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Posted in: Global protests held against Japan's dolphin hunt See in context

Where is Valarie's "tunnel vision " as you call it? How is anything about the drive hunts in Taiji OKAY? They call this culture and tradition? That is BS. This is 2011 NOT 1911. Other countries also have had barbaric practices that were cultural and traditional...doesn't mean they didn't wise up and get in touch with NOW rather then the YESTERDAY. Dolphins are very, very intelligent creatures. Culture is a wonderful thing...don't misunderstand..but when it is involving barbaric acts upon a species that is so highly intelligent that does NO HARM to humans in any way shape or form-that culture and tradition needs to be a thing of the PAST rather then a thing of the NOW. Our oceans are in trouble . Wake up people. If the oceans die. So do we. On a side note: Dolphins are highly toxic to even eat. They are full of mercury. This has been tested and proven. The purpose for catching and killing them then would be??? What???? Sociopathic behavior???

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