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Posted in: Final respects See in context

Is there a source where one can see these rules of being the emperor of Japan?

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Posted in: Things that foreigners miss about Japan when they return home See in context

I currently miss (been in america for a year) good quality bakery goods, conbini (american convenience stores just do not compare), ready made croquettes/nikuman/onigiri for a quick snack, the abundance of non-soda beverages, family restaurants with drink bar, ramen everywhere, and the amount of attention paid to seasonal foods/colors/themes. In america you dont see eating seasonally. Oh and my washlet, thank god Mitsuwa nearby sells them.

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I was only paid for 29.5 hours. 30 minutes under the legal limit for all the benefits. the rest was saabisu, basically we have to work, but since we are not "working" we got no pay for it.

More interesting, our contracts with the company says we must work between 8:30 and 5. and not allowed to leave the school when nothing is scheduled. Apparently told my prior teacher, who was in charge of local ALT contracts that I was being paid ALOT more than I actually was receiving. Which was probably why there was some animosity towards ALTs within the school.

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Posted in: Fax fashion See in context

That's a bit extreme. These girls certainly aren't thin, but there are many people in the U.S. who would make these girls LOOK thin. Just go visit an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's scary how large some people can get - they make sumo wrestlers look small!

lol i meant these comments everyone is making is hilarious as being in america I don't see them as FAT but rather a lil chubby.

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Posted in: Fax fashion See in context

Its funny reading the comments here and being in america, everyone is calling these girls fat. But here in america they would be thin thin thin

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Posted in: Donald Keene obtains Japanese citizenship; shows off 鬼怒鳴門 as his name See in context

Anyone who has spent anytime in a Japanese literature or culture course in college, from 100 level up to graduate will have come across Donald Keene. He is one of a few scholars of Noh Theater and because of his work I have decided to become a scholar in Noh. To belittle and denigrate his contributions to Japanese studies is absurd, and to say he has given nothing to Japanese society is ridiculous. This man has probably given more to Japanese Society than most people ever can. He deserves this, so stop your gripping.

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Posted in: What do you think of the word "hafu," the Japanese term used to describe anyone who is half-Japanese? See in context

I don't find the term insulting when used to describe your heritage, i.e. I am half Italian, Half Japanese etc. I being a mixture of 4 different nationalities, and only a 3rd gen American at most, i am immersed in 4 different cultures. I have always said I am quarter this and that.

But if I was labeled as "a kuwa-ta" I would be offended, the semantics make it sound like im only 1/4 human or something. I would prefer to be refered to in relation to what country I hod citizenship, this case American.

BTW it is interesting to try to explain to Japanese people how you can be an American, but still be French, Italian, etc. It seems to be quite confusing to many of them.

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Posted in: Goal! See in context

all the japanese players are hot!!! i knew they can win today!!! GO JAPAN!!! paraguay, bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

note to self- Japanese girls are on JT.

This made me laugh :p

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Posted in: Australia to take Japan to int'l court over whaling See in context

Odd that this article leaves out information that is in the AP article over on MSNBC.com

For example: "A panel of lawyers and conservationists reported to the Australian and New Zealand governments last year that Japanese whaling in the Antarctic could be stopped if Japan were held accountable for dumping waste and for undertaking hazardous refueling at sea. The Canberra Panel said that activity violates the 46-member Antarctic Treaty System, to which Japan belongs."


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Posted in: Move over Calpis, Coke releases 'Moo Moo White' See in context

“This is so good!! Not only for ‘gyaru,’ but I bet kids would like it too!”

Dumbest quote the staff could have written to give to that thing.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson dies of reported cardiac arrest at 50 See in context

I wasn't a huge Jackson fan at all after Thriller, and I certainly questioned some of his unusual tastes, but there are more than a few posters on here willing to carry on the Jackson mudslinging for things he was proven innocent of, and that's just not right.

In his first trial he settled out of court. Which should be a good warning light that something odd did happen.

The second trial the boys parents were out for money. so of course he would be acquitted.

I think the fact that a 40 year old man sleeping in the bed with a child whom is not his own is wrong. I mean just look at the documentary and tell me something wasnt quite wrong.

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Posted in: 3 men held for accommodating two 13-year-old runaway girls in return for sex See in context

As long as Japanese society accepts the sexualization of young girls in manga, movies, tv, magazines etc... then they can expect these guys to do this kind of thing and for young girls to be complicit in it. Society sets what is right and wrong. If everything says sexualized images of very young girls is ok, then nut jobs are going to take advantage of it.

This is all too true. Last night I was watching TV and there was this show where they showed a 14 year old girl in a bikini posing in a very very sexual manner. And included her "size". Honestly what is this supposed to accomplish.

It disgusts me how sexualized young people are in this culture. And it doesn't surprise me when this sort of thing happens. Pedophiliacs are given the message from media that this type of behavior is OK. Maybe if we stop putting these images on TV, Magazines, and Manga, we can really start to chastise these perverts for doing so

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