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Fuji can be seen from there. The angle looks right considering where Sogo is.

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Decreasing numbers in Tokyo coinciding with increasing numbers in the rural provinces. Could it simply be the people who would normally be filling train carriages and bars with virus instead coughed on their relatives in the countryside for Obon? If the numbers continue to drop, good, but I would not be surprised to see them rebound next week or so.

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What's more, Tatsuki also issued a prediction on her home page to the effect that "around 2020, an unknown virus will appear, reaching its peak in April; it will then vanish but reappear 10 years later." 

She lifted that from Dean Koontz' 1981 book The Eyes of Darkness. Koontz did not accurately imagine corona, but the bit about vanishing and coming back 10 years later is straight from the book.

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It clearly state that it is not the official announcement yet. They are possibly checking the weather. If that displease you, this mean, it is time to be vocal

The headline is pretty unambiguous.

I'm not sure the Government has much choice here, though. The news is full of horror stories of uncontrolled spread of infection in all sorts of countries either through lack of access to health systems or a large proportion of the citizenry that refuses to take precautions. The populace doesn't draw a distinction between "responsible foreigners" and just "foreigners." Suga would be hung out to dry if he failed to listen to the people who pay his salary.

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