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Posted in: Hayashi plays 'Imagine' on piano at Liverpool G7 dinner See in context

"Imagine" is international and is much more fitting for the occasion.

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

What a jerk Suga is. This is a self-serving statement to appease those who rightfully want the Olympics cancelled and also to boost confidence in the LDP. Anyone notice that October/November is close to the elections?????? This was a very calculated puff peice.

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Posted in: Deaths at home in Osaka Prefecture surge amid COVID wave See in context

"Total collapse of the medical system" is a stretch. Japan has been claiming since the get go and has done precious to little to increase the number of beds, vents, or the like. Flash back to the hospitals in New York and how dedicated the healtchare professionals were, using tents, arenas....anything they could find to provide care. Japan's medical community is largely in denial. Again, from the get go, just the fact that you had to have "permission" from some bureaucrat to even get tested....was farcical. Even now where I live, many hospitals and clinics have huge signs telling people w/ coughs or fevers to go away. And of course, the ongoing stories of people riding around and dying in ambulances because no one will take them........And yet, Suga and LDP soldier on with their thoughts of diverting medical personnel to assist Olympian guests. Without a doubt, Japan is a third world country.

It would be nice if the Japanese media accurately reported things instead of being mouthpeices for the LDP. Notice that every time there is some embarrassment to the LDP, the media jumps into to improve the appearance. Today's attempt was the approval of some new drug for covid can that be used if you can't get into a hospital. Plus all these headlines of Japan's "eying" or "mulling" or "considering" somehow spun to sound like something definite. Gee whiz.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Suga clearly demonstrated his concern for the lives of Japanese by keeping foreigners out (but allowing Japanese to come in), quarantine requirements for foreigners (but not always for Japanese), subsidizing Japanese to help spread the virus to local areas through the various Go To campaigns, continuously thinking that throwing money at people will contain the virus, not subsidizing hospitals to increase beds and ventilators, ignoring the advice of experts, ......and the list goes on and on. To be honest, I cannot think of one action that government has taken that demonstrates anything beyond "concern" for the Olympic, their own legacy and propping up their base of small restaurants and bars.....that...heck did ya know it....are petri dishes for the spread of the virus. All in all, Suga's policies have actively RESULTED in the spread of the virus.

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Posted in: WHO hopes Tokyo Olympics can go ahead despite extension of state of emergency See in context

Here again, the perpetual misleading headlines. He is not "hoping" in the sense of "supporting" as is suggested by the headline, but rather is saying this in the sense of "wouldn't it be nice, if it could occur....but probably it won't".

Anyway, the WHO has very little credibility, and what little remained, is further tarnished by any positive comment about continuing the Olympics in the face of the dire health risks and opposition of close to 80% of Japanese. Shame on you, WHO.

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Posted in: Japan to procure enough COVID vaccines for all eligible by end of September See in context

Yet another misleading headline and misleading article. Bourla did not commit to providing enough vaccine to vaccinate all Japanese. He indicated increased consultation and cooperation with Japan. Some media sources refer to "substantial agreement", which is not legally binding.

Why doesn't Japan just hurry up and approve Moderna! That would give them 2 sources of supply.

Japan COULD vaccinate everyone if it really wanted to and it COULD test on a large scale if it really wanted.

Pretty plain that it doesn't want to do either.

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers See in context

Every time there is any criticism from outside the Japan, the government and the J mainstream media automatically let loose more restrictions on foreigners......without addressing the elephant in the room--the fact that the spread is due to Japanese and inaction by the Japanese government. If the government can do saliva tests quickly and comprehensively of foreigners at airports, they are certainly in a position to do so in Tokyo and elsewhere. Criminals!

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Posted in: Japan to procure enough COVID vaccines for all eligible by end of September See in context

First, I have no clue how Kono or Suga translate Bourla's comment about "increasing consultations" and working with the J government to a definite commitment to vaccinate everyone in Japan, especially when Pfizer may be one of only 2 manufacturers if AZ and J&J get sidelined.

Second, if Japan were really serious about vaccinating, they would approve at least Moderna right away.

Lies upon lies upon lies.

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Posted in: Fukushima tries to update image with new multilingual website See in context

Hmmmm, yes I can imagine the marketing pitch, "come and enjoy our radiated ocean and toxic seafood after the Olympics.

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

Here we go again, Japanese fearmongering at its best. If it isn't the Japanese government, it is media; in this case, both. Just exactly what Japan does not need now right before the Olympics when an estimated 70,000 athletes, coaches will be unleashed on a largely unvaccinated population in Japan, with no vaccination requirements or mandatory quarantines required of these 70,000! This worse than "Go To" by far. Shame on Japan and shame on Suga!

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Posted in: Suga apologizes after LDP execs visit hostess bars during state of emergency See in context

These politicians are the ones who should be subject to the new law, not those infected by Covid. Put the politicians in jail for a year and/or make them pay a fine of 1M yen! How on earth can you criminalize people for catching a disease. They have done nothing, these LDP politicians on the other hand....have. Lock them up. (Ha!)

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