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Posted in: Kidnap suspect said he threatened to kill girl unless she got into his car See in context

Wow, glad they got her.

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Posted in: Missing Okayama girl found unharmed; 49-year-old man arrested See in context


it isn't just that known ppl are more dangerous than unknown-- they are (relatives and friends of the family are more likely to prey on a kid), it's that teaching kids not to talk to strangers can mean not getting real help when in need. If the kid is in trouble, but it is dangerous to talk to strangers, they won't ask for help from the ppl who could help them-- a nearby adult. The fact is that only a very few ppl are predators, and most adults are trustworthy. Furthermore, instinctively most ppl and kids, will look for certain cues when asking a stranger for help. So in fact talking to strangers is often a very good thing.

Furthermore, an adult who has somehow gained a sense of trust or familiarity with a child is no longer a stranger, and so this guy, if he groomed her, talking to her in a non-threatening manner at first a couple times, has already figured out to pass the "stranger test" by "de-stranger-izing" himself.

But there's a lot more to it than that. Read De Becker's book. His other book, the Gift of Fear is also really good, but geared toward any at-risk person (adult women, stalked celebrities etc) as opposed to the special circumstances of children only.

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Posted in: Police hold event to publicize danger of loophole drugs See in context

Honestly, the best way to get rid of those loophole drugs is to legalize, or at least decriminalize, the "natural" drugs, at least some of them, and especially pot.

I don't think that many people actually really want to do the "dappou drugs", they just want a high or a thrill, and that's what's available, easy to get, or cheap, or carries less legal risk.

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Posted in: Missing Okayama girl found unharmed; 49-year-old man arrested See in context

Great she's back, and in good health.

I agree w/ some there is something else going on here? The guy is an acquaintance of the family? Or had previously made contact and groomed her?

re the "don't talk to strangers" ppl, some of that is ok to say, but in fact not always useful from a child's perspective, and furthermore not usually the biggest threat, i.e. if you are worried the most about "strangers" you will end up missing the times/ places that are most dangerous. Fact is, often strangers are exactly who you should turn to in a time of need.

I read a book, Protecting the Gift by Gavin De Becker, really eye opening about protecting kids' safety.

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Posted in: Police raid apartment of 'crying politician' Nonomura See in context

If he was going that regularly to the same station, more like a girlfriend than girly bars, Disillusioned.

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Posted in: Politician proposes giving newlyweds pierced condoms See in context

Wow, nice one.

(Actually J condoms break pretty easily, though.)

The thing is, they don't resign or get voted out. It is just nuts they can be this stupid.

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Posted in: Tokyo vagina artist released by police See in context

Well that's good. Hope it all works out.

I would translate rokudenashiko as "Good-For-Nothing Kid" or "No-Good Girl". Bastard has literal connotations of parentage, especially if you line it up before the word "kid".

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

I couldn't imagine they would leave. Too many stores, too many customers.

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Posted in: Japanese artist jailed for vagina boat vows legal fight See in context


well I abbreviated. It's an image. Same thing from the perspective of the law. Probably worse as it is three D.

Point is in this case; making a big stir about her project (not private citizens), getting money, and distributing an image of a real genital, = challenge to authority, the cops can't back down.

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Posted in: Missing girl's mother consulted police about same suspicious car in May See in context

Aaron, in this case, if it is the same car, or even if not,

it sounds like the girl was being scoped out. So it's not a matter of knowing if the mom is coming, more than taking advantage of an opening.

Hope she comes back soon and safe.

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Posted in: Japanese artist jailed for vagina boat vows legal fight See in context

This is so lame that this is happening.

However, I think some posters are reading too much into it. From the cops' perspective I imagine it works like this:

We can't have public distribution of photos of genitalia. Some semi-private distribution we can ignore, for one thing it's hard to track down. However this person is doing it VERY publicly, getting money for it and creating a public stir. = challenge to the law = we have to stop it.

I imagine the sticking point is more that she is distributing pic of her vagina than that she is making a vagina kayak or other art.

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Posted in: Teacher's conviction for groping girl on bus overturned by Tokyo court See in context

Poor guy.

I and probably lots of other guys have a fear of this happening to us. Keep both hands up, or read a book. Cross fingers.

The girl may very well have been touched by someone else, so I can't say "false accusation". Why was the vid not used 1st time??

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Posted in: Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Campaigners push for pacifist Japanese people to win Nobel Peace Prize

Ha ha ha

Nice one!

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Posted in: What is your prediction for the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina? See in context

Germany seems hotter, but Argentina has semi-home court advantage. But In the end I will have to go with Athletes' prediction above.

What's this about Messi? He's out? Sorry, haven't been watching this year...

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Posted in: Society's shut-ins are getting older See in context

These are sad people. It's too bad there's no way to help them. I imagine once you've tried a little hikikomoriness, you can't stop, as things just get exponentially more scary, and anxiety-ridden.

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Posted in: Scary guy See in context

I got tired of the Kamedas and their Dad way back when they were being marketed as teenagers. I felt bad for them being in the limelight like that, though. Thye've trained hard though, no surprise they are good.

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Posted in: At Liberty See in context

odd picture. TOO HOT. Glad to get out in Aug and miss the real heat this year!!

Patricia Yarrow

There are approximately 23,000 statues of liberty in Japan. Seriously.

Just go by any love-hotel area and you will see that approximately 10% of love hotels have a statue of liberty. Since there are 220,000 love hotels, the calculation is easy. It gets bumped up to 23000 because of the odd restaurant and marriage hall (fake church) which also occasionally use statues of liberty.

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Posted in: Beautiful new luxury train dazzles with gold leaf and lacquer interior See in context

Beautiful, but this kind of luxury train makes me think of a century ago. At today's pace, will many people want to savor a train ride? Just get me there, please.

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Posted in: Sobbing politician resigns; faces charges for misuse of funds See in context

Didn't this happen like a week or more ago…?

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Posted in: Ex-gangster locks himself in hospital room and commits suicide See in context

He was probably protecting somebody- loyalty to his mates in the gang, OR he knew they would kill him anyway if he talked.

Literal translation of the protection money- "aisatsu ryo" is

"greeting money" lol, very Japanese!

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Posted in: Body of cat with both eyes gouged out found in Kobe apartment building See in context

Well, it's not just the 90s Kobe crime, lots of violent criminals start off hurting animals. It's a pattern.

This crime shows a high level of violence and alienation, but also something else.

I believe being left in the stairwell was a conscious act, and means something. Could be he just wants to show off, but I think it is a kind of threat or evidence of a strong grudge against someone nearby. Take care.

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Posted in: A troubled teen in flight from a nuclear meltdown See in context

Yes and for no point, not to like substantiate an interpretation of a character or an analysis of the statement the author wants to make. Just, spillin' the beans...

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Posted in: What’s your favorite beer? See in context

Depends on the day/ my mood, however, recently, I like

Oettinger beers, they are a mid-level German beer taste-wise (=already way better than big label US or Jpns beers), and their price is somehow much cheaper than Jpns beers. Recently I find them in the big discount alcohol import stores, esp Yamaya.

Their "Naturally Cloudy Wheat beer" is the best, but pils and regular are also fine.

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Posted in: Japan issues highest alert as typhoon approaches Okinawa See in context


That was one cool link.

Who knows if it will come, or still be big up here in Kansai...

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Posted in: Japan tops the list of countries that are the most accepting of alcohol See in context

It's beyond just stress, there are so many rigid walls where you can't do this or talk about that or in that way, that it is a necessary greaser for the society. The whole you can say whatever you want and it will be forgotten the next morning cuz you were drunk thing, that doesn't exist anywhere else. If anything, it's in vino veritus, right? But here they just need that excuse.

That said, I don't think it's great. They can't hold their liquor, I don't know if there's less fights, but I wouldn't say moderate, w/ all the mass stumbling, and the sleeping and barfing in public that goes on. That is definitely unacceptable in adults where I come from-- and I'm from a college town.

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Posted in: Should I stay or should I go? See in context

GW/ Tessa, (Thank you Tessa),

I remember when I first arrived here a guy told me that in Japan you will need about 10yrs to know if someone is REALLY a friend, I thought he was nuts

lol Yeah, I know, right?

I would say they don't have friends after say elementary school or jr high. They have roles. People tend to like having clearly defined responsibilities to others based on job, or some other determined group interaction. Within that "space" certain manners will grease the wheels of social interaction, and that is mistaken by foreigners as friendliness or friendship. I wouldn't say it is "un"friendly, but it is something that is limited to an appropriate place and time in a way we don't do, at least Euro-type, where we open up to certain people, and maintain a relationship in a much different way. So when the role has changed, or someone leaves the workplace/ other activity etc, they are suddenly persona non grata. Not hated. Just anonymous. And yes, sudden. There is a great power in it, where you can feel you don't have to think about or worry about this other person anymore because they don't matter, they have no connection to you. So you have no responsibility. This is one aspect of the daily use of the word "shiranai". It can be a very cold word, but also a very freeing word. This is one of the things that I got so used to that it feels like the more natural way to be now.

Similar but different topic, I remember I'd had difficulties w/ a co-worker at work, and when the next year started, I thought I'd invite him out just to smooth things over and talk to him and we could get to know each other better. I invited him on a short hike, (without saying "Let's talk things over"), and he replied with a big grin, "Oh that's a great idea! Let's go together with everyone!" Of course this "group movement" as they say is well-known, and you probably know as well as me, but I'd not had an individual-friendship w/ a J male in so long, I'd actually forgotten!

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Posted in: Is smoking pot harmless? See in context

I voted "yes", harmless. This is pretty well established.

There is no poison to the body in it, unlike alcohol you can't get sick from too much, or die either. As for carcinogens, still MUCH better than tobacco, but also, you can eat it, make tea, take pills etc, so you can avoid carcinogens.


Don't forget, tobacco is bad for you and gives you cancer more for the chemicals it is laced with than for the act of burning/ smoking the leaf. Literally 100's of chemicals that when burned change into all kinds of worse toxins. Compared to that, unlaced pot is pretty benign. Plus, as it is not addictive in the same way, no-one smokes 20 or 40 joints a day the way heavy smokers do. So smoking a little pot- no not so harmful.

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Posted in: Should I stay or should I go? See in context


Interesting. Good for you.


It's all a matter of distance. If I meet with an idiot drunk on the street or a sober, and they talk trash, of course it doesn't bother me, if it is someone I know well, it bugs me and I may or may not say something depending on the situation, but it wouldn't make me feel bad about myself. However, when it is someone very very close and an enormous amount of time and energy has been spent over years to accomplish various projects, it is a pretty big deal. It's not exactly that I actually wonder or care "what others think" so much as a great doubt grew in me that I could or should trust anyone to be close to again. Which is also sad. Eggs in one basket- that is just smart. I should have perhaps not done that. "Not invest identity"- maybe that was good for you to avoid, for me it was/ is the natural thing to do. Maybe it is my special ability, maybe a weakness. In any case I have done things and felt the world in ways I don't see others doing, and that is interesting to me. I can't say I regret that, even though it has opened me up for a pretty big blow, and major cognitive dissonance.

Paradoxically, the further I try to stay away from people, the closer they want to get to me! It all works out in the end.

This is interesting to me. Of course, I have no idea what you actually mean on a chat post here. But maybe that is your special ability. I feel it is better not to cling and to let others come to you if they need it. But not always easy to do.

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Posted in: A dying business: family graves in Japan See in context


Like I said, no one would ever know. Just don't tell any J friends you are doing it!

PS was that a seven HOUR service maybe?

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Posted in: Hundreds of mascots face chop with finance ministry budget cuts See in context

Hundreds of mascots face chop with finance ministry budget cuts

Oh, chop them, please chop them!

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