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lovemeruforever comments

Posted in: Lemurs See in context

I think this is scary because their eyes are scary.

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Posted in: Firefighting drills See in context

I think I can not go up but firemen can climb up the ladder and I like to climb up high place and I am so happy to see it. -meru my dauther's comment.

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Posted in: Falconry See in context

In Australia, Cairns, I watched the owl flying show at the Zoo, it was fun and I was scared because the owl was flying close. I know it is Japanese traditional one, but I have never seen this hawk show before.

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Posted in: Sea lion See in context

seal can not write but some cannot write but that seal can write kanji and I am very fun to see it. What's a trained animal, very clever!

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Posted in: Winter dip See in context

It is good, because some don't swim and I think swimming is good and I think it is good and healthy.

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Posted in: What do you do to stay fit? See in context

I like to eat healthy food, such as seaweeds and vegetables, I like to drink wine every night, I sometimes swim for 1000M, I sometimes take chinese medecine which is good for women, and everytime I feel stressed out of my surroudings, I try to talk with people not only friends,,,most of the time I can not do this because I am busy! Do whatever I want, try not to watch boring television programs.

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Posted in: New Year's ornaments See in context

We, Japanese ,never know about this colorful mayudama.. But I remembered around New Year, we drink this colourful ball things in soup, too. It is so cute and delicious!

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Posted in: Snowstorm See in context

I like winter and I am glad to have snow even it snowstorm. I can skate and ski and I am very very happy in winter. In Hokkaido, it has been few snow and many ski resorts and even skate rinks has been closed these days.

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Posted in: Fuji sunset See in context

I think I like snowy mountain and Mt. Fuji is covered with snow at this time of the year, but this Mt. Fuji on fire is funny.

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