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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

Hi! South Korean here!

I just find it so interesting that many people think South Korea and North Korea might get reunited!

To be honest most South Koreans deplore that thought! Our people love a good republic. We just wanna make some railroads if at all possible and go to China and Russia, and Europe and.. You get the drift. We want to strengthen foreign connections.

It's kind of funny that while in the South Korea medium's comments, prime minister Abe is the far right evil manipulator of Japan, and in the Japanese comments president Moon is the incompetent North Korea-commie lover of SK. We hate the each other one's leader so much!

Just fascinating reading other perspectives and realizing how disconnected Japanese and South Koreans are. Our two nations should really talk more over tea and biscuit. With Trump's tweets and NK missiles soaring over our heads... That would be one hell of a picture.

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Posted in: Japan, led by less apologetic generation, stays tough in S Korea feud See in context

Right, South Korean here looking for Japanese perspectives!

The reason for dissent with the 2015 "Comfort Women Deal" is the fact that the president at the time, for the lack of a better word, was a complete whackjob! Literally! The country wasn't even run by her!

We literally had to overthrow her government! That wasn't so fun.

Moreover, many victims weren't satisfied with the deal, feeling that their traumatic experience was being calculated with a monetary value. Also angry with not receiving formal Japanese Gov announcement that acknowledges and apologizes about the whole war crime part. But they had no say in the matter. It was hush hush let's wrap up this stuff sort of business.

That's my two cents on why that 2015 deal isn't respected a whole lot, It just felt like a coverup to a lot of people!

Regarding the article, this is surprisingly unbiased! I thought from the title I would be in for a ride of, "Oh boy! Bias by omission? My favorite!" but found myself learning about why Japan is right-oriented in today's world.

What's my opinion on this whole shindig with the trade spat? Pfffph I don't have an opinion! I don't want to be harassed!

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Posted in: South Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list See in context

Hi! South Korean here. I was interested to read what the Japanese media had to say on this matter so I came over to have a looksy. It was mostly what I already knew so that's great! From what I gather, this was a Tit-for-Tat maneuver on South Korea's part, they are crossing Japan off the white list because South Kore was listed off Japan's A-list! (Previously called white list) There is no benefit to either side! From my perspective this is just becoming a childish political fight that can be resolved right now if prime minister Abe retracted the trade restrictions. But that's never gonna happen so I guess we gotta wait for WTO results.

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