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Posted in: Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant See in context

Radioactive tritium dumped in the Pacific. Who knows, a new kind of Godzilla will rise from the depths of the ocean! Or an action hero!

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki says Charlie Hebdo drawings of Muhammad were a mistake See in context

Some already get angry when they see a drawing or some other image of the prophet. They state that it is forbidden to even depict the man. But who decided that the prophet cannot be depicted? And when?

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Posted in: Germany inflict historic 7-1 defeat on Brazil See in context

The ranking of Holland doesn't mean much for it is the consequence of playing in Indonesia and China during the preparations. It would be great for Holland if they beat Arg. for several reasons. They finally beat Argentina and get over the trauma (1978) when the lost the final. And the result is a nice Brazil-Argentina clash and a Holland-Germany clash. This last one will be historic for Holland has lost from Germany in the past in the finals (1974). Two traumas already have been eliminated: Holland was perfect in penalty's and they beat Spain from which they lost in the final (2010).

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Posted in: Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It’s not always for health reasons See in context

I also fell for this courtesy thing in the beginning. Later on I realized the different possible reasons of wearing a mask was, till now I have come up with 10:

to avoid catching the flu to hide your face (shy/ugly/anorexia/anxiety) to hide your face (leave me alone) fashion warm allergy to sneeze without holding your hand/arm in front of your mouth so you can continue staring at the keitai to have a barrier that prevents the bad breath from the ojisan to reach the nose adding the smell of roses to the mask, make them feel happy happy I love romance, pink and fairy tales because others tell them to do so/ mama san for instance ?

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Posted in: Revolutionary new coconut water See in context

Just think of the huge number of coconut farms. Think of the meat industry. No waste, every part is used. And if there's no use, then they will come up with something. Brains, balls, paws, don't throw it away. Grind it and there you have a sausage. Or pink slime. Collagen used to be a waste product and used as a filler. Now it is anti-ageing.

I think the coconut industry is looking for ways how to make maximum use of the product as well. Hmmm, what are we going to do with the huge amount left over coconut water?....let's is beneficial for your blablabla...!

But agreed, coconut water tastes much better than Tokyo's tap water.

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Posted in: Japan to make more plutonium despite big stockpile See in context

According to internet 1 gram of plutonium costs 4000 dollar. As 1 ton consists of 1.000.000 grams (according to internet...) I end up with a total value of 140.000.000 dollar for the current stockpile of plutonium (35 tons). As I wrote before, the whole matter could be about the possibility this 'asset' turns into plain waste. There is already doubt whether the Japanese can make the recycling work. Some say, it is not going to happen before 2050.

If the recycle won't happen, Aomori will return the stocked plutonium. They accepted stock piling the stuff because it was just temporarily. Aomori might decide to return the stock to the nuclear plants. However, these have no capacity to keep them safely for they already are stuffed with used rods.

This whole idea of raising the amount of plutonium might be part of a campaign to give the impression that the recycle loop is within reach in a way to convince politics.

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Posted in: Japan to make more plutonium despite big stockpile See in context

As long as the plans of a fast breeder are alive, as long plutonium will be used in the future to recycle, plutonium is an asset. When Monju closes, plutonium is not longer needed, the plutonium becomes waste, worthless waste. So, just keep the idea of a closed loop of nuclear power alive. Perhaps that is the real reason behind the idea of producing more plutonium?

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Posted in: Hashimoto reverses stance; OKs limited restart of Oi reactors See in context

These supposed to happen black they occur because the power companies can not or do not (on purpose) produce more energy? Power companies have the duty to provide enough energy, so when they cannot, they should be put out of business...oh wait, something with monopolist... Why can't this so called 'technological advanced country' come up with a solution to deal with the difference of the 50 and 60 hrz in Japan so electricity can be transported easily from south to north and viceversa?

And please, cut the crap about the CO2 which is just a major scam and excuse to raise taxes worldwide. My plants in the garden are graving for CO2! More, more! Yeah, but it gets hotter every year,duh....Switch of the air cons, the ones in houses, offices and cars. Ever walked by a car during summer that had a guy sleeping in there and its airco running? You can fry an egg there. Remove the vending machines that offer cool drinks but are well positioned in the hot sun. Turn of the numerous screens. Gets quieter as well. Would be nice. Switch off the TV, wasn't that one of the recommendations that Nomura did recently (but of course didn't make it to the 7 o clock news...). I guess people don't want to change here unless they are being ordered. Old habits don't die here. It is culture! (that is always the excuse)

By the way, nuclear power plants worldwide dump their hot water 24/7 into the oceans. And that for some decades now. Just use the numerous hot water springs here, you just have to heat up a bit extra and there you have it, almost free energy.

Had to get this off my chest.

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Posted in: How to stop kids from walking into door handles See in context

Let's assume it is a problem (needs quite some imagination though) then here is the solution and it will cost no Yen whatsoever. Take out the handle, and put it back with the handle upwards. Easy to open the door with your elbow, small children don't run into the door handle anymore...

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

what I find more disturbing is the successful export of Japanese 'kawaii'-behavior. When you are 20 and act like a 3 year old, you are cute. For a long time this was only manner in Japan. But now it also seems to become normal in Korea... I get the chills when I think of this would become a trend in Europe or the US too. And then specially when the huge women there will starting to behave like this...

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

Title of an exhibition: 'Happy go Rucky'

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland to allow Cinderella Castle to be used for weddings See in context

Mickey Mouse wedding? Are they insane? Get Donald Duck!

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Posted in: Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry See in context

Sometimes I just it the nuclear industry lobby that is behind the story (hoax if you will) of CO2-emissions so they can promoot nuclear as clean energy?

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Posted in: New commercial complex Shibuya Hikarie to open next April See in context

Hikarie is the first stage of a renovation of the station area. 'The area around Shibuya Station is under re-development and set to become a town where the latest culture and entertainment gather. As a start-up of this big project spanning more than 10 years, Shibuya Hikarie, a high-rise complex facility, will open in front of Shibuya Station on April 26, 2012.'

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Posted in: Wakayama court clears anti-dolphin hunt activist See in context

What a coincidence, the Dutch minister of Ec Affairs is in Japan right now...

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