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Posted in: Father of bullied boy who killed himself files criminal complaint See in context

This is excellent news. Start prosecuting schools, home room teachers and school masters that don't show enough action in stopping this epidemic. Of course children will be children but that's precisely why the whole responsibility to teach conflict resolution and to actively stop abuse falls only on the adults. And if those adults are failing they should be fired without any pensions or benefits.

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Stop pushing this kid down people's throats already. He's very talented but he didn't WIN any individual events. It's the WTT and he and all TEAM JAPAN won 3rd place. The Japanese media tend to always pick one person who's the darling of a season and don't shut up about him/her regardless of the achievements of other, equally hard-working skaters. That's a pity and unfair to most athletes.

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Posted in: Netflix streaming service heading for Japan in autumn See in context

As others pointed out, current content is blocked by other contracts and offerings will have to lag behind cable providers and WOWOW / Skapa... Still, it might be nice if only as an option to rewatch some classic movies or older foreign films with English subtitles if the price is right.

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Posted in: No. of long-term orphanage residents on the rise See in context

(the percentage of orphans who go to university is 300% lower than in the general population)

Some people have only a passing acquaintance with math, I guess... "300% lower" puts any number into negative territory so it's unlikely for a number of participants. Being "3 times as low as" would mean people raised in orphanages represent 25% of the population of students, which would be great since the percentage of children in orphanages out of total number of children is probably much lower than that. I have no idea whence this funky statistics came from, but better start by going back to studying fractions and percentages...

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Posted in: Too white, too male: Oscar nominations under fire See in context

If the Oscars want to become relevant, they need a voting body that is not made of 95% white men over 65. More women, more blacks,more Asians, more Hispanics, more young tastes, in short more different points of view - that's what's needed Otherwise, Oscar winning pictures will keep being the same boring, over-dramatized, historic stories of "triumph" that we've seen for decades now. YAWN

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Posted in: Tokyo organizers create panel on new sports for 2020 Games See in context

The sports aren't new. They're probably talking about new (or reintroduced) Olympic EVENTS. Don't you have an editor JPToday??

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Posted in: 2,020 days to go until Tokyo Olympics See in context

2020 days and work on the venues hasn't even started.. I guess they'll just have to pay double to the cronies in the building industry for express delivery later...

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Posted in: Car crashes through guardrail and hits house below, killing occupant See in context

Why do some people immediately assume it was the driver's fault and totally make up scenarios about the driver being distracted or trying to impress?? It says it was "raining heavily" and it might have been an accident. Cynical bitter and jaded people should have no access to the Internet...

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Posted in: Hanyu retains Grand Prix Final title See in context

I don't know why but I cannot connect with Hanyu. He's so fake, so dramatizing (tears after a fall, a coy tongue out when he does well.. dunno). It's a pity Machida or Mura couldn't do better, they may not be as technically accomplished but seem like more serious, interesting people. (And way more manly too...)

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Posted in: High-tech cemetery See in context

so much for rest in peace - sparkly lights all over the place!

I'm pretty sure lights don't bother the dead..

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Posted in: Do you think it is OK for media organizations to support candidates in elections or should they remain neutral? See in context

It's okay to support on the editorial or opinion pages. Coverage must remain neutral to maintain journalistic integrity. If a medium can't maintain this balance, it can't be considered a worthy news outlet.

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Posted in: What habits have you picked up from living in Japan that you sometimes have to try and stop yourself doing when you go overseas because you don't think it will look right? See in context

Definitely forgetting to tip and bowing while talking on the phone (it's become second nature).. Also I "say" many more uhn's while listening :(

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