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better than doing nothing.

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FYI, Apa Group has nothing to do with Apaman Shop. Different companies and no capital relationships.

What's important in this discussion is Tamogami talked about something taboo in Japan: more active defense policy. The reaction to him in Japan is something like one to criticism against nuclear bombing over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the US. If someone criticizes A-bombs over Japan, Americans try to desperately justify it.

I'm not talking about Tamogami's claim is right or wrong. I'm not talking about A-bombs were right or wrong. I just want to say even democratic countries have something dominant and something taboo in public dialogue and ideology.

Montaigne said, “Every man calls barbarous anything he is not accustomed to; it is indeed the case that we have no other criterion of truth or right-reason than the example and form of the opinions and customs of our own country.”

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Why do many of posters here focus only on the political aspect? Why can't they understand the fact people are feeling sad about the war and loved ones they have lost? Just only blaming ordinary people and politicizing issues in a hostile way (some may call this "critical") make something productive for the future? If some of you have really talked with those experienced wars and families of victims, you would not say such inhuman things. Unproductive and backward comments.very sad.

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About "communication", they might think the words "police" and "passport" were enough to tell them what they want to do. As aoto says, I've never been spoken to by police officers in Japanese enough to "communicate" abroad, although Japanese are often majority in many tourism destinations. At passport control, immigration officers, for example, just say, "Kanko or bijinesu?". I don't think these words are enough to "communicate" but at least necessary for them to do their jobs. I don't think they can speak Japanese more than that.

What do you mean by "properly" and "communicate"? People have different quality standards for different purposes. Be realistic about issues. Everybody knows Japanese don't speak English well because English ability is not "national standard" unlike Singapore. What's the point of your blame? The officers in this story would be just from a local police station. They are not perhaps the special task force for international crimes. They are just "chiho komuin", not diplomats.

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So, have we reached the conclusion?

Some still complain police officers don't speak English. But they just need to check if foreigners have authentic immigration stamps in their passports. Why do they HAVE to be able to speak English? It would be helpful if they can speak English. But I, as a non-native English speaker, feel the claim that everyone must speak English is very arrogant. Please remember the majority of Japanese people can live in Japan without speaking English and enjoy their lives happily to some extent.

This story is very biased because the "victim" wrote it.We should take this story as a sort of "letters to editors", not an objective piece.

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I have seen undercover police officers asking Japanese to show their IDs inside Akihabara station at daytime in Tokyo. The officers were in a group and quickly showed their badges. Unless you are not criminals, just obey what they request. If they request money or something illegal, it's another story.

Suppose the cops in this story are real ones, there are many reasons why they were undercover. Japanese police think uniform officers are offensive to citizens. Shinjuku is one of the dangerous areas in Tokyo, especially in Kabukicho where Yakuza and foreigners with illegal passports (many are Chinese, Koreans and some South Asian people) are involved in crimes.

I feel sorry that the two women felt offended. But these cases happen anywhere in the world. Japan is not exception. Everybody becomes vulnerable when visiting or living in a foreign country. That's the nature of nation state. Singapore gov possibly does the same to foreigners within its territory.

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Stepping on my foot without apology.

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Masami Nagasawa is not necessarily "sexy" but she's very attractive to Japanese guys really. I know non-Japanese don't think so maybe because she's boring to them.

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I love the new design :)

The old one was very messy and I felt flooded by lots of text. It wasn't kind to newcomers and made me feel the loud minority dominates discussion throughout the site.

Things should be always changing whatever it is like. I don't think the new design is a big deal unlike some people complain. Everybody hates sudden changes but soon gets used to it. That's human psychology stuff.

Readers have rights to complain but it's a free service, you know. I guess the parent company needs to benefit from ads to continue to provide us this free service. It rather seems the new design tries to attract advertisers as well as readers like me. From marketing viewpoints, the old site wasn't good. Japan Today is still much better than Japan Times, Asahi, Yomiuri and any other English news site run by Japanese media, because it has realtime and gossipy articles.

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she's hot.

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