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LostinNagoya comments

Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

She is beautiful, simply. And she is the face of the new Japan - which will get more and more foreigners the next decades.

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Posted in: Japan warns Brexit may drive banks, pharma investment to EU See in context

Someone call the PM, the Queen, asap! For we have some real economists right here in this forum. Give me a break. Japanese companies may not be doing very well recently, but they're from the third richest economy in the world. And Britain, is what?, the 6th, or the 7th? So, Japanese companies do have something to say about Brexit. And wasn't Britain the 2nd richest country less than a century ago? So, something went and is going very wrong with that island.

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Posted in: New plastic clothing material could keep people cool See in context

If it becomes cheaper and if it really works, it could be a revolutionary technology. Can you imagine wearing clothes that makes summers like the Japanese one, bearable le without turning AC to maximum power?

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Posted in: Apple to show off new offerings on Sept 7 See in context

Bluetooth is the future, everything is going to be wireless. If you don't want to have jack-less iPhone, then stay with the 6S and below. Simple as that. Still, iPhone 7 is said to come with wired headphones that can be connected thru the charging port and that the wireless earbuds are optional.

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Posted in: BBC lists Top 100 films of 21st century; 'Mulholland Drive' No. 1, Japan's 'Spirited Away' ranked No. 4 See in context

It's a mainstream list. I remember the 20th list, nowhere were "Rosetta", or "Lilja 4ever", some of the best movies I ever watched, but they were not movies you could watch on theathers.

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Posted in: Abe's Super Mario act gets social media buzzing in Japan See in context

Here, half the world away, in Brazil, media is portraying Abe's performance as very positive to the image of Japanese and the Olympics. Some papers said they are glad that such rigid figures such as Japanese Prime Ministers, can also show a side of Japan that is fun and relaxed. Good point, Mr. Abe.

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Posted in: Rio throws final Olympic party; Tokyo governor accepts flag, Abe turns into Mario See in context

Some guys are taking it too seriously. Abe may not be a popular face outside Asia, but everybody understood during the ceremony that he is the current Prime Minister. And, come on, it was about having fun and showing in few minutes what Tokyo has to offer in 2020 - which they accomplished very well.

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Posted in: Lochte's apology is about as real as his story See in context

Ryan Lochte is the epitome of the 'ugly American' stereotype. The sad thing is, he is representative of a lot of Americans not to mention Brits and Aussies who wind up in Japan and elsewhere in Asia with their arrogant attitudes and sense of entitlement.

It seems gaijin from these 3 countries are responsible for much of the altercations and stirring up drama in many parts of Asia.

I don't agree with you at all. Aussies, Brits and Americans are in the spotlight because they travel more. But there are countries that have visitors that are not that visible that cause problems as much, or more.

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Posted in: Lochte's apology is about as real as his story See in context

The worst damage Lochte did, actually, was to US image. My Facebook page has some comments saying things like "Americans think they are so better than everyone else that even their lies are superior". I am one who understands the real world. That there are Lochtes in every corner in every city in the world. To make things worse, he was interviewed by the most watched TV news tonight. He did apologize to Rio, to his swimmer fellows, to everyone. But you could see it was a hypocrit apology, not a sincere one. You could read his face. Well, on a side note, Australian athletes were caught fabricating tickets and a dozen or so of them were arrested, and later released after Australian OC promised to repair the damage.

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Posted in: What can Tokyo learn from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics as it prepares to host the 2020 Games? See in context

Regardless, it's still disrespectful to not pay these people, and even make them pay their own transportation costs, when the people running the Olympics are making small fortunes.

Well, being honest. Those volunteers in Brazil were stupid. They knew from the beginning they would not even get drinkable water - it was news here for years. I am not saying that it is right to not provide them with basic needs, but they knew what was coming their way. On the other hand, there are thousands of volunteers cheering up and enjoying being there. Olympics is not only about money, it's about fun as well.

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Posted in: Do you think mega-sports events such as the Olympics are good for the host city’s economy and infrastructure in the long run? See in context

Well, I am in Brazil. Bottom line is that Olympics cost money Rio didn't have. Central government had to intervene in the last hour to keep face in front of international media and visitors. Rio Olympics failed years before the event officially started two weeks ago. One of the darkest sides of the "after" are images of hospitals without money for basic needs, like running water and patients lying on the cold floor. IOC, just like FIFA, is already taking measures to downsize venues for future Olympics and quit making absurd demands from hosting cities - like the so criticized velodrome in Rio, a multi-million monster that cost tens of millions of dollars that will be simply dismantled after being used for only 5 days. Scandinavia is completely right about scrapping plans to host Olympics. The event only makes sense if you are a nation that wants to be pinned on a world map - like Seoul in 1988 - and has no worries about spending away tax payers money. Rio, even before the Olympics was bankrupt (days before the event, state civil servants' salaries were four months late), and after it's over will take tens of years to recover. If it even recover.

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Posted in: Big welcome See in context

Congrats! It was a honor and a pleasure to have you here in Brazil.

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Posted in: Hollywood classic 'Ben-Hur' gets modern remake See in context

It will be Star Wars (2000's version, mind you) battled over horses. In short, lots of bad dialogues, climates and CGs. I agree with you guys above - the original is timeless.

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Posted in: What would 'Lyin' Ryan' Lochte do? Run away See in context

What's on TV news in Brazil today: Lochte and another swimmer had a night with two Brazilian girls and got late to meet their girlfriends, so Lochte came up with this utopic story to cover up his night out. They vandalized a gas station and were forced to pay the damages by the security staff. Actually, being in Brazil, if comes to TV and apologizes - telling he made it up trying to save his relationship - Brazilians will understand. Despite that it seems that his American girlfriend has already broken up with him.

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Posted in: 5 strange Japanese office occurrences See in context

Well, I am working in an island of desks along with 12 other people. But not in Japan. We have a load of daily work to do, but as long as we do it, we are free to: check e-mails, facebook, shopping online. Go to the nearest drugstore, bank, supermarket. Talk, joke, fight. Drink coffee, celebrate birthdays, gossip. And this is part of the culture of our job - be happy, be angry, but be yourself. And your job. If only Japanese office workers could have freedom...

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Posted in: Rio opening ceremony to break with opulent traditions See in context

Hmm, what's been said here in Brazil is that after the fiasco of the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup (jokingly compared to a hill-billy dance party), Brazilians understood that a grand opening takes technology and lots of rehearsal. And that, no, naked people dancing samba can not be used for every function.

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Posted in: Apple says one billion iPhones have been sold See in context

An amazing mark by any means you measure it. It is a non-essential gadged, expensive, still relatively young. And it sells by tens of milions of units every quarter. It is a statement to Apple's refinement to invisible details.

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Posted in: Edward Snowden talks about film dramatizing his life See in context

Snowden revealed ultra secret info regarding US national secuirity. His actios was so wrong he has to live in hiding and fleeing justice. Now he lives in Russia, a country that limits liberty, calls crime what is perceived as freedom, is enemy to liberty - and he's called a "hero"?? Hello, you guys enjoying internet, your freedom of speech and other safe democratic day-by-bay habits you take for granted, join Snowden in Russia even if for a brief time as a tourist. You'll see how wrong you are.

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Posted in: Smartwatch market slips on Apple decline See in context

Smartwatches (not the sports-only variants) make sense in the business field. As for Apple, it makes as huge mistake: its updates are yearly. It should speed up the updates for both hardware and software, for Apple Watch.

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Posted in: 10 die in water-related accidents across Japan over long weekend See in context


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Posted in: Many foreign leaders likely to snub opening of Rio Olympics See in context

Brazil is the wrong place, and Olympics the wrong event to be go and be spotted. Who wants to be photographed side by side with the likes of Maduro?

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Posted in: Apple's Mac no longer bucking PC industry's sales slide See in context

I still have that classic white Macbook running Snow Leopard and it works great. But, out of curiosity, I visited the Apple Store in Sao Paulo, and, gahhh!, the price of the new, simpler, Macbook is the same of a second-hand car!! No wonder sales are down. BTW, I felt that the new keyboard is great. Just have to get used to it.

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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

I agree with those saying the rude reviews are not about misoginy, but it's about making a horrible version of a 1980's classic. Even if there were men, dogs and cats in the movie - it would be one of those movies that make you feel like fighting to get your money back. There are all-female movies that are superb, "Green Fried Tomatoes" is one of them. And there are other all-female garbage too, "Charlie's Angels" comes to my mind.

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Posted in: Calls emerge for new Scotland independence referendum; Sinn Fein wants Irish unity vote See in context

Well, England had it coming. I wonder what new bad news could happen to the island? An AKB48 tour? Donald Trump marrying Prince Andrew?

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Posted in: Global markets plunge as Britain votes to leave EU See in context

More than expecting the agony and death of EU, I think we'll see the death of UK. The Venezuela of Europe.

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Posted in: Asian central banks, policymakers wade in to calm markets after Brexit vote See in context

English pride again will make England poorer and more isolated. She hasn't learned the lesson that pride (being superior cultural and racially to the colonized territories, then), leads to isolation (it lost all of its now richer territories). And it's a pity that people, even in this forum, doesn't understand (haven't read, perhaps) that EU from the beginning wasn't merely about trade, but about wars too (avoid political chaos that lead to WW I and II). England is the old Japan: cold, proud, an island, but Japan left the Meiji era, England has just entered its own one.

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Posted in: Brexit feeds European populists' ambitions of power See in context

Well, it's where, as experience has shown - if EU is dismantled - the WWIII will start.

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Posted in: Brexit would turn UK into minor trading post: French minister See in context

I am quite pragmatic about Brexit: when was Britain most prosperous times (after the colonization era)? Answer: the last 30 years - within EU.

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Posted in: Rio declares financial emergency; requests funding for Olympics See in context

Awarding the Olympics to Rio could only be worse than awarding the games to Venezuela or Iraq. Lula's administration bribed IOC to get the games against the will of the population. Now we probably will see blackouts during some matcher, toilets without running water. Still in time to cancel the games.

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