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Yea right, Freedom of navigation only afforded for US-A and its allied. There will be a different story if China or Russia warship sailing near US's coast.

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What would make an offender think that being drunk would allow them to deny reponsibility.

Alcohol can impair one's judgement and did things that never would have done sober. So the offender may think being drunk could removed his inhibitions and the punishment certainly is different if he has done that on purpose.

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Does that somehow change the misuse of the word 'excuse'?

If the offender has the intention to seek denial of responsibility, then that is the excuse for him.

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Yeah, keep it up Chelsea!

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“I want to be friends to China,” he told an audience of businesspeople in Tokyo. “I do not need the arms. I do not want missiles established in my country. I do not need to have the airports to host the bombers.”

If only Abe thought this way too!

Kind of 'surprise' to see this statement got down votes.

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Ganging-up against a victim who is younger than each of them. What a shame and hateful! Hopefully karma will catch up with them real soon.

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It’s easy to despise what you cannot have. That's what can be found from most of the comments here. Reminded the story of The Fox and The Grapes.

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It's as if Duterte is only on the side of the Chinese (Their puppet?) and no longer on the side not just the U.S. but his own country & people, the Philippines.

Which country is under Chinese puppet state control? Did you mean some countries like Uk, EU countries, Jpn, S.Kor by USofA?

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Chop ChopOCT. 21, 2016 - 12:06AM JST So Philippine is no longer needed Japan's patrol boats and planes. Why Japanese Government needs to supply patrol planes and boats as planned. The game is changing and going difference direction. So Japanese Government must revaluation of its supporting to Philippine Government.

You know what, this just like one person give 2 little pistols to the other poor guy and says "BRO, here you are. Go and fight that guy sitting in the tank! I will give you support from behind!" Do you expect that poor guy grabs the pistol and charges to the guy in the tank? Funny.

flowersOCT. 21, 2016 - 02:24AM JST Besides he’s only swinging the pendulum back, he just wants PH not to be a lapdog for the US which uses PH to confront China...


No, of course not. First the US would accuse the other governments of corrupt and undemocratic, then taking them out resulting in bloodshed and piles of dead bodies of innocent people. In the end those countries are in ruin and messier than before.

Just look at Iraq, Libya, and Syria. I just don't see the people there get any benefits from this.

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