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Louis Amsel comments

Posted in: Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate pact; allies voice dismay See in context

it will be an irony that good ol' capitalism come out and save the day at last, because clean energy is becoming a huge economy now.

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Posted in: Abe urges sticking to diplomatic action on N Korea See in context

If diplomacy worked a single time in the last 70 years or so we wouldn't have had this situation today.

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Posted in: North Korea rolls out missiles, other weaponry at parade See in context

I hope those big tubes be mocks, some looks like ICBM size. Otherwise its gonna be real nasty if Turmp pokes the hornet nest

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Posted in: Japan disappointed with Security Council failure to agree on Syria See in context

@Alexandre T. Ishii I think it's pretty clear that chemical weapons were used on the civilians, and the usual blame game ensues.

Whoever did it, the blood is on both parties

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Posted in: Survey on Fukushima-linked bullying reveals hundreds more cases See in context

The parents need to educate their children the way to deal with bully. Fight back. it's really that simple.

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Posted in: Crown prince says Malaysia can be model for diversity See in context

"By 2050 the country will need about 30 million immigrant labour"

Or 30 million robots

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Posted in: Britain formally notifies EU of withdrawal See in context

Germany rules over Europe again

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Posted in: 5 dead, 40 injured in attack at British Parliament See in context

This is why Trump won, and I fear it is too late for Europe. RIP, and good luck

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Posted in: Welcome hug See in context

He's just "bro up" with every country to have them send war ships to SCS

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Posted in: Abe in Germany See in context

oh hey Shinzo, personal space!

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Posted in: Trump, Merkel try to sidestep differences in first meeting See in context

He's bit man child sometimes but I like him more and more haha. do what you do Don, the world has changed profoundly since the end of cold war, and the west need to adapt.

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Posted in: China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea See in context

Fred WallaceMAR. 17, 2017 - 08:16AM JST

you have to be able to reason with china first. the only language they understand, so far, is a big stick

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Posted in: Turkey's Erdogan says apology from Netherlands not enough; attacks Merkel See in context

turkey is being driven to the abyss by this mad man. he's essentially the fat kim boy in that region at this point, only difference is turkey is still part of nato, for now. but he's trying really hard to break up

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Posted in: Japan lays groundwork for free education policy to help economy See in context

it should be free up to high school, but college shouldn't be included. not everyone needs college education, nor does everyone is capable of finishing it.

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Posted in: Turkey warns 'fascist' Netherlands will pay in rally dispute See in context

of course france allowed them to stir up unrest on their soil, you can count on it.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

most american food are gmo

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Posted in: Starbucks CEO's refugee comments sour customer views of chain: survey See in context

Its ok Starbucks you can always sell your insanely over priced product in Asia.

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Posted in: Death penalty commuted to life for man who fatally stabbed 2 people on Osaka street See in context

you gotta take out trash instead of piling them

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Posted in: CIA blasts WikiLeaks for publishing secret documents See in context

“It is CIA’s job to be innovative, cutting-edge, and the first line of defense in protecting this country from enemies abroad,” she said.

clearly not good enough now that you are exposed

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Posted in: As N Korean missile threat grows, Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike options See in context

You either do a regime change, or you don't attack at all. Any worthless 'surgical' strike on NK will risk Seoul, SK's largest city turning into debris in NK's artillery retaliation. This is why the US have never attempted anything beyond defensive measures.

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Posted in: Pyongyang bans Malaysians from leaving North Korea See in context

"this is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism"

It was when they used chemical weapons on another country's soil, or should it be called an act of war.

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Posted in: Abe says N Korea launched 4 ballistic missiles; 3 land 300 kms from Japan's coast See in context

Its easy to notice NK has been very reckless lately, I think the ever tighening sanctions have finally got to their nerves. Even China has cut off their biggest source of revenue, coal exports. They won't last long.

the ugly part is that they probably won't want to go down themselves, so south Korea better prepare for the worst.

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Posted in: China goes Hollywood in 'The Great Wall' See in context

Trump should take note how its done /s

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Posted in: Autopsy on N Korean inconclusive as 4th person arrested See in context

they were definitly trained to pull this off, assuming they are really the killers instead of some scapegoats

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Posted in: U.S. pledges nuclear defense for Japan, S Korea after N Korean missile launch See in context

The value of nuclear weapons is deterrence, not actually use it. I thought even 5yo knew this already

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Posted in: U.S. pledges nuclear defense for Japan, S Korea after N Korean missile launch See in context

nk can only threat sk, and they would get wiped off the earth if they dare to attempt it and kim the fatty knows it.

The real value of the Americans commitment is the deterrence against China from acting stupid against its neighbours.

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Posted in: Police looking for clues over murder of N Korean leader's half-brother at airport in Malaysia See in context

never thought this could happen outside of 007 movies, even worse, this was in broad daylight. north korea is truely a rogue state

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Posted in: Muslim Indonesia's capital to vote in tolerance test See in context

muslim needs to step into 21st century, blasphemy lol

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Posted in: Japan took in 28 refugees in 2016, despite record applications See in context

Asylum seekers from Indonesia topped the list of those arriving in Japan last year, followed by people from Nepal, the Philippines and Turkey.

other than Nepal, that had a major earthquake recently, none of people from these countries can claim to be refugees

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Posted in: Trump tweets 'SEE YOU IN COURT' after appeals court refuses to reinstate travel ban See in context

people now wake up to trump's shouting every morning.

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