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Posted in: Microsoft buying speech recognition firm Nuance in $16 bil deal See in context

Nuance is big in the healthcare industry. It's more than just speech recognition. They also do documents, OCR, PDFs, etc. Basically all those medical archives converted into digital on Azure. Like LinkedIn and GitHub, MS will gain knowledge from all that data. This deal is all about Enterprise, not consumers

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

Beijing has distributed hundreds of millions of doses in other countries while also trying to promote doubt about the effectiveness of Western vaccines.

Chinese state media and popular health and science blogs also have questioned the safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

What a propaganda

The rest of the article also states:


The effectiveness of a Sinovac vaccine at preventing symptomatic infections was found to be as low as 50.4% by researchers in Brazil, near the 50% threshold at which health experts say a vaccine is useful.

They just made it barely above the minimum 50%

“Everyone should consider the benefits mRNA vaccines can bring for humanity,” Gao said. “We must follow it carefully and not ignore it just because we already have several types of vaccines already.”

What a 180

Health experts say Chinese vaccines are unlikely to be sold to the United States, western Europe and Japan due to the complexity of the approval process.

Complexity? Y'mean, opening the data to be scrutinized on a renowned peer-reviewed publication as a first step? Yeah, that must be so complex if you're so secretive

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Posted in: Brazil's virus outlook darkens amid vaccine supply snags See in context

If anybody thinks this virus is nothing, look at Brazil

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Posted in: Iran says Natanz nuclear site hit by terrorism See in context

Should Iran show proof?

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Posted in: Olympic gold: Men's gymnastics struggling to survive See in context

It's not as if they're a major power in it.

The US women are. The US men, not so much

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Posted in: Ledecky dominates 1,500 freestyle at California meet See in context

Good luck any girl even getting close to her

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Posted in: New EU vaccine probe deepens Europe's COVID problems See in context

There are no "piles of bodies" from the infection which hardly makes a blimp in the normal death rate in the population.

Yes, there is. Hospitals don't just haul out refrigerated "morgue trucks" everyday



Why do people keep ignoring all these out-of-normal things that's been happening? Morgue trucks aren't normal hospital sight

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Posted in: Mumbai in lockdown as Indian vaccines run short See in context

No proof it came from China Sir. It did spread there though.

But China is not helping matters by restricting research

For one, it shouldn't have taken more than a year to have experts there

Then they should let in even more experts (while following safe Covid protocols)

That's the only way we can get to the bottom of this

But alas, they're so too secretive

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing women’s shoes and replacing them with new ones See in context

The Thief and a Cobbler

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Posted in: Apple to argue it faces competition in video game market in Epic lawsuit See in context

I think most people are happy to buy from a single source knowing there are no risks.

But most people don't use iPhones or Macs

I think most people don't mind taking some risks in exchange for more freedom of options to choose from. That's why people like to window-shop to different places

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Posted in: Japan, UAE to collaborate on hydrogen technology, supply chain See in context

Surely we should be doing with China?

China doesn't share technology

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Posted in: Virus-battered Canucks aim to complete condensed season See in context

And that's why ya don't spread the virus

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Posted in: Musgrove no-hitter through 8 in 2nd game for hometown Padres See in context

Not Cy Young candidates Snell nor Darvish, but a little known trade-in from a 3-team trade delivered the no-hitter for the last MLB team without a no-hitter

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Posted in: One dead, several injured in Texas shooting See in context

The theory, that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun, breaks down in real life because a good guy with a gun can't get there fast enough since the bad guy has the element of surprise

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Posted in: UK infections drop about 60% amid vaccinations, lockdown See in context

Thank goodness vaccinations work

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Posted in: Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, dies at 99 See in context


That'd be one heckuva funeral family gathering - the Windsor brothers

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Posted in: Australia doubles Pfizer vaccine order as AstraZeneca clotting worries upend rollout See in context

The vaccines are safe - the incidences are quite low. One has a better chance at dying in a car crash - yet everyday billions of people freely take the chance to drive because they feel driving is safe enough. Think about that

And then there's Pfizer vaccine. Anybody has problems with that?

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Posted in: Manila hospitals struggle as virus surges See in context

"Manila hospitals struggle as virus surges"

That just reflects on the under-equipped healthcare system in the RP, and not on any virus.

Then why hadn't other virus done the same thing? The Philippines has a lot of viruses, but no other viruses have put their under-equipped healthcare system to its knees like this Covid virus has done. Funny that

And that's the crux of this epidemic: the healthcare, the hospitals, the front-line workers getting overwhelmed

Unless someone has a solution to that problem that doesn't involve some degree of lockdown, then they cannot continue doing business as usual like there's nothing happening

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

I suggest we tell the hypocrisy crippled American political psychopaths to go away and leave the Olympics alone.

The Olympics itself is filled with hypocrisy crippled political psychopaths, so they're even

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Posted in: Woods was driving almost 90 mph when he crashed SUV near LA See in context

Maybe it is time for all professional sports to add a "roll model" clause, which doesn't allow any legal issues at all for them to be members in good standing?

There are already such clauses in contracts (e.g. domestic violence, see NFL), but golfers don't belong to teams (they're independent free agents)

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Posted in: Ukraine calls for path into NATO after Russia masses troops See in context

the warmongering against Russia and in the Middle East is on again.

NATO was created not to be Trump-submissive to USSR/Russia after all

While the Middle East has been quiet lately - if anything, a deal with Iran would lead to de-escalations

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Posted in: Australia blames EU supply issues for slow vaccine rollout See in context

Sinovax or Sputnik is an option too.

Not until they're submitted by the companies for approval and approved

Particularly the Chinese vaccines since they haven't published their final reports yet in peer-reviewed journals

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Posted in: Supreme Court nixes Alex Jones' appeal in Newtown shooting case See in context

One's free speech ends where another one's rights begins

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context

As long as they stay in international waters, and not violate Taiwan's waters and airspace

US and other nations are allowed there too, so they shouldn't complain

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court sides with Google in copyright fight with Oracle See in context

The Trump administration had also backed Oracle.

Trump backed Oracle only because Trump and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison are buddies

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Posted in: NHL concerned about Canucks’ COVID-19 protocol situation See in context

There's crazy scoring in the all-Canadian division all year - must be something in the cold Canadian air

The Baylor University mens basketball team also had some Covid problems just a couple months ago; yet last night they won the college championship for the first time (beating the previously-undefeated Gonzaga, Rui Hachimura's old college team), so it is possible to overcome this adversity

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Posted in: Starving for more chips in a tech-hungry world See in context

Bloomberg News has a good article explaining it with graphics

"How a Chip Shortage Snarled Everything From Phones to Cars"


This is another key bottleneck. Just three or four foundries now account for the majority of global chip fabrication—TSMC and Samsung and their more distant rivals, California-based Globalfoundries Inc., controlled by Abu Dhabi’s investment arm, and United Microelectronics Corp. Looking at it another way, an estimated 91% of the contract chipmaking business is housed within Asia, the lion’s share of which is divided between just two regions: Taiwan and South Korea, home to TSMC and Samsung, respectively.

According to Bloomberg supply-chain estimates, 25% of all TSMC’s business comes from Apple, the highest-profile client it directly manufactures chips for. However, TSMC’s importance lies in the critical role it plays in the entire semiconductor supply chain; it also manufactures chips for other chipmakers or for fabless chip designers, such as Broadcom, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD or Texas Instruments. They are in turn supplying the world’s biggest consumer electronics, communications equipment and auto parts companies.

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Posted in: What cold? Frigid temps can't stop joy as fans return to MLB See in context

It was snowing in Detroit, lol

Baseball outside in the snow!

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Posted in: Macron orders COVID-19 lockdown across all of France; closes schools See in context

Lockdowns don’t work. You need herd immunity.

Question: What is the purpose of a lockdown?

If your answer is about ending the virus, then you're wrong.

The purpose of a lockdown is to flatten the curve so that the healthcare and hospitals are not overwhelmed. That does not end the virus, but rather gives healthcare workers some relief to breathe and able to take care of their patients.

It is possible to achieve herd immunity without a lockdown as long as the healthcare and hospitals are not overcapacity. However, if on the way to achieving herd immunity, the healthcare and hospitals are overwhelmed, then a lot of extra unnecessary deaths will occur unless there's some degree of lockdown to flatten the curve back down to within healthcare/hospital capacity.

Achieving herd immunity with a lot of extra unnecessary deaths is a high price to pay that nobody would be willing to sacrifice.

The French are also not taking their vaccines

Fake news : there is vaccine shortage and waiting list

There's both a shortage and a lot of skepticism:

"France, Once a Vaccine Pioneer, Is Top Skeptic in Covid-19 Pandemic"


An Ipsos poll conducted in December found that France ranked at the bottom of 15 countries on willingness to take a Covid-19 vaccine, with only 40% of the public saying they wanted the shot.

The resistance has historical roots in the 19th century, when antivaccination groups campaigned against modern inoculation techniques discovered by Frenchman Louis Pasteur.

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Posted in: Brazil closes out deadliest month of pandemic by far See in context

Brazil trending in the wrong direction - Bolsonaro's policies ain't working

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