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Posted in: China says Peng Shuai case is 'maliciously' hyped up See in context

Nothing should had happened to her in the first place!

The moment something happened to her, China automatically politicized it themselves because it was ordered by a high-ranking politician

Then China tried to make all these excuses, took over her social media, scrubbed her name from the official transcripts from the very press conference they talked about her, etc.

China themselves are making the hype worse

Imagine if the Japanese government did all these to a Japanese player who accused a high-ranking Japanese politician - do ya think people should just shut up? No, of course not - people would be all over the Japanese government. And so should China's government

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Posted in: New video of China tennis star surfaces amid global outcry See in context

The issue here is that it's even happening to a high-profile innocent citizen

If they can even do it to her, they can do it to anyone

You can say that Jack Ma deserves this; Ren Zhigiang deseves this; Fan Bingbing deserves this; heck even say Zhao Wei deserves this

But can anyone say Peng Shuai deserves this?

So why are people accepting this?

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Posted in: WTA chief says Peng Shuai email 'only raises' his safety concerns See in context

Everything the Chinese government is doing about this is sus

If she's OK, then why not produce her live on TV? Why instead produce an email? Then why are all her social media accounts disappeared? In the very news conference where they talked about her, in the official transcript, all mention of her name has been scrubbed. If she's OK, they why are all this happening

Everything the Chinese government is doing about this is very sus. They actually think people will buy this

If a single person goes missing in China the western media make a big deal about it

That's an admission that she is missing, and not fine at home as the Chinese government says

And she's a high-profile person. If such a high-profile person in the West goes missing, ya betcha the Western media would make a big deal about it

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Posted in: Russia rejects accusations of endangering ISS astronauts See in context

Creating even more space junk only leads to bad consequences

There's no good reason to create more space junk

That's like saying more garbage is good for Earth

Don't crap where ya eat

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Posted in: Kyrgios calls for Australian Open to be canceled See in context

They can choose not to go to the Australian Open

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Posted in: Djokovic 'shocked' by Chinese tennis star Peng's disappearance See in context

Other players have now voiced their concerns as well. #WhereIsPengShuai is spreading


Suspend the Chinese Tennis Association if they don't investigate. Move the annual WTA Finals away from Shenzhen as well

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Posted in: Braves overpower Astros to win World Series See in context

According to Wikipedia, Japan's first professional competitions emerged in the 1920s

It doesn't have to be professional to decide who is the strongest in the world.

According to Japanese Wiki, Japan's first team was established in 1878. And the first international games against Americans in Japan, which was in 1896, Japan team won twice in a row.

First of all, the "World Series" is a professional competition, and it's always been used in a professional capacity. So it's not a moniker like a "World Cup" where it's been used for any capacity

The first Japan team is an amateur club team - anybody can join a club; a complete novice can be in a club; it's just for fun. Those early international friendly games were to build up friendly relations and with resident foreigners - are you actually taking that seriously?

You have to separate in your head that the "World Series" is some sort of a "World Cup" - it's just a professional moniker from a long time ago when the baseball world was in a different situation. It's just a professional name that the MLB won't change because they're sticklers to tradition. Don't let that get under you skin

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Posted in: Xi's 'common prosperity' goal may make Japan loath to invest in China See in context

China's economy won't be as hot-roaring as previously

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Posted in: New anorexic patients up 60% among young people in Japan See in context

J-girls getting phat

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Posted in: Foreign researchers facing stricter quarantine; 'jailed' in hotel See in context

What should happen is whatever Japan told them before both sides signed into the job, no more no less

Whichever side is not doing what they signed into, is in the wrong and should redress the situation

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Posted in: Many Taiwanese think Japan would aid Taiwan if China attacks: poll See in context

The poll also showed that 65 percent of the respondents believed the United States would come to Taiwan's aid militarily should China invade, while 28.5 percent felt it would not.

So the Taiwanese by large aren't buying the Chinese government propaganda that the US wouldn't be defending them after what happened in Afghanistan. Good for them. Everyone shouldn't be buying it neither

The US has a law which requires it to help Taiwan defend itself

H.R.2479 - Taiwan Relations Act


States that the United States shall provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character and shall maintain the capacity of the United States to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security, or social or economic system, of the people of Taiwan.

But it pursues a policy of "strategic ambiguity," where it is deliberately vague about what it would actually do if China were to attack Taiwan

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Posted in: Braves overpower Astros to win World Series See in context

Japan's national league was established before 1880.

According to Wikipedia, Japan's first professional competitions emerged in the 1920s


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Posted in: Braves overpower Astros to win World Series See in context

The Braves lost their best player to injury mid-season, stuck in 3rd place in their division, and didn't even have a winning record until Aug 7th (meaning they were a below-0.500 team with less than 2 months left in the season) - yet now here they are the champions, the latest date for a team with a losing record to win the World Series

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Posted in: Braves overpower Astros to win World Series See in context

Only US and Canada teams are participating and calling it World Series is strange.

The "World Series" name was first used way back in the 1880s when the whole baseball world was essentially the US, and it has stuck ever since

The MLB industry, being a huge stickler for tradition, isn't keen on changes

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Posted in: FIFA punishes more than 50 nations for bad behavior See in context

Mexico got a 2-match ban too

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Posted in: Ronaldo: Help or hindrance for Man Utd? See in context

And he rescues the team again

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Posted in: Suspect in Tokyo train attack says he adores Batman villain Joker See in context

Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

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Posted in: Alec Baldwin says fatal shooting was 'one in a trillion': TMZ See in context

There really shouldn't be any reason anymore to even have live rounds in a production set. All guns in the set should be blanks. Anything else could be digitally added in post-production

But if they're gonna have dummies, don't rely on actors to spot the difference. That's what the professionals are hired for - that's most likely where the police investigation would lean on

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Posted in: A new era with Kishida See in context

If ya didn't vote, don't whine

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Posted in: COVID-19 global death toll tops 5 million in under 2 years See in context

5 million that we could count so far - we won't know the real tally until all places are able to submit their counts whenever they're able to do it (obviously poorer countries can't get all their counts for a very long while - they don't have the instant capability)

5 million is still a lot of people in less than 2 years - that's more than the people who died in the decade of the Vietnam War and about the same number of Jews killed by the Nazis in 4 years of Holocaust! Some people here are heartless

And we only avoided more casualties because we actually did something about it. Imagine if we did nothing about it and just let nature run its course - it'd be even higher!

So thank goodness for first responders, the hospitals, the mass-produced ventilators, the masks, the lockdowns when necessary, and of course the vaccines that did not take too long to produce!

Those all did their roles to limit the casualties as best we can - imagine if we did nothing!

But 5 million is still a lot of people!

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Posted in: Going for World Series title, Braves start 3rd rookie See in context

Call 'em the Atlanta Kamikaze!

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Posted in: Police officer arrested over sex with teenager See in context

He's just confirming her age

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Posted in: Braves throw 2-hitter; blank Astros 2-0 for 2-1 World Series lead See in context

It should be called the MLB Series as the world doesn’t get to play in it.

The "World Series" name was first used way back in the 1880s when the whole baseball world was essentially the US, and it has stuck ever since

The MLB industry, being a huge stickler for tradition, isn't keen on changes

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Posted in: Japanese gymnast leaves hospital after suffering serious spinal injury See in context

This is the danger in gymnastics. Imagine performing gymnastics when you're not ready - ya may end up paralyzed

(If you're not ready, it's reasonable to just sit out)

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Posted in: Google-parent Alphabet tops expectations with $18.9 bil quarterly profit See in context

Google is actually owned by somebody else? That's news to me!

Google created the parent company Alphabet

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Posted in: Bezos' Blue Origin announces plans for private space station See in context

So this ends the universal friendship and tech that was shared on/with ISS?

That'll end anyway since Russia wants to leave

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Posted in: Ohtani gets special award from MLB for 2-way All-Star season See in context

In 23 starts on the mound, he was 9-2

Help a baseball newbie out - that means 9 wins 2 losses right, so the other 12 starts ended in draws?

In the other 12 games, the Wins and Losses were earned by other pitchers

The starting pitcher doesn't always earn the win or the loss in a game, for various circumstances. When that happens, the starting pitcher instead gets a "No Decision" as mentioned earlier (neither a win nor a loss)

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Posted in: Verstappen holds off Hamilton to win U.S. Grand Prix thriller See in context

Shaq was almost as tall as Max on the podium, lol

These races just have to be longer (this one's barely 1 hr & a half) - so increases the different strategies that teams can use, and gives drivers more time to carry out those strategies

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Posted in: 47 trainee police officers punished for underage drinking, smoking See in context

Lol, so it's like college dorms

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Posted in: Zhou takes advantage of Chen's struggles at Skate America See in context

What an upset by Zhou to stop Chen's 14-match winning streak

Chen only has a couple months if he can fix this. He did recover from a 6th-place 2018 Olympics setback - the last time he previously lost

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