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I hope you realize that outside of Japan (especially here in the U.S.), Ohtani also gets more coverage than any other player aside from Aaron Judge. Are we also racist? Or did it ever occur to you that Ohtani gets more coverage because he is having another historic season and is in MVP contention?

Take yourself to ANY sports bar in the states and see if you can get just ONE person to agree with your claim that racism is the reason Darvish isn’t getting more coverage than Ohtani (spoiler: you won’t and people will legit think you are joking).

The local media often by-passes you because you aren't like Ohtani,all Japanese.

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I don't know any major country except Japan that whitewashes their history. Americans might not talk a lot about what we did to the natives 

Ypu do realize that is what whitewashing history is!

letsberealistic almost insulting take on the Native American genocide is a living example of the pot calling the kettle black.

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Of course. Why would it be any different? I'm not sure what you mean.

I ask because if I was a Japanese, I couldn’t help but notice the double standard.

Apples and oranges comparison there. Neither nation subjugated, enslaved, rapped and killed the other as Japan did to Korea.

My dude! I hope you are able to recognize the irony here!! You are literally whitewashing history in the very same thread you claim to be condemning the very same. And regarding my other statement, you couldn’t have proved my point any better. I say this as a proud American, you owe it to yourself to do some reading.

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Yes, well the moral of the story for Japanese children is; never invade and subjugate, rape and murder people in another country because it will never be forgotten and your people and nation are unlikely to ever be seen as anything other than war criminals unless you make efforts to apologise sincerely.

Is this moral applicable to children of all countries? Cuz for the sake of consistency, it seems that there are a lot of countries (including my own), that have done everything you mentioned but have been able (and continue to) successfully whitewash their own cruel history with virtually no repercussion.

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See my posts above regarding the Kuril Island and Dokdo dispute.

Japan's arguments are extremely weak.

Except that you didn’t post Japan’s argument/legal opinion (and you didn’t post Korea’s either for that matter).

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Give it a rest, Japan.

Kuril Islands belong to Russia.

Senkaku islands belong to China.

Liancourt Rocks belong to Korea.

Notice the common element in these disputes? Hint: It's not Russia, China and Korea.

Lol, you’re basing an argument on the claim that Japan is “the common element,” meanwhile, of the three countries you mention one of them (China) has more ongoing border disputes than literally any other country on the planet and the other you mention (Russia) has actually annexed territory from a sovereign country very recently and is now in the middle of a full-scale invasion. That is not to say I am siding any particular way and I admittedly don’t know enough about Dokdo to have an opinion, but I definitely know that this logic is cheap.

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And hey, exactly how much money do those people need in Hiroshima and Nagasaki before they realize the issue is over and they need to stop bringing it up every year?

Very classy of you to trivialize victims from both Korea and Hiroshima/Nagasaki with what can only be described as the most halfwitted attempt to dumb down two very complicated (and very different) subjects.

The US government says the bombings were a good thing and saved millions of lives, so why don't the history books here reflect that instead of harping on negativity and saying how bad it was. The victims need to be quiet and move on.

This seems off-topic, but since it’s still here, I’ll chime in and remind you that by today’s standard it is clearly a war crime. And if you believe that my Government’s reasoning is an acceptable standard to justify the use of nuclear weapons, then humanity as we know it is doomed.

And just fyi since your making a comparison (as asinine as it is), I’ve never heard of the Japanese government (or any Japanese for that matter) ever saying that forced prostitution in Korea was “a good thing.” Quit projecting your ignorance onto others and stop peddling nonsense.

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Amazing how a few ignorant balloons are slandering a group of wrongfully incarcerated American citizens because they apparently can’t tell the difference between ethnic American minorities and the Japanese Imperial Army. Imagine how dumb you have to be believe that a bunch of laborers locked up in California internment camps were also somehow committing war atrocities thousands of miles away in Asia. Keep up the good work.

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Blinken is desparate because he and his colleagues know USA is sinking, slowly but surely. So it has to make more money by starting yet more wars. They never learn.

The U.S., South Koreans, and Japanese are exercising a thing called “diplomacy” in order to PREVENT war.

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But yeah, "putting one's life on the line" is a bit over the top.

You do realize that snowboarders at this level have sustained life threatening injuries, including Ayumu who recently lacerated his kidney and liver in competition. Snowboarders have literally died doing far less than what Ayumu does in competition. Just curious, have you ever dropped in on a half pipe before?

Not wise of him taking the role of judging the judges. 

He should have left the talking to his coach, he is not a bright kid.

The judging has been terrible and the judges deserve to be heavily scrutinized. His second run score was such a travesty that the color commentator (veteran of the sport) on the American broadcast lashed out at the judges live on-air. Just about everyone on social media (here in the States mind you) are calling for better judging and demanding that the American judge’s performance be reviewed. It was so bad it was embarrassing. And this is not the first time Ayumu has been screwed by the judges. Just because he is Japanese doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to voice his opinion, especially when he obviously correct.

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Good luck to Murata..he’s gonna need it. I see GGG putting on a clinic. Imo, GGG has the edge in every category. But I hope Murata can make it competitive and show the casuals that he’s no bum.

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani: Japan's baseball 'Frankenstein' enjoying monster success See in context

Just about every athlete, in just about every sport, shares pride with her/his hometown...

Just take a look at how well received Manny Pacquiao, Fernando Tatis, Djokovich, Ronaldo, Olympic gold medalists, Tiger Woods, Pele, (the list is endless) are celebrated by their fans. In fact, many of these athletes are literally quoted as saying that they are happy to bring pride to their countries.

Which is weird, since it is HE who accomplished it, not the nation, and definitely not the people sitting at home watching. Why do people become so proud of things they have zero to do with?

? uh, what are you on about...

he guy is amazing (not sure "Frankenstein" is apt -- makes it sound like he was created rather than running off his own talent), but saying that to Old Man Taro downstairs shouldn't make him beam with pride and pat himself on the back anymore than if I said Babe Ruth was amazing too... and yet, Old Man Taro DOES beam with pride, as if he himself were Ohtani, or the latter's talent has something to do with his passport.

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Posted in: Japanese chain CoCoIchi making inroads in curry's toughest market See in context

Go there and ask the locals. Or you could try actually reading the article

Why would anyone eat that slop in the home of some of the worlds most delicious curries, with such a vast array of regional variants to boot.

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Posted in: Kevin Durant leads U.S. men to 4th consecutive Olympic basketball gold See in context


GG France

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@Aly Rustom

I politely suggest that you look up the definition of excess deaths.

That is virtually impossible. how can a nation's death number go negative? Do you mean that the number of births exceeded the number of deaths? Do you mean that less people died in 2020 than in previous years? If so that is also IMPOSSIBLE. Even without a pandemic the number of deaths and the population decline INCREASED EVERY YEAR. Japan has a rapidly aging society, so pandemic or not, the deaths will increase. Not even sure what you mean by negative death number...

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This is so sickening of Japan.A Japanese wife only needs to rush to the whoever and say anything and they will believe her religiosly.I have so many friends who are in the same situation.I can never trust the Japanese systems and vowed never to have kids in Japan.And most of this kids live miserably just so that the selfish J wife can go around bragging about the kawaii hafu to her friends.

Amazing. The lack of joint custody laws is an issue that also affects Japanese spouses, but for some reason you people have managed to turn this into a racial issue. Lol, stay classy y'all.

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Posted in: TV viewership for Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony 56.4% in Japan See in context

There's nothing else to do for some, so watching the Olympics it is.

Nothing else to do? Lol, the rest of the world is enjoying the Olympics and supporting the many inspirational athletes breaking records. Meanwhile, a few of you are left hanging around JT every day making bitter comments.

Maybe you should have said:

"There's nothing else to do for some, so complaining on JT it is."

Let people do what they want. In general, people are bland

Lol, okay buddy. Whatever you say

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Posted in: Skateboarders hope Olympic gold changes minds in 'strict' Japan See in context

Seems like if anyone wants to improve, they have to go abroad.

Abroad? Okay, just fyi MANY skateboarders (FROM ALL COUNTRIES) move to California after turning pro. Not just to improve, but also because the pro circuit is mostly held on the West Coast and because SoCal is the capital of the industry. And Yuto was a phenom even before he moved here.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

And btw, if you are going to preach to the Japanese about criminal justice reform, maybe you should use a better stage to promote your cause. You are defending a millionaire who was originally charged with committing white collar fraud. And you are doing it in the name of criminal justice reform. Ghosn himself knows this and is manipulating a worthy cause for his own benefit.

Do you even hear yourself? You're trying too hard to defend the corrupt system. We all know that the law is largely skewed towards protecting that precious 99.99% conviction rate. What we're saying is it is wrong and needs to change.

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Except he wasn't talking about sentencing. He was addressing Bokuda's claim that there was no crime was committed in the first least thats what I think Bokuda is trying to say (I can't make sense of his/her posts)

Except precedents are not used in rulings and sentencing.

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I agree that Lebanon government is terrible

Sorry, I just have to make it clear that I never said Lebanon's government was "terrible."

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

Sigh* just FYI I obviously know the standard criteria used to define a failed state.

Are you sure? Cuz to be fair, this is what you said in your post:

"I guess it depends on how you define “failed state”. Have you ever been to Lebanon? If crime is a criteria then perhaps you should do some research."

However the way this all went down, and the comments made by the judge, certainly ring of revenge.

What exactly do you figure the judge is supposed to say? The judge's comments about how Ghosn will never stand trial is exactly the result of the crime they are being charged with. I see nothing malicious nor personal to indicate the judgement is based on some sort of personal Japanese vendetta.

Furthermore, if the judge was acting out of spite, why did he not give them maximum sentence?

Judges do not write the laws re: sentencing or credit for time served. They are to apply judgement and interpret the law as it is written (and not the way you or I think it ought to be). If you (and many others) are going to accuse the judge of misconduct then you owe it to his court to provide the legal code that was breached and evidence that his judgement was unfair.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

Sigh* just fyi, No. Crime is not the only criteria for a failed state. The definition of a failed state has more to with government, not the crime level itself (if that were the case then I'd be living in a failed state).

I guess it depends on how you define “failed state”. Have you ever been to Lebanon? If crime is a criteria then perhaps you should do some research.

I'm having trouble trying to make sense of your comment. Are you saying that the Judge's sentence was based on his need to get revenge for embarrassing Japan?

Anyway, it wasn’t their “crime” so much as Japan losing face over the whole deal. This brings to mind a short proverb Japan should remember.

Revenge is but a small circle.”

This whole idea that the Taylor's are innocent victims is funny. A lot of you seem to feel that we Americans should be free to go abroad and act with immunity from the local justice system. It is embarrassing to the rest of us Americans whose entitlement doesn't oblige us to attack another country's legal system meanwhile defending the Taylors, who themselves admitted to breaking the law.

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I've been to Brisbane. My impression was that, overall, the people were very civil, very educated, polite, very reasonable, and not to mention some of the most genuinely nicest people I've had the pleasure of being around. Not fair to call them naive because a few of you have a weird grudge against the Olympics.

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I've seen you say this before, and I can't figure out WTH you're you talking about? There are no Asian countries that are not members of the U.N. IF I'm wrong and there are in fact Asian countries that are not members of the U.N., I guaren-damn-tee that it is not because they have a "peculiar" justice system.

The thought of Japan withdrawing from the U.N. is so utterly ludicrous I'm not even sure if you are being serious, but if you had even a basic understanding of International Relations, you would know that Japan's withdrawal from the U.N. would be extremely detrimental to the U.N. and international relations on the whole.

If Japan doesn't want to honor the "Innocent until proven guilty" premise, then Japan should leave the UN.

Most Asian countries have a peculiar justice system, just like Japan, and they are doing fine.

Japan should do just fine out of the UN umbrella.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

...or maybe because the Taylor's defense team requested a speedy trial?

(it's literally noted right in the very article you are commenting on)

Amazing how quickly the wheels of justice can turn when it suits them.

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”The Broader Japanese Society and Homeless People

On balance, the general Japanese public tends to ignore homeless peopleand “give them space.” By this, it is meant that homeless people in Japan are rarely harassed by anyone, including law enforcement. 

Courts in Japan have provided homeless people in that country a far broader set of rights than is seen in the United States. For example, a considerable percentage of Japanese homeless people live in what commonly is called homeless encampments in the United States. 

These tent communities tend to be located near rivers or in parks. Japanese courts have ruled that these homeless tent communities on public land cannot be merely dismantled by the police or anyone else. Homeless people in these tent communities are protected by the same due process rights that apartment renters have. In other words, in order to dismantle a homeless person’s tent or a tent community, the regular eviction process must be followed.”

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you didn’t debunk anything. Re-read your posts. Also, the claim you supposedly debunked is based on the unproven assumption that all Japanese simply dismiss the homeless as being lazy, which ironically, is pretty ignorant.

We are talking about Japan and the perception of homeless as being lazy which i debunked as not true. I don't know where he is from or what the situation regarding the homeless is in his country. I won't spend my time arguing about something I have no knowledge about,

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Posted in: Nagoya police take down knife-wielding man at train station without using lethal force See in context


This is what they are trained to do - use judgement and non-lethal force. Us cops could take a lesson, here: think before you shoot

to be fair, law enforcement in the US are operating in a much more violent environment than what the Japanese police have the luxury of working with in Japan. It is very sad but, statistically speaking, there is a reason they are quicker to use lethal force.

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I didn't say they had no right. I said they had no cause. They have a right to feel any way they want, even if it's not justified.

Uh okay... then I invite you to come down and explain to them why they have no “cause” to be proud of him and let me know how they respond.

They have plenty of cause to idolize him. They have no cause to be proud his accomplishments, as they had nothing to do with them.

by this logic, literally no one can be proud of anyone else.

Seriously? You've never heard a Cleveland fan predict they were "going all the way this year"?

what are you talking about? I hear people say stuff like that all the time. What I’ve never heard until today, is a fan telling another fan that they have no “cause” to be proud of their players’ accomplishments. Imagine telling some young Dominican kid that he has no “cause” to be proud of Tatis, lol! I’m finding it hard to believe your a real Mets fan.

Shohei has the entire cease all world excited and every one of his fans have “cause” to feel proud of him

and btw:

Dominican pride

-Fernando Tatis Jr.

Tatis has no doubt shown amazing loyalty to his country, returning to baseball to raise funds to build a church in his native San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic, and his countrymen are all very proud of the players that will be representing them in the Classic.”

-Bleacher Report

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