented out himself and paid for all the costs. As a token of gratitude, the palace offered him a free room to rent, which he took them up on.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Also, he could have had the exact same conference whilst on bail in Japan and still have his day in court.

No he couldn't. Did you forget how he TRIED to hold a press conference and was then immediately rearrested by the prosecutors to prevent him from speaking? Meanwhile those same prosecutors were constantly leaking information to the media. That's the kind of dirty prosecutors they are.

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

I read earlier today that when he transferred from Istanbul to his flight to Beirut, it seems he went through the cargo area instead of border control. That could have been the same way he got out of Japan.

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context


*before this debacle

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

@ vallum

Agreed. We font know the circumstances under which Ghosn has been staying in Japan betide this debacle. A residence card is usually only issued if you stay in Japan for more than 3 months. For Ghosn, given how frequently he travelled, there's a high chance he never stayed in Japan for more than 3 months at a time, so his passport was enough.

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Posted in: Ghosn seen on security camera leaving Tokyo home alone on Dec 29 See in context

You do not need your resident card or a passport to travel inside Japan. All you need is a boarding pass, ID is not asked at airports or for the Shinkansen. I travel for work weekly and never had to present anything.

It is only required if you check-in to a hotel.

I highly doubt this is correct. Unless the laws have changed, my understanding is that Japanese law forces all non-Japanese nationals to carry their residence card with them at all times. Failing to do this and present it to a police officer when prompted can result in arrest and jail time + a fine. In addition, all tourists must carry their passports with them at all times.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

Well, he could have at least TRIED the tactic of admitting guilt and agreeing to make amends to the prosecutor while his lawyer works outside to make the equivalent of a jidan deal with Nissan. He might have gotten off with a kiso yuyo that way. He didn't try that, did he?

Why on earth should one try to admit guilt if one isn't guilty, or hasn't been proven guilty in a court of law? It's outrageous. It should be perfectly possible to cooperate on a case without getting arrested, while still maintaining one's innocence. That's what they did to saikawa. They could have done that to Ghosn too.

They don't want Saikawa prosecuted, and you can bet if the prosecutors try to push the matter they'll be much less cooperative.

If you broke the law, you should be cooperative regardless. Choosing not to do so is making a mockery out of a judicial system. And once again, if Ghosn and saikawa had been treated equally people would have been far less critical of the Japanese system. But they both received very different treatment which is why people are outraged.

Further, remember the whole subjective side of the situation. If even the Victim (Nissan)'s own investigation says it is not intentional, the Prosecutor is on an uphill climb to successfully insist otherwise.

So what? They could have locked up saikawa too while they did their investigation. If you broke the law, it shouldn't be up to the suspect to decide whether you cooperate or not. It's those blatant double standards and impunity of Japanese counterparts that make the Japanese system look so backwards.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

First, there IS something to be said for active repentance, where you admit to wrongdoing and actually do something to help. Prosecutors have wide discretion to prosecute or not, and active repentance is as good a reason as any to refrain.

How convenient. So you do something illegal, then get caught, but don't get prosecuted because you apologize and offer help to rectify the situation. Ghosn was taken into custody without even being given the chance to offer any support.

Further, it seems that the internal investigation concluded that "役員報酬制度で数千万多く受け取っていた件では日産社内調査で西川氏が意図的に多く報酬を得ようとして指示をしたことはないと結論付け調査結果を出し、他の報酬を多く受け取っていた役員に関しても同様としていたが" (from the Japanese Wiki, his page). If you can't read Japanese, basically it says that the internal investigation finds that while he did get extra money, he did not intentionally try to get more. With such a finding, it would be very hard to prosecute him in any case.

An internal investigation has next to no value if you ask me. They will investigate whatever is convenient for them and will never dare come out with findings that aren't to their own benefit. Case in point with what you posted above. Furthermore, so what if saikawa didn't intentionally enrich himself, he still accepted the money. If you're going to go by that argument, then there's an equal chance that Ghosn didn't do it intentionally either. But wait, the Japanese authoritards didn't assume his innocence now did they. They presumed he was guilty and tried to build a case around that false presumption and detained him in the meantime. Double standards and a load of hypocrisy is what it is.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

I would truly love to see both Carlos & wife back in Japan and wearing handcuffs -

And I would truly love to see saikawa wearing handcuffs. How about we start with that?

they are making a mockery of Japan.

Good. Japan deserves it based on the way Ghosn has been treated all the while saikawa and co. haven't been touched.

He is now a criminal, a liar and a fugitive - the press should not give him any air time.

Saikawa is a criminal and a liar. Prosecutors should lock him up.

Whether Saikawa did something has little to do with whether Ghosn did something, does it

Correction: whether saikawa did something or not has everything to do with Ghosn. They were accused of virtually the same things, but only Ghosn was arrested on suspicion, while saikawa who admitted wrongdoing, received absolutely no reprimand. And that is what's so scandalous.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

why is everyone blindly defending this man? Justice system may not be perfect but it doesn’t mean he is innocent. Specially coming from a man from his position.

Those who defend him aren't saying he isn't guilty of anything. That's what the courts are for. But his ill treatment and presumption of guilt by local authorities is what people have been supporting him on.

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Posted in: Lebanon neighbors welcome Ghosn; activists in uproar See in context

"He then came to the comfort of the 'efficient' Lebanese justice system that never ever put a politician in jail for corruption even though billions of public funds are embezzled yearly," he said.

Musician Ziyad Sahhab wrote on Facebook that Ghosn had returned to "an environment incubating thieves".

Well, that sounds no different from Japan, now does it? All the recent scandals by high ranking Japanese executives, and not a single one sees any jail time or is even arrested.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

I read twice (I think according to the NYT) that Ghosn was no longer on house arrest. This would mean that he had the freedom to go places unmonitored.

In any case, we now come full circle: It was Nissan that tricked him into coming to Japan so they could arrest him, and now he tricked Japan by leaving. All I have to say is good for him. Japan and all their third world country systems deserve to ne humiliated above and beyond the same way they mentally tried to humiliate him.

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Posted in: 67-year-old man fatally beaten after calling police to report intruder in house See in context

Getting more dangerous out there

Aren't you getting tired of making the same repetitive posts on almost every crime related article, only to be be contradicted by other users with factual evidence almost every time?

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Posted in: Gov't postpones debate on imperial succession as divide surfaces See in context

I was going to make just that comment, but you guys beat me to it. Glad to hear I'm not alone in thinking this. It's unbelievable but it really shows how this country is run.

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Posted in: Actor Hirofumi Arai sentenced to 5 years in jail for sexual assault See in context

Zenaku no kuzu. That movie title is quite befitting of him.

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Posted in: Japan may slide toward recession as Abenomics impact fades See in context

Enough doom and gloom. The Olympics is just around the corner, and will provide a huge boost in construction, tourism, retail and so on. Furthermore, it is priceless advertising for Japan, and tens of millions of tourists will be flocking to Japan following the Olympics, spending huge cash.

I hope you're joking. This olympic farce has already cost Japan an arm and a leg, and is waaay over budget. Absolutely not priceless advertising.

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Posted in: Japanese women fight for right to wear glasses to work See in context

And what about all those people who cannot even get lenses in Japan? Since about 10 years ago when all those disposable lenses came out, the custom made ones got taken off the shelf. Someone high above decided that contact lenses are only available until -10. So, if you have more like I do and a situation that does not allow you to see clearly with glasses, well sorry as my eye doc told me, get used to no longer seeing. I really wished something would be done for all the other people suffering from this condition. We pay enough healthcare insurance as it is for getting nothing. I had to go abroad to get them made although the same companies have offices in Japan.

That sounds very surprising. I wear contacts from the brand called 1daypure. These are one−day disposable lenses, but they go up to -16.

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Posted in: Deluged bullet trains show power of nature over modernization See in context

Governments lack the funding and manpower to refurbish and replace tunnels, bridges and other structures to meet improved standards for resistance to earthquakes and other disasters.

Oh, why do they lack the funding, I wonder. Is it because the Jgovt has next to no notions of cutting costs, or because the current govt is more interested in its military than helping its people?

Japanese need to be more aware of disaster risks and do more to prepare on their own instead of counting on the government to take care of them, experts said.

Yeah, with the way the govt is run I wouldn't rely on them either. Imagine relying on them for anything except for their consistency in openly stealing our hard earned money in the form of so called taxes.

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll rises to 40 as search-and-rescue operations continue See in context

I didn't see much information about central Tokyo in the past two days. Perhaps the damage there is limited?

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Posted in: Medical education not covering basics of nutrition See in context

I don't know much about discussing diets with Japanese doctors, but I once spoke to a nutritionist in Japan about the lack of proper food labeling in Japan (lots of stuff doesn't seem to adequately mention the exact amounts of sugar). She basically told me that "if something tastes sweet, then there's probably sugar in there". Her answer baffled me and I began to wonder about the state of Japan's general knowledge of nutrition. I must admit they've done a surprisingly good job with keeping their people generally healthy so far with their eating habits.

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Posted in: New Nissan CEO brings global outlook but faces uphill task See in context

I was getting very curious recently about the whole Ghosn case, so I looked up the latest news. To my surprise, I found some new news articles that mentioned the two main whistleblowers, and how much influence they've had over the investigation so far. But the most shocking: they themselves have admitted to being overcompensated, and yet, they received immunity from prosecutors in exchanges for information. This is truly scandalous.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly molesting young girl in car See in context

Poor girl. That guy does indeed deserve hell. But I also hold their parents responsible for not education her enough on getting into cars with strangers.

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Posted in: Revised law aimed at mobile phone fee cut in Japan comes into effect See in context

And with ¥180O for a ridiculous 3 GB data plan and a phone plan, your are not  impressing me.

Ok man, then I wish you good luck with continuing to pay 8000 for your current plan if that's what you prefer. You also didn't mention anything about mvnos in your original post which is why I brought it up.

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