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Posted in: Obama says Japan's wartime sex slavery was 'terrible' violation of human rights See in context

It occurred 70 years ago and is time for both sides and all Countries still pissed at Japan over WW2 to move on! You don't hear ad nauseam from other European Countries still whining about what the German did or didn't do during the war.

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Posted in: Why Kennedy was appointed U.S. ambassador to Japan See in context

But she was a community organizer which is sort of like being an Ambassador except now she has actual responsibilities. The community organizer skill set has really helped Obama as President.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon pummels Kanto; heads toward Fukushima See in context

Its only a CAT 1 with wind gusts up to 100kt and it is getting weaker. Not sure what this guy is smoking saying this is the strongest storm in 10 years.

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Posted in: Abe leaves for Middle East, Africa to promote nuclear tech exports See in context

I'm sure Countries are very anxious to get their hands on Japan’s nuclear safety technology. It's comical how stupid Japan continues to look on their handling of this crisis. it's no wonder the Country is dying a slow death. Very sad indeed!

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Posted in: Snowden walks free in Russia; Obama-Putin summit in doubt See in context

Putin is a Cold War piece of garbage who only serves his childish ego at the expense of the Russian people. lTime for a revolution in Russia!

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Posted in: Former ASDF general: 'China won't initiate war over Senkakus' See in context

China's military would CRUSH the SDF in a matter weeks if the US didn't step in to save the day. But I agree If China wanted a war they would just take the island and even then I doubt Japan would do anything other than whine about it to the UN.

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Posted in: Kate's topless snaps won't tarnish royal brand See in context

The brand has been rusted for a very long time!

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Posted in: Do you think Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto is the man to change Japan's political landscape? See in context

Agree with Michael Craig. This guy is a lunatic that is more suited to driving a black van around shouting Tora, Tora, Tora than governing!

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Posted in: Armstrong stripped of all 7 Tour de France titles See in context

The USDA's is determination is pure BS, they have no physical evidence nor has Lance ever tested positive. Interesting that that Justice Department dropped their investigation earler this year but the USDA pressed on. Clearly the justice department concluded that they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law that Lance doped. The USDA on the other hand doea not have this burden and instead decided to drag Lances name through the mud once again and ultimately today to recommend to strip him of all of his titles based upon flimsy evidence that would not hold up in a Court of law. Shame on the USDA!

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Posted in: Obama falls short of meteoric expectations abroad See in context

You set the bar pretty low for exceeding expectations considering our national debt has gone up 60% under Obama and unemployment is at 8+ percent, over 10% if you count people that have quit looking for work. Obama promised Hope and Change and he has brought neither,Washington is just as divided as when Bush was President.

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Posted in: Japan to cut Iran oil imports after exemption from U.S. sanctions See in context

It's about enforcing UN resolutions through meaningful actions, Something they or European Nations rarely do except when it is too late. The US excepted Countries in the EU because they are expected to ban the same thing later this year.

Doing business with with radical countries has consequences as essentially Japan is funding Iran's nuclear program based on their own self interests. I would expect Japan to be more concerned with Iran developing a bomb given their history.

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Posted in: Do you support the government's proposed consumption tax hike to finance social welfare? See in context

This will lower consumer spending actually reduce revenue and further stifle an already anemic economy.

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over undersea gas drilling See in context

Well Japan what are u going to do about this? The answer is nothing just like everything else! What a spineless irrevelant country you have become.

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Posted in: Noda presses Fukushima to accept waste storage plan See in context

It's the first plan that actually make senses! Of course the waste should be stored there and like another poster said it should be stored in the stay out area! People need to come to grips with that they will not be able to live in these teas for hundreds of years. All of these plans to remove top soil, use giant washing machines are just pipe dreams. The government needs to quit asking and take the land and implement their plan.

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Posted in: Protesters block delivery of U.S. base environment report to Okinawa government See in context

The US should close all the bases in Japan as we cant afford them, they aren't needed and Japan needs to take more of a leadership role in providing security in Asia.

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Posted in: Tokyo starts disposal of tsunami debris from Iwate See in context

Taking potentially radioactive material and burning it in the largest metropolis in the world for for all of us to breath is incredibly stupid.

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Courtesy of The Red, White and Blue!

It's hard to believe that Pakistani intelligence official didn't know he was located in a posh compound that was only 800 yards from their Military Academy.

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Posted in: Growers bring their produce direct to Tokyo consumers See in context

What are the procedures to ensure that these vegetables do not contain higher than normal levels of radiation? Is there a government regulated testing process or are these farmers just loading up their trucks and heading to Tokyo?

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Posted in: Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers in U.S. See in context

This body scanning is a joke, profile high risk individuals and quit targeting grandma and grandpa.

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Posted in: The shrinking state of Japanese salarymen's pocket money See in context

I agree with all of your comments. Of course in a successful family unit collective decision need to be made on how much to spend each week and/or month. This point I took issue with and one you highlighted was that the husband was being dictated to on what he could spend each month. The guy in the article who ran out of money and had to have a crappy lunch implied to me that he had no or little control over the financial decisions made by his wife.


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Posted in: Ex-MI5 spy chief: No link between Iraq and 9/11 See in context

Too bad revisionists like Ms.Manningham-Buller did not have the courage to come out at the time events were occurring to express her views.

While Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 a lot of Al Qaeda were killed trying to fight the Americans in Iraq after the liberation. As a wise man once said I'd rather fight them in Iraq than at home.

I also must point out that there has not been an attack in America since 9/11 so clearly some of Bush's policies have worked.

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Posted in: The shrinking state of Japanese salarymen's pocket money See in context

Overseeing the family budget is one thing giving an allowance to your spouse like he or she is a littke kid is another. A concept Cleo is having a hard time coming to grips with. Speaking of Cleo who clearly has some strong opinions on this issue since she has dominated this thread I am interested to know a) if you are married b) do you give your spouse an allowance and if so what do they think of it?

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Posted in: The shrinking state of Japanese salarymen's pocket money See in context

These spineless salarymen need to get their balls out of the jar their wife is holding and take control of their life. A wife or a husband giving an allowance to the other is ridiculous and insulting. Next…

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Posted in: Nolan, DiCaprio play mind games with 'Inception' See in context

Coming to Japan in 2011...

Moderator: It opens in Japan on July 23.

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Posted in: What is your favorite Asian airline and why? See in context

Singapore hands down! Best business class in the industry, great food and of course beautiful flight attendants. The A380 B/C is amazing!! SAS also has a good business class more so for the food and wine than the seats as it seems to last 2-3 hours. Thai is not bad although some of their planes interiors are in need of a serious upgrade. China Airlines?? Check their safety record, not so good!

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Posted in: 10% consumption tax will destroy Japan, argue some See in context

Japan needs to reduce their amount of social spending across the board and encourage more foreign investment. Japan should start off by reducing the retirement wage to 20-30% of you last monthly wage versus the 2/3rds or so it is now. This would encourage people to invest more in the stock market to supplement their retirement which would help to stimulate growth. But just like we are seeing in Europe once people get a taste for government handouts it is very difficult politically to take them away.

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Posted in: A taste of Italy See in context

Da Isa in Nakameguro is the place for authentic Napoli Pizza in Tokyo. This guy has won the Naples World Pizza Championship multiple times. Be prepared for LONG lines.


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Posted in: Careful driver See in context

How does Ishikawa-san qualify for the U.S. Open when he has missed the cut in 7 of the last 12 PGA tournaments he has entered? Special exemption?

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Posted in: Japan bribed small nations with cash, call girls to get whaling vote: Sunday Times See in context

She blinded me with science.

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Posted in: A taste of Italy See in context

Some fair prepackage stuff but to get a taste of Italy they need to have more of the basic ingredients for making Italian sauces and dough. Who wants to buy canned tomato sauce? They should consider selling San Marzano tomatoes and Italian wheat flour (type 0 or 00). Does anyone know where to buy these items in Tokyo?

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