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If respect for their bodies were instilled in kids at a young age, we might see a bit less of the binge-drinking, drug-taking and living off junk-food and take-aways that appears to be knobbling the health of the UK's young. Fewer tattoos, too.

@Cleo, I think you are way outta line here. Just because youngsters experiment with the above does not mean anything. When your a kid you try experiment with loads of different things. If someone wants a tattoo or eat a bag of chips they should be allowed too. (a vast difference between the two examples but the point is as long as they are careful there should be no problem.

its next to impossible to filter what your kids watch and listen to, I think the media itself has a bit of a fault in a much of these teenage problems.

@skipthesong,I think your spot on! This is one of the main culprits, Just by chance I was watching dirty dancing recently and it was supposed to be something scandalous in its hayday. But after watching some of the other stuff thats in the media today, dirty dancing could be considered on the same level as telly tubbies for media content!! If the media is not regulated then a counter attack needs to be met to teach kids as early as possible about themselves, their bodies and what is and isn`t socially acceptable in society.

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I just hope the Aeon in my area does not close, I dont think I could handle starvation!!

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The accord permits the siting of a tracking radar station on Czech soil as part of an extended U.S. missile shield that Washington says is necessary to ward off potential attacks by so-called “rogue” states such as Iran.

The plan proposed is to benefit the US, they are not doing this deal to make a quick few bob. I wonder if the fact that Russia has just revamped its whole military operations had anything to do with this decision...

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Check this out!! you can go swimming with it, bring it into the bath with you... what more could someone ask for!!


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I guess it does really go to show, that it is possible to have both a pacified society and widespread gun ownership at the same time.

For America`s sake the government should just admit when they cant control something properly. Then take measures to rectify the situation. Failing that, they should make every high school student serve on the front line, teach them respect for others and respect for themselves.

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America is losing too many children to gun violence. Between 1979 and 2001, gunfire killed 90,000 children and teens in America. (Children's Defense Fund and National Center for Health Statistics)

In one year, more children and teens died from gunfire than from cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma, and HIV/AIDS combined. (Children's Defense Fund)

The rate of firearm deaths among kids under age 15 is almost 12 times higher in the United States than in 25 other industrialized countries combined. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

American kids are 16 times more likely to be murdered with a gun, 11 times more likely to commit suicide with a gun, and nine times more likely to die from a firearm accident than children in 25 other industrialized countries combined. (Centers for Disease Control)


Better than contraception for curbing the population growth. Gotta hand it to them, what a commendable job on improving society. For a nation that makes such a big song and dance about "this war on terror", its doing a pretty good job on its own without looking for someone else to blame.

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McClellan’s book will be a bitter pill to swallow. To think that the war in Iraq was “unnecessary” creates angst and even anger in the meekest of men. Yet, how many times have governments spent the lives and fortunes of their people for causes and reasons that historians would later judge to be “unnecessary?” It might even be safe to say that most of history’s wars have been “unnecessary.”

Even a 3year old could see there was no need for this war. And most of the wars in our history only served one purpose, that was to give everyone something to discuss in History class. As for saying we learn from our mistakes... well we obviously don`t.

I have no major thoughts yet on who is the best candidate for presidency But the the very timely release of this book just embodies the whole corruption ideals shared by the author,(and most of the world) If there is some kind of connection it is probably one of the most underhanded ways of democratic campaigning yet. If it is just a lucky coincidence I would be very surprised.

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I think it is a very innovative way to expand the market. Some of the posters have already added that they are fed up of the Wii and want something a little more satisfying. This will the same with a lot of those first time gamer virgins. Eventually some of them who would never of picked up a game before will want to move to the next step.(PS2/PS3/Xbox)So even though Nintendo are top at the moment. In the long run this will benefit the other consoles. That is of course if they can step up to the plate. On a lighter note I reckon the idea of doing snowboarding etc on it would be much better than using conventional controls.

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I agree with your opinions that each culture has a different way of defining cultural norms. But there should be limitations put on those cultural norms especially in cases where dolls that are bought that resemble children. What the buyers do with these childlike dolls I do not want to think about. No matter what society in whatever culture that is not something positive.

There are multiple factors contributing to Japans low birthrate. But supplying a lazy way to curb the need for a relationship does contribute what ever way you look at it. People are too busy, they work too hard drink too much Paying for education/a bigger place is too expensive, women now want careers over families. These are all valid points and you could go on forever listing different reasons!

But if they have time to play with dolls then they have time to find someone with a pulse. The fact that some of these users are people that have difficulty forming friendships with the living also shows how easy it is to create a niche in the market and by doing so corrupt more than just that market.

Dolls do not foster good social abilities in anyone, well that is of course unless you are a small child. It seems also to be something that you can get addicted to, The person Dragon claims to be a "dry user" but is starting to go to those exchange parties. The day when everyone needs the comfort of companionship of a doll over a real human being is something I hope we never see.

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Easy50, True the notion of "stress" is relevant. Different jobs create different types of stress and people are all unique in their stress tolerance levels. But I think the mundane types of stress are the worst kind as they lead to depression and lack of real time productivity. This is slowly changing but the Japanese have the culture of "a job for life" this again is just another avalanche in the road to low productivity and depression for the basic salary man.

The drinking parties or Nomikai culture is deeply embedded in the idea of a good salary man. If you don`t go you get a reputation as unsociable. If you do go it is customary to always have the first Kanpai with a beer.

On the holiday thing, tkoind2 has hit the nail on the head with holidays in Japanese companies. We get enough, but actually using them is a whole different ball game. One of the first things I was told that for promotion purposes the company looks at how many holidays have been taken in the past. (very logical...NOT)

The OT thing is ridiculous but unless workers laws are implemented by some sort of higher power than just the company then there is no hope of change. But as we are so fondly told, if you want to get ahead and stand out you have to make work the priority. If that means staying until 11pm at night and starting at 8am then do it!!

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