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Posted in: 'The Cove' wins Oscar for Best Documentary See in context

As most years, I watched the Oscars distractedly, not really caring for the rich and the mighty, the entertainments of millions. The real issues, the real problems are rooted in the soul, in the heart that is not caring enough. Injustices and abuses towards all living beings continue through apathy. And then: The Cove won best documentary!!!! A dirty secret is exposed to the world! They risked their lives to make this documentary, and they get well-deserved recognition! There is maybe hope, after all!

Most of the comments here are intelligent and well-informed. BUT... I was shocked at BarakuminDes, saying, amongst other things: "These dolphins are being killed specifically for scientific research. At least 1000 of them per year must be killed to gain a representative sample - and they must not be killed quickly - but over a lengthy period by incompetent (elderly and possibly drunk(?)slaughtermen. The meat is an incidental by-product." And then he says that they "have to" eat dolphin meat, because they can't cultivate rice in Taiji...

It is this level of awareness of the world, this coldness of heart which cause most of the problems I talked about...

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