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Maybe I shouldn't be saying this when I don't have the power to do anything...but I wanted to try and voice my opinion:)

But it has offered very few if any resettlement places for refugees from the civil war in Syria. In my opinion, I think it's because Japanese think things thoroughly if too much. First of all, if you guys haven't visited, you'll see that Japan is seriously small to the extent that it's suffocating. But, maybe we could let them stay in "akiya" (empty houses) which is turning out to be a problem for us. They're normal houses that are not being used. We can't make new houses since we have alot of mountains and small amount of flat ground. For the problem with Japan trying to correct things by using money, I think it's the only thing we can do because we are a nation which doesn't have much resource nor land and mostly runs on economy. Also, although it is time for globalization, we're too scared to open up suddenly to foreigners. I'm meaning that we think Japan as a peaceful country compared to other countries to a great extent. It will makes us feel insecure because we are a nation that can let teenagers out late at night and not have to worry to such extent (like accidents). "In Rome, do what the Romans do". We have a saying in Japan "he who does not work neither shall he eat. " A lot of people are thinking how to raise employments for refugees since although the people are refugees, they should work if they want to live in Japan. It might sound harsh, but our economy will collapse, and it's truly hard to get a job in Japan even more if you're Japanese. The one thing I'm kind of mad at is the way tokyobakayaro wrote poor Japanese people who do not have a magic stick. I'm sorry but we don't think of ourselves as "poor Japanese people"! That's really insulting to those who work really hard!!!

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