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Posted in: Peach plane diverts to Niigata airport to offload passenger who refused to wear a mask See in context

he could have spent his energy to something more useful.

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Posted in: Tougher penalties for smartphone use while driving take effect See in context

At least this gives a clear signal that using a phone while driving is bad behavior.

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Posted in: Calls for boycott of Japan grow in S Korea as labor row simmers See in context

I do understand that Japan is angry, the war ended almost 75 years ago! But following the american model and only using economic sanctions to express its anger is a bad idea.

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Posted in: Half of elderly drivers in fatal accidents had cognitive impairment: NPA See in context

I was once hit (bumper to bumper) by a car driven by an elderly man who drove backwards, and the driver wanted to leave without any little inspection of the cars. So I left my car to have a little chat :-). Then his wife told me I should to excuse him because his sight isn't so good anymore ...

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