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Posted in: British embassy worker found murdered in Lebanon See in context

They've arrested a taxi driver.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for threatening housewife over traffic accident See in context

If the victim were a man she would be described as unemployed. I hate the term housewife.

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Posted in: Nagano drive-thru funeral home to serve less mobile mourners See in context

Japanese funerals are over long, rigid, unnecessarily complicated money making machines. It doesn't have to be that way, but people feel pressured into having all the bells and whistles. People should tell their nearest and dearest what kind of funeral they want, saves a lot of expense and stress for those left behind.

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Posted in: 51% of Britons now want to stay in EU: poll See in context

Quelle surprise.

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Posted in: A berry tart using an olive-oil cake base See in context

Olive oil is a fat too, and when heated becomes carcinogenic. It is not a 'healthy' option. Butter is best for this kind of baking and gives a richer taste too. I'm not keen on the taste of cakes make with oil.

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Posted in: Baby hatch operator calls for allowing anonymous childbirth See in context

It's impossible to give birth anonymously as the birth is not the only contact a pregnant women has with health services. Are they going to have all their anti-natal care anonymously too?

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Posted in: A berry tart using an olive-oil cake base See in context

They are raspberries. Good luck finding fresh raspberries in Japan.

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Posted in: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle to marry on May 19: palace See in context

Fancy having your wedding on the same day as the Cup Final. They didn't think this through.

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Posted in: Emperor eyes simple abdication ceremony with no foreign guests See in context

The Emperor is an oasis of sanity in this unnecessarily complicated, messy and drawn out abdication process. Just let him sign the document, no ceremony needed.

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Posted in: Children with African parents protest remark by lawmaker Yamamoto See in context

The sad thing is, none of us are no longer surprised by these type of stories.

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Posted in: Will misconduct scandals make men wary of women at work? See in context

If your interactions with colleagues causes them to complain about your behaviour then you are doing it wrong. Why penalise others due to your own behaviour? Why look at others as the problem? Employers need to ensure those who lack the ability to interact respectfully with others have training and necessary supervision until they behave with basic decency and civility. If they persist, they should go.

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Posted in: EU braces for divisive Brexit trade talks See in context

After last night's Commons vote any agreement has to, quite rightly, be approved by Parliament. You'd think Brexiteers would be happy about this, as Parliament is taking control, but this morning you can hear the whining from space.

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Posted in: Personal data of 80,000 people may have been leaked from Osaka University See in context

FFS! What on earth are they using for security.

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Posted in: What do you like about the way Christmas is celebrated in Japan, and what don't you like about it? See in context

Christmas isn't celebrated in Japan. Everything finishes on Christmas Eve.

I loathe Christmas in Japan so much I now go home if I can to celebrate. I hate KFC and that vile strawberry cake. I hate the badly decorated trees and shops with Santas and those awful ads for TokyoDisney and Universal Studios. I hate it isn't a public holiday. So depressing.

Here in the UK we have several days off, tons of decent food and booze for non-stop indulgence and everyone has a laugh and goes to the pub. Why would I stay in Japan?

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Posted in: Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2017: 'Feminism' See in context

Feminism = Witch Hunt.

I don't know which dictionary you use, but it's a rubbish one.

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Posted in: Tokyo airport to be 'scattered' with robots for 2020 Olympics See in context

There will be security bots as well. These can act if any sign of terrorist activity.

So can people. Much more effective too.

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Posted in: Which countries do you think are among the safest in the world to visit? See in context

What a weird question. It surely depends on how you would define 'safe'. Japan isn't safe, being the most earthquake prone country, but is very unlikely you are going to be shot.

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Posted in: Open windows and doors can improve sleep quality See in context

Well, you'd think that people wouldn't need to be told this, but we have neighbours who never open most of their windows, the shutters permanently closed.

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Posted in: Tokyo airport to be 'scattered' with robots for 2020 Olympics See in context

"We want foreign tourists to think that the Japanese people are cool when they come here," Kuratomi told AFP.

Oh, for the love of sanity.

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Posted in: Open windows and doors can improve sleep quality See in context

I always prefer to sleep with a window open, I hate stuffy rooms.

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Posted in: Hands-free holidaying: Robotic suitcases that follow you around See in context

Lithium batteries are prohibited in the hold of a plane. What a stupid invention, pay stupid money for case that is unsuitable for international travel.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing sleeping woman on train See in context

A sexual predator who obviously planned to assault a women. Lock him up.

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Posted in: It’s complicated: Companionship dating in Japan See in context

Dating for companionship - aka, for the rest of the world "forming friendships".

True. Although many people can and do have romantic relationships that don't involve sex.

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Posted in: Japanese-born British novelist Ishiguro receives Nobel Prize in literature See in context

The way Japan collectively wets itself over a Nobel prize win is very embarrassing to witness. I remember watching the NHK 7pm news last year when a Japanese scientist won and his live press conference took up all but the last five minutes of the bulletin.

Why the childish need to compare yourself to the rest of the world anyway? All those terrible 'ranking' programmes on TV and, even worse, the ones where they get foreigners to look at things in Japan and pretend how superior they are to their own country, even when in reality they are the same or better. The ones I saw this year on the Tokyo tube and convinis/supermarkets were cringingly hilarious.

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Posted in: Civic group demands Kumamoto assembly help child-rearing members after baby stir See in context

but 191 opinions opposed her action, with some doubting whether an assembly member can fulfill her role with a baby.

Sexist claptrap, and indicative of the out dated attitudes that are still prevalent in Japanese society.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government has been trying to improve conditions for working women, especially after childbirth.

No, he isn't. He talks about it, but talking about an issue isn't the same as 'trying to improve' it.

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Posted in: Pikachu to be played by Ryan Reynolds in live-action Pokemon movie See in context

CGI isn't live action.

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Posted in: Why aren't sunglasses as popular in Japan as they are in Western countries? See in context

Like Cleo, I have blue eyes which are sensitive to the harsh Japanese sun, even in winter. I wear contact lenses with a UV filter to protect my cataracts.

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Posted in: Imperial Hotel offers festive dinners and Christmas carols See in context

That dinner is too expensive. No Christmas pudding neither.

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Posted in: Why aren't sunglasses as popular in Japan as they are in Western countries? See in context

I wear them.

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Posted in: What do you like to shop for online and what sort of things do you prefer to shop for in person? See in context

I rarely shop online. I like to look at what I'm purchasing.

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