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"The Japanese government is also to blame by collaborating with the Americans to establish whore houses near the bases."

How ignorant and backwards can you get the meaning of historical events?

The Japanese government didn't set up whore houses for the occupying forces to impregnate women, they literally set them up to minimise the rape that the American soldiers were committing against Japanese civilian women. This was their entire purpose, which you ignorantly have ignored.

Did you even read 10 seconds of Japanese history?

Japanese police were creating reports on the rape rates, which skyrocketed up to 300 rapes a day in the first few days of occupation. The rapes being recorded as foreigners as the rapists, this isn't a surprise also. The brothels the Japanese government set up, significantly reduced the rape rates at the time.

After a certain point MacArthur and the occupying forces found out about this and made the Japanese stop tabulating the data and basically stop publicising it. MacArthur also made the Japanese government close down the brothels and the rape rate again increased after this point again.

Now it's common sense that rape would be the highest around the initial occupation time, then it would linearly die down over time as the war was over and the hate would wane and order within Japan would restore and soldiers could no longer feel as if they could just do anything they wanted to people.

Though it's estimated by Japanese scholars that during the entire occupation, at least 200,000 Japanese women were raped by American soldiers.

Taking into account fertility rates and things like miscarriage, around 32,000 pregnancies should have resulted from these rapes.

The accounts say that women had abortions, that village elders would perform abortions and keep their rape a secret to hide the shame of it. With most of the rapes typically occurring within Okinawa, but still a portion within the mainland (within a small town was the most common area for the rapist soldiers to feel confident that they have control).

Barely any of these children were born, because of abortion or the mother just killing herself. Because it's obvious for the Japanese society to tell what happened, unlike German women raped who could pass off the baby as being a German and just live a lie etc.

Now there is a different subject where babies literally were born, that is consensual couples. This is where an American soldier took a wife there basically, the vast majority of these were war brides and they were to go back to the USA with their husband. Some 30,000-40,000 Japanese women were war brides, there are cases of some who tried to stay in Japan (yet faced too much social ostracism, so they left for the USA).

Thus, there aren't that many actual hafu that got created and became part of the Japanese gene pool. Which is why genetic studies on the Japanese today show no European mixture. Also this article doesn't have anything to do with Japan, which is why it's strange to be on this site. It's about Vietnam and the guy in the article hasn't even been to Japan.

Vietnam is a bit different, Vietnam was occupied viciously for 20 years by the USA. And rape was rife the entire time, but so were some consensual couplings as well. I wouldn't at all be surprised if up to 50,000 Vietnamese-American babies were born in Vietnam during the war.

Many of these were killed by the Vietcong after the USA left, but it's fair to say that at least 10,000 Vietnamese-Americans may exist to this day in Vietnam and have an American soldier as their father who they don't know.

This is a good thing the guy is doing, there are dozens of articles of Vietnamese-Americans in which their father found them.

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