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Mmmm... Pride, presumption, pratfall, plunge and Paddy’s Day... The headlines could be fun tomorrow ; )

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While I sympathise entirely with the idea that governments should act to reduce smoking levels, the idea that nicotine doesn’t occur naturally in tobacco is just wrong.

They’ll be accusing you of “fake science” to discredit your anti-smoking arguments....

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You can get them in Shizuoka, apparently.

And it’s “Brussels”, as in the place : )

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Andy Carroll shall always have the crown ;)

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If that contract you quoted is in any way indicative of the English level involved in the actual job, then I’d advise anybody with any pretensions of using English correctly to stay well clear....

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Posted in: Iran woman gets two years in prison for removing veil See in context

“One exception does not disprove a rule.”

Well, strictly speaking, that’s exactly what it does. It’s a matter of cold logic, not opinions.

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Posted in: 864,000 ticket applications received for team and stadium packs for Rugby World Cup 2019 See in context


Indeed they are. And for an ounce of shortbread and a teenth of the hard stuff, I’m sure you’ll get tickets....

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Posted in: N Korea makes 'agreement' with S Korea after historic meeting See in context

Better than ‘big bone-spurred’.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet's support rate dips to 48% from Feb: poll See in context


Fair enough. I can’t argue with any of that.

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Posted in: Abe cabinet's support rate dips to 48% from Feb: poll See in context


In a properly ordered democracy, the Prime Minister should be of no more consequence than the Chancellor or the Foreign Secretary. The idea that s/he should be directly elected, like a President, for God’s sake, is ridiculous.

Would you expect to vote for your greengrocer, or your librarian?

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Posted in: Tokyo school hires guards after Armani uniform furor See in context


But the back-packs are designed to last six years. A uniform will be outgrown in two.

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Posted in: From prison to condoms: Japan has a mascot for everything See in context

Mascots are even used to promote safe sex in Japan, with one of the most famous being Jimmy Hattori, a ninja with a large pink condom on his head.

A ninja? So, in and out without anybody noticing?

Maybe not the best choice....

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Posted in: More charges added to American man arrested over dismembered body See in context


I didn't know there was such a thing as an American name.


How about Miskweminanocsqua, Opechancanough, or Askuwhetean?

Good, old-fashioned Long Island names, all.

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Posted in: EU, Japan to sign free trade deal by summer: EU official See in context


The only time you see some additional import is when Abe made an overseas trip to Turkey, you could spot Turksih cheese and olive oil. When he visited Baltic countries, Latvian sardines were on sale. Completely ridiculous.

Don't be too hard on the bloke. He's got to supplement his meagre prime minister's salary somehow, in these tough times. And a suitcase full of tinned sardines goes down wonderfully with the locals....

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Posted in: Trump calls Sessions' surveillance probe decision 'disgraceful' See in context

I wouldn't be surprised if Donny isn't on the ticket for the next election.

Well, bone-spurs won't cut it this time, and heart problems do too much to suggest the image of a cheeseburger-devouring slob...Mental issues would be bad for future business deals....

Mmm... a difficult one this. I'm sure they'll come up with something.

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Posted in: Japanese Embassy in U.S. : No human meat consumption in Japan See in context


As is the thought of a witch abducting two German children in the forest and eating them.

But... but I thought they shoved her in the oven, stole her treasure, escaped and lived happily ever after.

Are you saying they all lied to me?

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Posted in: Anime director under fire for anti-Semitic tweets intended for international community See in context

I prefer to focus on the excellence of the art, rather than politics.

Quite right too.

There was an Austrian chap in the twenties who turned out some lovely watercolours.

To hear people today, you'd think that his apparent anti-Semitism was his sole distinguishing feature....

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Posted in: Mascots chosen by children for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Paralympics unveiled See in context

There were mascots at Rio and London?

I’m obviously not in the target market....

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Posted in: Mascots chosen by children for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Paralympics unveiled See in context

Mascotty McMascotface

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Posted in: Sea of yellow See in context



And even the “seed” suffix is a concession to the overly-sensitive.

When I was younger, it was called simply “rape”, and nobody gave it a second thought.

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Posted in: Jane Walker to replace Johnnie Walker on some scotch bottles See in context


Oh, she will be... once you’re half-way through the bottle....

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Posted in: Britain is facing serious far-right terrorism threat, top UK's officer See in context


Our mothers should meet.

I was the only kid at my school whose parents got the New Statesman, the Socialist Worker and the Soviet Weekly!

Embarrassing at the time, but it makes me sneakily proud now....

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Posted in: IOC recommends upholding ban of Russia through Winter Games See in context


To be fair, the former captain of the British women’s team was asked this very question by the BBC recently, and she couldn’t come up with a real reason for doping. She just found it funny....

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You don’t have to “revere” the man, or even be particularly offended, to regard the whole episode as a bit daft.

Not impressed.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country's tourists are the least well-behaved whenever you have seen them out and about? See in context

Them as come over the Pennines, laugh at our cuisine, claiming that the fish and chips are better in Whitby and the beer's better in Sheffield or Leeds. Nevertheless, they drink enough to start fights and cause mayhem in town centres and then go back to Skipton or wherever, complaining that nobody likes them. True.

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Posted in: Time to ban gay 'conversion' therapies, say experts See in context

Can they, I wonder, convert twisted bigotry into straight, normal thinking?

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Posted in: Students plan protests, Washington march to demand gun control after school shooting See in context

March on your own free time, not during school hours.

How about attending the funerals of dead friends? A valid excuse to be absent? Or is burying the dead elitist and liberal?

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Posted in: I want the Tokyo Games to be an opportunity to expand Japan’s contribution to Islamic society globally, and in the future use the mobile mosques at refugee camps, conflict zones and other areas for peaceful causes. See in context

What Jim said.

Religion shouldn’t have any part in the lives of those who choose not to accept it. Otherwise, society becomes like it has in too many fundamentalist/extremist regions... truly horrible.

I’m a Christian, though....

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Posted in: UK wine is improving, but can it take on the Japanese market? See in context


Yeah, you make a fair point.

I’ll stick with an ice-cold pint of crisp lager, though....

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Posted in: UK wine is improving, but can it take on the Japanese market? See in context


That’s like comparing Eritrean and Panamanian Scotch!

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