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LOVEnotWAR comments

Posted in: Five accused plead not guilty to Delhi gang rape, murder See in context

New laws and penalties??? Seems to me that what needed done was to enforce the ones they already have!

But, oh, I see. The politicians seek to appear as if they are actually doing something, so new laws that are not actually needed or even beneficial get passed. Or do you actually think that raising minimum punishments a few years is going to effect a civilized society over-night?

But then, maybe a new law punishing police and prosecutors for failing to uphold current laws would have actually accomplished something? Or even just a TV awareness campaign of current laws? But nope. What we get are all new unnecessary laws that could well cause problems but will surely solve nothing. And it won't be the first time that a single incident sparked such a thing either.

All the guilty in this case deserve the harshest punishment, and not for the rape, but rather for the brutality and violence that led to her death. Not to condone rape, but if they had only raped her, she would still be alive. Before they should be called rapists, they should be called monsters, barbarians, goblins, etc, because your average rapist has nothing on these killers.

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Posted in: Okinawa cancels plan to use young women’s thighs as advertising space See in context

If they had people dress up like ninjas, boxers or soldiers and put ads on them, no one would blink an eye. Why is violence condoned but, oh dear, attract attention to a woman's thigh? Horror! Shock! Shudder!

I will take the sexual imagery over the violent imagery and day. I can only view those doing the opposite as having and actually encouraging mental problems.

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Posted in: U.S. petty officer charged with two counts of molestation in Kanagawa See in context

American soldiers do not represent the country or its people. Saying anything else is nonsense.

American soldiers disregarding orders do not even represent the American government.

This clod only represents himself.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

"While much is made of their supposed innocence, the band is heavily marketed on its sex appeal, with skimpy outfits and coquettish smiles the order of the day."

You heard it here first. Smiles are not innocent. In fact, smiles are marketing sex! Also the writer should take a walk out into the real world and discover what a skimpy outfit actually looks like! That whole sentence is like something out of the Twilight Zone!

"and must never disabuse their legions of male fans that they might one day stand a chance with their fantasy woman."

The only one being disabused here is this poor young women being denied her natural human right to a physical relationship, something that is ridiculous for anyone to believe can be signed away via contract. The producer of this rubbish should be facing human rights abuse charges at the ICJ.

One can only hope this whole incident will spark a reform of that sick rule of AKB's. After all, if the fans need a dream, they can dream of stealing her away from her boyfriend can't they?

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Posted in: 31 killed as militants attack Pakistan checkpoint See in context

I would really like know how it was determined they "targeted" the house or if there is some reason not being given why they did. Were they attackers resurrected to answer the questions?

Yet if the U.S. flattens an innocent village leader's house full of his kids and grand kids with a predator drone missile, its reported as "accidental collateral damage". I guess if you kill the drone jock then its fair to insist it was his intent?

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Posted in: White House releases photo of Obama firing gun See in context

Obama spoke the words "gun control". NRA wing nutters of course heard "a total ban on all guns". So Obama has to show them a picture to prove he is not talking about a total ban on all guns.

Sadly, we know it will not work since the voices NRA wing nutters hear is not the voice of God but just plain old schizophrenia, and they will still refuse to lift a finger to aid the gun murder crisis in America, and either continue with the same red herring or troll up another.

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