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Posted in: Court shortens psychiatric evaluation period for Abe's accused killer See in context

The idea that “He knew what he was doing” is proof that he was sane is laughable.

Insane people can spend an eternity on meticulous plans to carry out whatever bizarre scheme has attracted their flaky attention.

They don’t all run around naked and frothing at the mouth like they do in comic-books….

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Posted in: Yokohama F Marinos beat Vissel Kobe 3-1 for 5th J.League title See in context

It took over six minutes for the first Yokohama effort to be ruled out by VAR.

I’m sure the inventors of the system didn’t have that sort of delay in mind….

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman arrested for shoplifting from supermarket See in context

…let me just steal your other belongings… as I desperately need them for my own survival. Deal?


If it’s true….

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Posted in: What does Halloween mean to you? See in context


Two days after mine.


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Posted in: What does Halloween mean to you? See in context

No Halloween in England in my day.

Anybody else remember “Mischief Night”?

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Posted in: Stop 'counterproductive' attacks on famous paintings, says art world See in context


You’re quite right, unfortunately. Public support is necessary for any meaningful change in government policy.

I hope it comes through a gradual, self-interested awareness of what needs to be done, rather than the deaths of thousands of people somewhere in the developed world (deaths in other places don’t seem to concern folk in the west) after some climate-related catastrophe.

Meanwhile, the activists (rightly or wrongly) do what they see as necessary….

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Posted in: Stop 'counterproductive' attacks on famous paintings, says art world See in context


Difficult to conceive of anything as “serious and deadly” as the eventual effects of climate change.

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Posted in: World faces tension with China under Xi Jinping's third term See in context

In fact, it has mostly taken on the worst that the West has ever come up with and pursued it to a ridiculous degree.

> Reminds me of somewhere a lot closer to home....

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Posted in: Japan's wine tipplers see glass half empty as weak yen pushes prices higher See in context



The vine at Don Quite is fino!

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy falls to his death from apartment building See in context


Yep. Wise words.

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Posted in: ANA to offer new vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free in-flight meals See in context


That’s why I started with “People with special dietary requirements aside…”

And no, I’ve never complained about airline food. I’m too timid by nature and too drunk by habit to care, every time ; )

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Posted in: Boris Johnson returns to UK in bid for rapid political comeback See in context

I don’t like Tories on principle; Johnson is a nasty piece of work. But his economic ideas seem that tiny bit more rational and compassionate than Truss’s extreme nonsense. For the sake of the most unfortunate in UK society, his re-emergence might just be seen as a good thing….

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Posted in: Britain's political turmoil shatters its standing in the world See in context


A bit unfair on those of us in the north of England who prefer not to be associated with the Little Englanders down south….

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Posted in: Shibuya Ward to ban drinking in public spaces during Halloween period See in context

How lucky we are to live in a country that bans public drinking in one place for only a couple of days in the interests of safety.

There are certain religiously-inspired regimes than ban it completely….

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Posted in: Boris Johnson eyes comeback as UK leader See in context

Well said, Mr Kipling. The same folk never liked Meghan Markle, either….

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Posted in: Damages awarded to Japan's #MeToo symbol over defamatory tweet likes See in context

Thanks, rainyday & Confusius.

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Posted in: Damages awarded to Japan's #MeToo symbol over defamatory tweet likes See in context

I’m basically computer/internet illiterate, so excuse my ignorant question: Aren’t likes/dislikes generally anonymous on most sites?

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Posted in: UK Labour leader accuses government of trashing economy See in context

Now they just elected another sorry member from BJ's party.

What do you mean? Do you expect the Tories to elect somebody from another party?

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Posted in: If you thought this summer's heat waves were bad, a new study has some disturbing news See in context

There’s going to be a huge backlash at some point against fossil fuel companies, their employees and their families: Mobs, riots and lynchings.

Simple human nature in the face of unpleasant reality.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

Maybe they could use the money to retrain the incompetent security staff that were supposed to be protecting him

It's what he would have wanted....

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Posted in: Japan has a service where shiba inu greet you at the airport See in context

Just like Queen Street train station in Glasgow, where a genuine Scotsman will greet all arrivals with a cheery “ Bite mah bawsack, yer radge numpty”, especially on Saturday nights.

No charge.

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Posted in: Japan gov't to extend monetary aid for Ukraine evacuees by 6 months See in context

Interesting to read about the concern for Japanese hungry, homeless people coming from the “charity begins at home” brigade.

How much were you bothered about homeless locals before the government started handing out money to foreigners?

Lots of posts on JT and letters to newspapers, right…?

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Posted in: Russian shells slam into eastern Ukraine; 3 dead, 20 injured See in context

Just shoot some missiles into Russia, and you will see how fast the things will change.


The problem is that shooting directly at Russia would provide Putin with exactly the pretext he wants to say that the existence of the Russian state is under existential threat, thus justifying the use of nuclear weapons. And say he fires a "small" nuclear missile and devastates Kyiv...Is the West really going to respond in kind, risking the end of civilisation?

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Posted in: Source of Britain's River Thames driest ever as drought nears See in context

 I think the canal system could be used to move water from north to south.

Nah. This is a perfect chance to try out the Tories' "trickle-down" theories. Remember how they said that wealth generated in the richer parts of the country (the South) would magically find its way to the North?

Well, let's see how it works with the shoe on the other foot, with real "trickles"....

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Posted in: English FA to block unpopular changes to team colors See in context


Remember the early-eighties horror, with the two curly vertical stripes?

It’s back….

All good, mate. And good luck to the blue Scouse this year!

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Posted in: English FA to block unpopular changes to team colors See in context

That said, I’m buying a (purple) Coventry away shirt this season, as the home kit’s bloody awful.

Not that I buy kits much. Every six years or so….

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Posted in: English FA to block unpopular changes to team colors See in context

’Hull Tigers’. Sounds like some tin-pot baseball team. Tacky.

I must have been about five or six when I realised "Sunderland Nil" wasn't their full name... ; )

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Posted in: Crypto clients beg for their cash back after lender's crash See in context

Capitalism in all its nasty, naked glory…,

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Posted in: Automakers targeting average households with new crop of EVs See in context

Having said so, how many out there are skilled drivers?

Everyone thinks they're good, but few truly are.

Just like love-making, according to the wife.

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Posted in: Toyota's Japan flagship Crown car to debut on global markets See in context

A car that could very well be our crowning achievement.

Was that supposed to be funny?

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