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Posted in: NHK fee collector leaves threatening notes on people’s doorsteps See in context

I've had them stick their feet in the door or body block it from being closed. Recently moved house and had one ringing the doorbell, told him my baby was asleep and to go away. He carried on ringing the doorbell for 5 minutes so I had to go out in the cold and tell him to leave. He carried on pressing the doorbell so I disconnected it so my daughter could sleep. I'm waiting for him to come back, don't make pregnant woman angry.

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Posted in: Do young Japanese women want to be housewives? See in context

I have been working for the last 13 years, I have always worked. Now after moving to Japan I have been working for the past 2 years here. I am currently pregnant with my first child and my Japanese husband has given me the choice of going back to work or becoming a housewife.

After working 12 hours a day, coming home and cooking and cleaning is the last thing I want to do but I have to if we want a clean house and warm food. My husband is an engineer and is exhausted after work, more than me so I feel that it's easier for me than him to do the housework.

Thinking of the future it's not just about cooking and cleaning and raising a child, the cost of nursery for the child can outweigh what you get paid for a part time job, the horror stories of some nursery schools is terrifying. Lastly why hand over a child to a stranger when you can look after your own child?

Being a housewife in Japan is not about being lazy, it's an educated choice looking at the factors of finance and child care.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics is looking for volunteers, but may have a hard time finding them See in context

I love how they pointed out the London Olympics.... I remember it all over the news how they purposely accepted and advertised to jobless people and also immigrants. At first they promised pay then back tracked on that, then they offered free accommodation, and of course back tracked on that.

It was so bad that volunteers had to sleep under bridges or face the full force of the 'lovely' British weather, either that or pay out a fortune in hotel fees (all the hotels were booked so that would have been impossible).

Is Japan expecting the same thing with their volunteers? Having them sleep on the street or under bridges? I understand they have said you have to pay for your own accommodation but realistically is there even going to be any free rooms in any hotels during that time? Maybe I should advertise my spare room and make a little cash on the side (I joke).

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