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Lovespam comments

Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of high school student See in context

Did he "assaulted" her or raped her ? that sounds quite different...

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Posted in: S Korea's Moon calls for official apology over 'comfort women' See in context

Even though I can't stand Abe, I think the thing he should do is to actually agree to formulate an official apology, at the condition that the 1 Billion yen is returned to Japan. Then we'll have some funny reactions from South Korea I guess.

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Posted in: S Korean politicians call for nullifying sex slave deal with Japan See in context

randomnatorDec. 29, 2016 - 07:42AM JST

Japan should have followed Germany's lead on this

Germany neighbors in Europe have never treated Germany the way Korean treats Japan. Of course, Germany's treatment was harsh to say the least, but can you imagine France going back at it again every two years with some "oh by the way your clearly did not pronounce the exact word [I apologize and you are the greatest country in the history of countries]" ? Because that is exactly what Koreans want.

Of course, what Japan did was horrible. And should never be forgotten. But apologies have been given, lot of money have been given, and the people responsible for what happened are not even alive any more. And no, moronic japanese politicians are not an excuse for wanting more, because we have some of those in every country (even Korean, what a surprise !).

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Posted in: Inside the mind of a Japanese manager accused of 'power harassment' See in context

It's just the bullying culture of Japan, there is nothing we can do to change these dumb-old managers, however we can start changing the way bullying is handled earlier in elementary schools.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut teams up with Japanese fitness chain to bring you 'diet pizzas' See in context

Pizza can actually be very healthy if homemade. However, all these Domino's, Pizza hut and such deliver the most greasy, fat pizzas you can imagine. Just learn to make some dough (very easy) and buy a nice oven, then you're set.

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Posted in: Seoul: Surviving sex slave victims will receive $90,000 See in context

I have the feeling that even though it is a good thing that had to be done, Koreans will still reproach Japan with the "you did not apologize enough" or "you did not bend on your knees while apologizing" or whatever in a dozen years. It seems that it is never enough.

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Posted in: Godzilla comes back to Japan, in ways fresh and familiar See in context

It is a shame that in 2016, nobody told these guys at one point that their monster looks like a giant toy, literally. There are so many incredibly talented artists/3D designers and animators in the world that it just looks weird.

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Posted in: Do you think democracy is the best form of government? See in context

Democracy would actually be a truly great system, even in Japan, if 100% of people would go to vote. Until then...

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Posted in: New hires shock Internet with their sameness See in context

It all starts with the education system. Stop making kids wear the same cloth, sing the same school song, think the same way, and then you can hope to have diversity and originality later on. Until then...

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Posted in: Baked fresh to your specs in just one minute: 800 Degrees Pizza opens first store in Japan See in context

Sorry, but if your topping the pizza with nori, corn, mayonaise, and teriyaki sauce -then your doing it all wrong.

And what you are doing wrong, Wc626, is English.

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Posted in: Japanese man detained in Turkey for trying to join Islamic State See in context

Militant group ? really ?

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Posted in: Restaurant tells couples to stay away on Christmas Eve so staff won’t feel lonely See in context

Wasn't there the exact same article last year ?

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' smashes box office record See in context

Star Wars VII : A New Hope II

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Posted in: War on Christmas? Starbucks cups cause social media outcry See in context

"But some religious conservatives..." There you go, if you start to listen to the religious nuts (be they Catholic, Muslims or whatever), then you won't be able to do, say, or think anything in this world...

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Posted in: Police detain 15-year-old boy over Agnes Chan death threats See in context

Mirai Hayashi, sadly you are right.

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Posted in: Kobe firefighters ask residents to stop calling emergency numbers for trivial reasons like sunburns See in context

Get a mascot going

Oh, please no, not another one... Just educate people like they are grown-ups, not 3-year-old kids... And them maybe they will start thinking as adults.

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Posted in: Education ministry urges all schools to make greater efforts to deal with bullying See in context

"make greater efforts", " be on the alert", "be on the lookout"... Well, with that kind of proactive actions we can be sure nothing will change in the way they handle it. But it sounds cool, which is the most important for these guys at the Ministry I guess

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Posted in: Korean protest See in context

@Chrisopher Glen

And what do they fear actually ? what is the threat with Japan ? I personnally do not approve this new law, but Koreans are just acting paranoid as usual. They seem to only be able to assert themselves through their 60 year-old conflict with Japan.

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Posted in: Arnie's back See in context

@Sasoriza thanks !

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Posted in: Arnie's back See in context

What are the two actresses doing there, are they actually in the movie or are they just for decoration ?

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested after fatal accident See in context

I do not agree with you guys above, I've seen this behavior not only with trucks but mostly taxi drivers. I think they are a real plague, and have dangerously little knowledge of traffic rules. So sad for the little boy anyway, and for his family.

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Posted in: Adultery website shows fastest growth in Japan See in context

Tried it for fun : it's just a basic scam. I can't understand why a website like JT would promote this kind of sites (by making an article out of it). Shame on you.

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