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Posted in: Gov't selects 17 projects to support vaccine manufacturing See in context

It’s great that profits will go Japanese companies and not Gates etc.

What makes ya think he can't invest in Japanese companies, lol

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

It doesn't feel good when an unfriendly nation fires ballistic missile over your airspace

Imagine if that was done over North Korea. Or China. Or Russia. Or Europe. Or the US

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Posted in: Yankees star Judge hits 62nd homer to break Maris' AL record See in context

It's done!

There should be an asterisk next to his name. It should say *Clean

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Posted in: Bolsonaro, Lula headed to runoff after tight Brazil election See in context

Brazilians were shocked that their head of state was treated in such a manner but they praised their leaders brave stance against unfair and discriminatory mandate

And now they're gonna vote him out, lol

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Posted in: Musk and Zelenskiy in Twitter showdown over billionaire's peace plan See in context

"Russia has 3 times population of Ukraine, so victory for Ukraine is unlikely in total war. If you care about the people of Ukraine, seek peace," he posted on Twitter.

The US was 10x the population of North Vietnam in the 1970s, so victory for North Vietnam was unlikely in total war

The problem with that is the whole population of the US and now of Russia won't support a total war

A lot of their population do not support the war - they don't see the war as a fight for their country

So there won't ever be a total war in the first place, and the amount of population matters less

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Posted in: Iran's supreme leader breaks silence on protests; blames U.S. See in context

To a lot of Iranians, always blaming the US has become a tired excuse for their own Iranian leadership not to look at the mirror

When even the women in Afghanistan are rallying in support of the women in Iran, ya know the Iranian leadership has done messed up

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Posted in: Nobel Prize in Physics won by French, U.S., Austrian scientists See in context

When Zeilinger was first showing his research of quantum mechanics to the media in the 1990s, people were asking him what use is there for this - and even he admitted he wasn't sure

And now a couple of decades later, people are seeing it as the future, including quantum computing

Just goes to show that just because a short-sighted can't immediately see a use for some new knowledge, doesn't mean other people years later can't take that knowledge and make use of it

That's how fundamental research works - ya take that knowledge and ya combine that with other knowledge, and ya come up with something to use that ya wouldn't have been able prior without that fundamental knowledge

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

Today Russia is in the position of Germany invading another nation while Ukraine is defending its soil with the considerable resources of the US and the other western democracies behind them providing them arms though todays iteration of Lend-Lease. Russia is relying on its own insufficient resources and is losing the territory it captured early on.

In a similar way, Russia is acting like Hitler Germany was. Germany's argument in trying to annex the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia was that they're trying to save the German people who lived in Sudetenland - even though it was the German separatists who were stirring up trouble in Sudetenland to give Hitler an excuse to send troops there. And whenever there would be meetings with the Czechs for an agreement, Hitler and the German separatists would keep raising the ante each time so that no agreement could ever be met.

But then against the Czechs' wishes, Western Europe practiced appeasement with Hitler and gave up Sudetenland. And then ya know how well that went with Hitler

(As they say, if ya don't learn from history............)

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

Russia's effort to incorporate the four embattled regions in Ukraine's east and south was done so hastily that even the exact borders of the territories being absorbed were unclear.

The Kremlin even admitted they don't even know where their borders would be. What kind of clusterf- that sham referendum was - when ya don't even know what is the state of what you're trying to annex

Putin put himself in a corner by acting hastily and recklessly. By proclaiming the invaded territories as Russian states and drawing a red line, and that red line is crumbling and being punched through, it's backfiring on him when he's now losing "Russian states"

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Posted in: Retreating Russians leave their comrades' bodies behind See in context

Shouldn't leave anyone behind

At first, the southern front was a misdirection while they sucker-punched Russia in the north, but now it seems the southern front has become a real offensive after all

What's happening in Russia is like what's happened in the US with Vietnam. Ya know what happens when ya send hastily-trained draftees to the battlefield

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Posted in: U.S. women's soccer probe uncovers 'systemic' abuse and sexual misconduct See in context

I played badly, coach shouted at me. It's abuse!!!!

Where did your coach touch ya?

The probe by former U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates and the King & Spalding law firm uncovered verbal and emotional abuse and sexual misconduct, including a pattern of "sexually charged comments, unwanted sexual advances and touching and coercive sexual intercourse."

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Posted in: Europe braces for mobile network blackouts See in context

They need to accelerate to diversify their sources, whether it's energy or manufacturing production

That's what happens when ya rely too much on one country

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Posted in: No Terminator: Musk teases 'useful' humanoid robot See in context

I never said that it was, but I am saying that the current trajectory that this admin is taking the nation on will not help put more money in the voter's pockets or stock their pantries so only the mega-rich will be able to afford them.

That's what happens when ya vote mega-rich into government

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Posted in: Google shutting down cloud gaming service Stadia See in context

With the sudden announcement even to developers, people are scrambling how to transfer game saves to other platforms. Otherwise, all that time spent and resources gathered will be for naught

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for forcibly kissing school girl See in context

Was there a kabe-don?

if so, then it's all on the up-and-up, lol

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Posted in: Pro-Russia hacker group stops cyberattacks on Japan due to money shortage See in context

They're being drafted to die in Putin's front lines

Or they're running away because they don't want to die

Either way, they can't stay to do their hacking

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Posted in: Wiseman stars as Warriors, Wizards open NBA preseason in Tokyo See in context

That's first game of preseason

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Posted in: Russian athletes who do not back invasion of Ukraine could return to competing: Bach See in context

Russian athletes who say they're against the Ukraine invasion - Putin will take off the team

So no Russian will end up being in the Olympics anyway

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Posted in: U.S. wins 4th straight women's basketball World Cup See in context


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Posted in: European giants struggle for form as World Cup looms See in context

^^ Nah, the above is obviously wrong, lol

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Posted in: European giants struggle for form as World Cup looms See in context

Tho South America have never won a World Cup outside South America

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Posted in: Protests shadow Iran's World Cup push See in context

When the best Iranian players are even supporting the women, ya know you done messed up

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Posted in: Judge ties Maris AL mark with 61st HR See in context

99 (Judge) finally caught #9 (Maris)

After a HR drought of 7 games - that's the longest it took anyone in the MLB to go from HR 60 to 61 (the 4 previous players took no more than 3 games). But through it all, his mom and Maris' son attended every game, waiting for the moment of historical significance

But in those 7 games and 34 at-bats, he reached base 18 times, getting walks 4 out of 10 times. Seems every at-bat gets to 3-2 count, so he's seeing a lot of pitches and isn't forcing it on bad pitches. Ya know you're good when you're batting .400 in the last couple weeks; yet people think something's wrong, lol

Judge watched the ball clank off the front of the stands, just below two fans who reached over a railing and tried for a catch.

Those fans were really upset - that ball would've been worth a lot! One fan, the ball even hit his glove before falling out, lol

HR #62 would be worth a lot more

A momma's boy, Judge gave the #61 ball to his mom (a white mother who adopted a mixed-race baby btw)

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Posted in: Canada struggles to restore power, clear roads after storm See in context

The Canadian Hurricane Centre tweeted that Fiona had the lowest pressure — a key sign of storm strength — ever recorded for a storm making landfall in Canada.

With the oceans getting warmer further up north (and south), expect more tropical storms to survive all the way to Canada

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Posted in: Italy's right-wing, led by Meloni, set to win election See in context

She's pro-NATO

Voting was lower in the poorer south of Italy

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Posted in: Swastika-wearing gunman kills 13 at Russian school See in context

Russia has seen several school shootings in recent years.

In May 2021, a teenage gunman killed seven children and two adults in the city of Kazan. In April 2022, an armed man killed two children and a teacher at a kindergarten in the central Ulyanovsk region before committing suicide.

People more disillusioned

RIP victims

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for threatening to kill ‘noisy’ tenant living above him See in context

" She called the cops a few times telling them lies" I heard this happens frequently. IMO be careful because depending on who is involved , they'll believeb it, and if you don't have S.O.F.A. good luck.

Use security cameras for evidence

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Posted in: Mayweather easily beats MMA fighter Asakura in Japan exhibition See in context

Mayweather in choosing non-boxers and making a farce of the sport should have his boxing licence suspended around the world.

He's retired. He doesn't need a license for exhibitions

As the article states:

He stressed he knew when to retire while remaining a big name in boxing. He was not interested in suffering physical hardships that may permanently damage his body, hinting opponents in exhibitions matches weren’t serious boxers.

“I retired for a reason,” he said. “Boxing is for a young man.”

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Posted in: Why 'Monkey Island' creators returned to 1990s classic game See in context

Guybrush: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Carpenter: A woodchuck would chuck no amount of wood since a woodchuck can’t chuck wood.

Guybrush: But if a woodchuck could chuck and would chuck some amount of wood, what amount of wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Carpenter: Even if a woodchuck could chuck wood and even if a woodchuck would chuck wood, should a woodchuck chuck wood?

Guybrush: A woodchuck should chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, as long as a woodchuck would chuck wood.

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Posted in: NASA gears up to deflect asteroid, in key test of planetary defense See in context

They don’t save anything if that day comes. And science in general only costs a lot of resources and money better used for other purposes in society. Most of the research is kind of destructive or bringing more demerits than merits, only to name atomic bombs or chemistry, militarily endangering or having polluted the whole planet, for example. And also the example above , shooting an asteroid, is a very simple and destructive one only. It’s not even considering changes that could influence the overall gravitational and energy balances or at least cares a bit about all the debris after the attack etc.

When that day comes, it's better to have researched solutions than no research at all - the latter means ya have already surrendered before even trying. And when ya research, eventually ya have to research the real thing, not just play predictions in your computers

Science does cost resources and money, but when facing the possibility of a dinosaur-ending catastrophe, what other purposes in society do ya believe is even higher than that? What's the point of other purposes in society if you'll surrender all that by not trying to prevent a dinosaur-ending event? All of those would be destroyed if ya let a huge asteroid hit the planet, so all for naught

Most research is not destructive nor more demerits than merits. The very evidence of that is we're living better off now than in the past. The computer and internet you're using right now, that's due to research. Really, if most research is more demerits than merits, then after the Renaissance when research and scientific method took us out of the Dark Ages, we would be living worse now than during the Dark Ages. But obviously not - we're much better off

And shooting the asteroid is just the start of the research. You seem to think this is the end-all be-all of the research. It's just the start. We have to start somewhere, to learn more about asteroids and how we can affect it. If we don't do any research, we won't learn anything at all. Do you want to remain in the dark? Not knowing more about asteroids? Not knowing what we can do?

And what's being destructive about this? It's about changing the trajectory of the asteroid, not breaking it apart. And overall gravitational and energy balances? Now you're just grasping at straws

By striking Dimorphos head on, NASA hopes to push it into a smaller orbit, shaving 10 minutes off the time it takes to encircle Didymos, which is currently 11 hours and 55 minutes -- a change that will be detected by ground telescopes in the days that follow.

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