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why doesn't Japan build a base inside the Sentaku Island they were great at in world war 2 tunnels

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Most of the foreign Pastors are fake. most hold full time teaching jobs making them high risk due to interaction with students, and private exchange groups in bars etc., not to mention their high risk socializing in bars that cater to foreigners. Your also risking getting married by a fake Pastor who at the most payed 10000 yen for a paper certificate issued by someone that says he qualifies as a Pastor, not someone who has had years of training in the Church

The singers a lot of who are professional performer's are in high contact groups as artists as to playing in clubs

My advice if you want a Christian wedding do it in a real Church

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ABE IS A JERK.. he only started wearing a mask after he lost the Olympics, he really thought he had a say in whether they would continue, did it cross his mind that other countries would be the decision makers there If he had jumped on the Corona bandwagon from the very start Japan would be in a better position. He should have went after the virus immediately and taken care of the people. It would have shown the world that Japan was responsible enough to host the Olympics maybe if he had used that approach there would be an Olympics counts are low in Japan because of lack of testing. Now the guy is wearing a mask. Get really the counts are going to soar..

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where and who is the Gov in Hyogo?? nothing to say no actions no comments totally useless

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One thing they should stop is the delivery of handbills and advertising. I watched a woman sneezing and coughing on her hands and then took hand bills from her scooter and put them in mail boxes at the apartment across the street

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Sad I taught English in a similar place, nice kids, easy to teach, smart, and friendly. The guards were always bullying them, they especially like to walk down the aisle and rap them in the top of the head with their knockle's during class. I could never understand why. Guess it's I'm the boss thing/ that place should be investigated for possible child abuse

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

Wishing everyone the best

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

Abe and Koike deserve a spanking, and should be voted out at the next elections , here comes the grandstanding, task force should of happened the day the ship of the dammed docked they are business people

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