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In Japan, the national debt is seen topping ¥1 quadrillion by the end of March 2013. A policy of money printing pursued for a decade has failed abysmally and now politicians look set to pursue currency debasement in an even more aggressive manner – with attendant consequences.

The hyper-correlation of Japanese stocks and the JPY have led many to believe that Abe's miracle promise will be just the ticket to bring the nation's two-decade slump to an end - a 2% inflation target is all you need.

However, in a brief CNBC interview, Kyle Bass explains that not only are 99.9% of people wrong about the crisis (explaining the critical aspect of the abrupt turn of twenty years of the 'procylicality of thought' - that deflation is the norm), but Abe's actions have actually brought forward the date of the "detonation of Japan's Debt Time Bomb.

It is the Japanese institutions that own JGBs and they own them at meager rates of interest simply because of the ingrained belief in deflation; when the government begins to target 2% inflation, the swing in forward expectations (he notes to monitor inflation swap breakevens) will be the trigger for Japan's implosion.

Bass warns that "Japanese debt is around 24x central government tax revenue and when you sail into the zone of insolvency, nothing you can do will help," though he realizes that calling the end of the 70-year debt super-cyle to a specific date is naive, he does expect the 'bomb' to explode within 18 month to two years.

All of the components for this [bomb] to go off 'all of a sudden' are in place. The clock has started on the qualitative shift in participants' minds that the situation is untenable as the realization that Japan spends 25% of revenue on interest now - and with higher rates (via this supposed inflation) the entire situation becomes farcical as every 1% rise in their cost of capital (or rates) costs them another 25% of revenue!.

On JPY devaluation - The signs are already there that elites are exiting the JPY - with recent M&A transactions - he warns. 20% of exports go to China; this could be halved given the tensions, and a JPY devaluation is not going to restore the competitiveness of that secular decline.

On Japanese stocks - The people buying Japanese stocks, are picking up dimes in front of a bulldozer.

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Posted in: Van Halen with David Lee Roth to tour Japan in November See in context

Torafusu Torasan, maybe check out 'Ain't talking about love'. Raw and powerful, off the Van Halen album. BTW Tezbo, AC/DC rocked Saitama on the Black Ice tour. Awesome!

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Posted in: 99 requests for emergency help in 5 months due to 'law-evading herb' use in Tokyo See in context

I've bought this legal herb about half a dozen times from NZ. Expensive, but excellent quality. I did go a bit beserk and smoked way too much, but had a great time. Strong as. On the other hand, I have also bought some cheap legal herb from the US and it was awful. Couldn't get a fly high, and ended up in the garbage. I remember 10+ years ago when magic mushrooms were semi-legal and I enjoyed them on a weekly Friday night too. Rules, laws change, so get in while you can if you want to try?

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I work in a bank and have a large back tattoo. Kept hidden until the right opportunity arises. I have been here for 20 years (leaving in 20 days), and with a bit of skill with some towels have made it into all onsens & sports clubs. As Tokyokawasaki said freedom of choice. On ya' cletus too!

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Japan demands concrete action? Japan doesn't have the god damn right to demand anything. Fools?

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I didn't like working for someone else and opened my own business. Full on case of insecure Japanese guys and the gaijin syndrome. Just promote the gaijin misunderstanding and hate here? Can tell you that personal relationships with the person who employs you is paramount to success. Show the person who is paying your wage, contributing to your professional growth that you are on the same page, and away you go?

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Flyjin my ass, it's called common sense people. I had my 2 infant children and wife out of Tokyo within 48 hours of the earthquake once radiation increase 10 fold on the 13th March. Watched things unfold from the Hilton Cairns over the next 7 weeks. Whilst I didn't expect them to grow horns and antlers overnight, I have the resources and the authority within my company to do such. People who didn't do such, didn't have the money or power to do it. Now we are in Singapore. My family relies on me for leadership and to protect them period.

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Japan will be the next Greece in the next couple of years as they can no longer sell their debt internally. After 20 years here, I am selling up and moving on. Good luck guys!

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Disappointing how the writer, Jason Coskrey, introduces UFC as the world's most violent sport and that a journalist can write whatever they like with such little knowledge. Jason, there are no 12-6 elbows, groin kicks, punches to the throat, or a boxing 10 count system. The world most violent sport is Krav Maga, that I do sir. Learn a few facts first?

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Can't believe the yanks didn't vote more for Ron Paul. The only one who has kept his policies consistent for 30 years, who preaches the constitution and budget constraints. Fools?

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cl400, I did google 'Japan bribes for whaling' and found a report according to London Sunday times. . Interesting stuff! genji17, I am glad that you believe the Japanese whaling is LEGAL. And the stance of doing so for science probably does kind of make sense?

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Of course they knew they would get caught. Their statement delivered was a message: "Return us to shore in Australia and then remove yourself from our waters." They are making a sacrifice and I am sure are prepared for the PR and 1 year in Jail. Lots of publicity for their cause. Arrested 26 miles off Australia's coast in International waters, but inside Australia's 200-mile economic zone. What are the Japanese whaling ships doing there? Making friends? Dealt with under Japanese law? Anyone else see an escalation here? Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the weekend’s incident exemplified why it was necessary to put an Australian Customs vessel in the Southern Ocean to monitor activities between the Japanese fleet and Sea Shepherd activists.

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The world is laughing not at the Japanese people, but the incompetent police here...shame on you?

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Posted in: Police at first turned away surrendering Aum fugitive See in context

Tamesu-sana and @The Munya Times"....I got one for you? I live next door to Osaki police station and entered last year, with my company lawyer who had 3 letters of extortion. My Japanese company lawyer did all the talking and presented the documents. The police decided to take no action as the person attempting the company extortion was located in Gunma, and suggested we go speak to the Gunma police instead. No phone calls were made, nor any notable effort to assist future. The good news is that the world is now laughing at the Japanese police force incompetence. Ha,Ha?

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Posted in: Cop arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two junior high school girls See in context

Good job J cops being upfront and honest with this. I also believe they will deal with this chap severely.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activists use drone to track Japan fleet See in context

I see nothing but escalation here. The Japanese coast guard protecting the whalers. International reifications through more accidents and violence. Many newspapers/magazines have picked up on the J gov't using JPY 2.3 billion of the Fukushima aid to fund whale hunting. Greenpeace has slammed this allocation. Rollingstone photos threat assessment: December 5th-9th.

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I smiled when I read that Gaga doesn't save any money, but spends in all on clothes, her videos, and lives for the day....this is from a certified financial planner.

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Posted in: Japan's coast guard arrests Chinese fishing boat captain See in context

Can't this be solved diplomatically?

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl slashed on face by man on street in Saitama See in context

What happened to this little lady is tragic. I have two little girls myself, and it almost brings me to tears. There are 3 very good schools that I have tried for knife self-defense in Tokyo. One is in Ikeburo,, and one in Omotesando or Ichigaya. Only yesterday there was a knife defense seminar. Good luck and be safe.

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Japan's public debt is hardly a joke Laguna, and as Conway correctly indicated it is a fiscal time bomb. Checking the list of soverign states by public debt, Japan sits 2nd behind Zimbabwe Interestingly in 2000, one Zimbabwean $ = US$1. Now in Zimbabwe they are printing Trillion dollar notes. I must get back to my Adv Dip. Financial Services studies, to prepare for my move out of here, as the Japanese gov't in their wisdom has made it very difficult for financial planners to help people independently prepare for their financial future, instead of relying on their bankrupt nenkin system. Good luck Japan, a beautiful country and my home over the last 20 years.

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After 8 years of running a company here, I am moving my company to Singapore in the new year. The beaurocratic red tape here for an investment company is choking us. Singapore welcomed us, after due diligence with open arms. Nice article though!

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I lost my camera on Yamate dori on the 16th October. It had many beautiful pictures of my 5 year old and 2 year old daughters in it. I reported it to the koban immediately, and within 15 mins had riden my bike along the path to check for it. I took the last picture as we left the park. It hasn't been returned, which really surprised me after 20 years in Japan.

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Serrano, anyone can have 25 children, just that most men aim to support their families. Like I do with my 2 children. By giving their precious children, schooling, housing etc. This stud muffin that you talk of, plans on the kids supporting him...the exact opposite. Enough thinking like this, and you have a nation in poverty, such as Uganda. Breeding children for bragging rights, without adequate funds or thinking, is awful, and doesn't work, as the kids will likely have to work as child laborers, due to no education, as per Ndageramiwe's example above. Three of her current 8 children have had to leave schooling due to lack of what does she do? Has a ninth child....... Responsible child planning like the Chinese could be considered as an option here? Wonder what you think of the 'stud muffin' now.....

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Posted in: IAEA team arrives in Fukushima to observe decontamination effort See in context

This might be worth reading:

And how to protect yourself and your families:

Good luck.

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Using the Spitzer example in the text, and the possibility of sexting ruining a relationship, it needs to be considered, purchasing or leasing - which is better?

I'd like to help you decide by illustrating two charming stories of foolish men, including Spitzer, and cunning women.

Purchasing: The maths on the Paul McCartney - Heather Mills divorce was as follows: After 5 years of marriage, he paid her $49 million. Assuming he had sex with her every night during their 5 year relationship it ended up with him purchasing her @ $26,849 per time.

Leasing: On the other hand, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's favourite hooker, Kristen, charged $4,000 per night.

So, had Paul McCartney "employed" Kristen for 5 years @ $4,000 per night, he would have paid only $7.3 million in total for sex every night. This represents a $41..7 million saving for Eliot. What a shrewd man Eliot is, compared to the ageing Beatle. Further valuable benefits of this Leasing option are;

a (real) 22 year old no need for coaxing / pleading / begging never a headache happily agrees to all technical requests no complaining no Honey - please do this lists has two legs

Best of all, she leaves and returns when asked. All at 1/7th the cost and no legal fees. Sometimes Leasing just makes more sense.

THE OLD ADAGE STILL HOLDS TRUE.....IF IT FLYS, F#CKS, OR FLOATS.............RENT IT! Sexting and infidelity implications are then out the window?

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Surprised they didn't try and harpoon it?

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Posted in: Rumsfeld reveals pre-war Iraq strike plan in memoir See in context

This guy is a crook and should be held liable along with the other liars for starting a war, helping to bankrupt a nation, and spilling so much blood.

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Looks more like Friar Tuck?

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Posted in: NZ may lose 'Hobbit' filming over actor dispute See in context

Peter Jackson is nothing more than a NZ$450 million net worth bully, throwing his fat arse around. Hopefully Gandolf will smash him with his staff. Don't others deserve to be paid fairly, as you fly around in your Gulfstream jet that you bought last year?

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Posted in: Hooters to open first Japan restaurant in Tokyo on Oct 25 See in context

Awesome. Someone grab me my thong!

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