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Posted in: 29-year-old Tokyo man arrested after letting schoolgirl live with him See in context

He should had called the local child services

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Posted in: Moscow records pandemic high for COVID cases for second day running See in context

Russian sent millions and millions of doses of its coveted vaccine to poorer countries who couldn't develop their own.

For that reason local Russians have to bear the brunt of Russia's humanitarian efforts.

Russia has only able to produce 35 million doses so far, most for use at home with 15 million sent abroad - but just 19.5 million Russians have received at least one dose

Russia has vaccine production issues, and Sputnik V is harder to produce since it uses 2 different adenovirus vectors on the 1st dose vs. the 2nd dose (so they can't just mass-produce 1 big batch, but rather they have to mass-produce 2 separate batches)

"Russia Struggles to Meet Demand for Its Covid-19 Vaccine - Moscow’s Sputnik V shot offered hope as coronavirus cases surged in developing world, but shipments have been hit by regulatory, production problems"


“While Russia has been quite successful in selling it, they are now facing significant challenges in following up with doses,” said Andrea Taylor, assistant director of programs at Duke University’s Global Health Innovation Center.

Some 35 million doses have been made so far, mostly domestic production aimed mainly at the local population. Moscow has announced manufacturing deals with factories in China, South Korea and Turkey, among others, though these are yet to start mass production.

But Russia is late on some deliveries and analysts tracking the rollout say it lacks global production capacity to fill the orders. So far, it has delivered only about 15 million doses.

Mexican and Argentine authorities have reported delays in shipments of the vaccine’s second dose, which takes longer to produce, leaving them unable to complete the full vaccination cycle in some cases.

Sputnik V uses a genetically altered form of a common virus, known as adenovirus, as a vehicle for genetic material from the coronavirus. The vaccine’s ingredients are then grown in so-called bioreactors of some 2,000 liters where small changes in variables like temperature, air pressure or pH levels affect the yield.

Unlike other adenovirus-based vaccines like AstraZeneca, Sputnik V uses a different adenovirus for the second shot, which takes longer to grow, public health and vaccine experts said. Getting foreign manufacturers up to speed with the process takes additional time.

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Posted in: Germany clicks at Euro 2020 with 4-2 win over Portugal See in context

Indeed, those 2 own-goal were unfortunate.

Yep, by this count, Portugal has already scored whopping 7 goals; 2 for their opponents! lol

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Posted in: Leaders of Germany, France urge vigilance over virus variant See in context

Don't let the more dangerous Delta variant ruin the recent gains - nip it in the bud

The ultimate solution to this is to: Stop. Making. More. Variants.

And the way to stop making more variants in its tracks is to: Stop. Spreading. The. Virus.

Every time the virus spreads, the more chances we give it to create even more new variants

So stop spreading the virus

Dunno why people wanna keep spreading the virus and create more variants

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Posted in: Moscow records pandemic high for COVID cases for second day running See in context

Officials are now rushing to reintroduce pandemic restrictions and roll out new beds dedicated to coronavirus patients.

On Saturday, Saint Petersburg announced it would restrict access to its main Euro 2020 fan zone on Konyushenaya Square to 3,000 people, down from 5,000, having earlier banned food sales in the fan zones.

It overtook Britain on Thursday as the European country having suffered the most Covid deaths, reaching 128,911 by Saturday. Kremlin critics argue the real figure is far higher due to undercounting by authorities.

Even Russia has to deal with this crisis of physics: hospitals/healthcare have limits - how are ya going to respond with limited resources

That's a real-world problem everyone has to find a solution for, when hospitals/healthcare get filled to capacity

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Posted in: U.S. sends 2.5 mil COVID vaccine doses to Taiwan See in context

The number of shots is about three times as many as announced during the U.S. delegation visit to Taiwan. Taipei has accused Beijing of hampering its efforts to secure enough doses.

It's about saving people's lives - complaining about this would be beyond the pale

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Posted in: Juneteenth, recalling end of slavery, marked across U.S. See in context

Paid holiday, or time-and-a-half for workers

What's not to like

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Posted in: Track trials could bring demonstrations on the medals stand See in context

Athletics is one of the most watched parts of the Olympics

If they protest against the Tokyo Olympics

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Posted in: Germany clicks at Euro 2020 with 4-2 win over Portugal See in context

Portugal just couldn't stop scoring goals!

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Posted in: Britain considers vaccine passports to restart international travel See in context

Visitors would have to follow a country's visa requirements

If Japan requires this, they'd have to follow Japan's requirements too

but don't expect the science to convince them to add Sputnik-V, or the Sinos, or the Iranian and Cuban ones, EVER.

Their manufacturers have to submit their vaccines for approval first - but the process of approval means they have to release more information about their vaccines

So you have to ask the questions:

1) Why aren't there more information about their vaccines? Seriously, what do ya know about them from credible, peer-reviewed publications?

2) Why don't their manufacturers submit their vaccines to the process of approval and scrutiny?

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Posted in: Brazil still debating dubious virus drug amid 500,000 deaths See in context

CONMEBOL tournament has more and more people getting infected because Brazil hasn't taken care of its infections

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Posted in: Ultraconservative elected president in Iran See in context

Historically low turnout because many candidates were barred from running

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Posted in: Ghosn pledges lengthy fight to clear his name See in context

They prosecute only when they have 99% confidence

Problem with that is a lot of crimes are let go simply because they don't want to prosecute even a "good-but-not-99%-good" chance

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Posted in: Osaka must find 'safe space' to overcome issues, says Evert See in context

So, he's saying that Naomi-chan needs to find a corner to go cry in, isn't he?

No, she's saying Osaka should get help from professionals to get back on track

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Posted in: Torrey Pines set to test golf's best in U.S. Open See in context

Brooks Koepka vs. Bryson DeChambeau

Bad blood

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Posted in: England delays full lifting of virus restrictions by 4 weeks See in context

Don't let the more dangerous Delta variant ruin the recent gains - nip it in the bud

The ultimate solution to this is to: Stop. Making. More. Variants.

And the way to stop making more variants in its tracks is to: Stop. Spreading. The. Virus.

Every time the virus spreads, the more chances we give it to create even more new variants

So stop spreading the virus

Dunno why people wanna keep spreading the virus and create more variants

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Posted in: U.S. COVID-19 deaths cross painful 600,000 milestone as country reopens See in context

....an d a of the sickness was caused by the ill-thought out radical lockdowns and the resulting economic and health problems.

More people would had died without the lockdowns when the hospitals and healthcare workers were at capacity

I keep asking people this question: when the hospitals are full, and healthcare workers are working at their fullest hours - what is your solution?

If ya don't have a solution to that real-world problem

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Posted in: EU sees progress on key obstacles at Iran nuclear talks See in context

"Iranians and Americans Support A Mutual Return to JCPOA"


About six in ten Americans favor US participation in a nuclear deal with Iran and half of Iranians (51%) approve of the JCPOA. This is the highest percentage of Iranians supporting the JCPOA since May 2019 though much lower than levels of support in 2016–2017, before the United States withdrew from the accord in 2018.

Seven in ten Iranians (69%) support their country returning to the limits called for under the nuclear agreement if the United States begins fulfilling its obligations under the JCPOA.

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi goes on trial for sedition in junta court See in context

What about what she did to the Rohupungas?


And the junta can't - because that would implicate themselves as well. The junta are responsible for the Rohingya too - probably more responsible

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Posted in: New York governor lifts remaining COVID-19 restrictions, calling it a 'momentous day' See in context

NY will reach herd immunity shortly - way ahead of many other states

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Posted in: China denounces NATO statement; defends defense policy See in context

China will “never give up the right to maintain peace but unswervingly defend our sovereignty, security and development interests," the mission said.

Lol, they're calling it defense by first claiming unilaterally that something is theirs

Ex: they're claiming most of the South China Sea theirs, then calling it defense - yet nobody except China, no international institution, has ever recognized the baseless Nine-Dash line

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Posted in: Moscow offers free cars to spur people to get COVID vaccine See in context

Either way, I hope the Sputnik vaccine has a better safety track record than the Western ones.

We can only hope because there's not much information from Sputnik V. The less information, the more it makes people more suspicious

The Western vaccines are being PROVEN in the real world in real-time that they're very safe. HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people are currently being vaccinated - and very few are having serious cases (you have a better chance of being hit by lightning - 1 in 500,000)

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Posted in: England players booed for taking a knee despite plea by team See in context

Meanwhile, Republicans gave Blacks the lowest unemployment in U.S. history.

One thing does not negate all other things

That's like saying "my best friend is black" or "I have a gay relative" negates all other things you do

I know, these athletes don't get paid to use their brains

Actually, athletes do get paid to use their brains - that's why they watch film of opponents and formulate strategies

(And let's not forget that, in his own words, Trump was an athlete)

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

at least they don't expand their influence by using World War I and II as the great united states of freedom and democracy america did.

Someone doesn't know their global history:

The US was hardly in WW1 - they were there for just 1 year! After WW1, they mostly left the global stage again

As for WW2, would you rather the Nazis and Japanese nationalists expand their influence instead?! Because that's the alternative

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Posted in: Russian COVID-19 cases spike 47% in a week See in context

Russian people don't trust Sputnik V - that's why there's low vaccination rate

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Posted in: Bolsonaro fined as he flouts mask rule before motorcyclists See in context

Bolsonaro is a hero for not submitting to globalist demands to lock down his country.

And for making Brazil the #2 deadliest with half a million Covid deaths of Brazilians - he's a hero to their families

That's why he'd likely lose his re-election to Lula

"Polls show Brazil's Bolsonaro faces record disapproval, pressure from Lula"


Brazilians’ disapproval of President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis is at a record high and he may face a tough campaign for re-election next year, according to new polls, as Brazil struggles with its worst pandemic surge yet.

A Datafolha survey, released late on Tuesday, showed 54% of Brazilians regard Bolsonaro’s handling of the crisis as bad or awful. A separate poll by PoderData showed two leftist rivals could beat Bolsonaro in a potential runoff vote in October 2022.

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Posted in: Wasabi the Pekingese named Westminster's 'Best in Show' See in context

1st - Wasabi

2nd - Bourbon

Someone in the judge panel is hungry

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Posted in: Caution as G7 leaders vow to stop Iran building nuclear weapons. See in context

In other words, Iran will become a nuclear nation.

They are allowed now, since there's no more deal

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Posted in: As COVID-19 cases wane in U.S., vaccine-lagging areas still see risk See in context

Like they've done before, states could put limitations on out-of-state visitors from other states with vaccination problems

b) The current vaccines are a result of Trump "operation warp speed" program.

Not Pfizer. Pfizer made it a point to say that they did not use US government money

"Pfizer's R&D president Dolsten: Not taking government cash made us more nimble for COVID-19 vaccine"


"Trump Falsely Claims Credit For Pfizer Vaccine, Though Company Did Not Take Government Funds"


*“We were never part of the Warp Speed. We have never taken any money from the U.S. government." -- Dr. Kathrin Jansen, a senior vice president and the head of vaccine research and development at Pfizer

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Posted in: Moscow offers free cars to spur people to get COVID vaccine See in context

Even the Russian people don't trust Russia's action of speedying up Sputnik V by bypassing protocols

That action backfired

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