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Posted in: Square watermelons See in context

Stupidly expensive food products that can’t be eaten. Our species is doomed.

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Posted in: Britain's public health service at 75: On life support? See in context

It a deliberate act of managed declined. Understaffed and under funded for more than a decade. The long awaited NHS workforce plan pays lip service to retaining staff (no mention of pay) and wants to cut the quantity and quality of nurse and doctor training. Workers will be given enhanced roles (more work without extra staff or pay) and nurses and midwives will be banned from taking second jobs, many of whom do this to make ends meet as their pay doesn’t cover their outgoings. More people will leave, fewer staff means reduced services, longer waiting times, more staff burn out and sickness and more leavers etc. More nurses leave the register because of burnout and work life balance than due to retirement. Managed decline in order to push through privatisation.

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Posted in: One in seven Britons faced hunger in 2022, says food bank charity See in context

njca4Today  06:35 am JST

I worry about children going hungry. I wonder if the government could give the ones that need it breakfast before school too - the kitchens are already there, so it's feasible.

Many schools have been running breakfast clubs, where children get a subsidised meal before school, for a long time. Many local businesses sponsor these clubs.

Some councils provide free school meals to all children, not just the ones eligible under official schemes. The borough I live in has the highest rate of child poverty in the UK, hence everyone gets free school dinners.

The head of the Metropolitan Police announced today that many in the force are skipping meals and using food banks. Public sector pay has been subject to below inflation rises for years, now the cost of living crisis means for many their pay no longer covers their outgoings. Working in public service is becoming a luxury many cannot afford, and this is adding to the exodus of staff, particularly from the NHS. The place I work is haemorrhaging staff and we cannot find anyone to replace them. We have a 19% vacancy rate, and growing.

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Posted in: One in seven Britons faced hunger in 2022, says food bank charity See in context

My neighbours use food banks, some of my colleagues at work have to use them. The government do not care.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven adds an amazing carrot cake to its sweets lineup in Japan See in context

That is NOT Carrot Cake. I used to miss Carrot Cake in Japan.

Carrot cake is moist, spiced and has walnuts and sultanas in the cake. The filling and icing is NOT whipped cream, but an icing made of cream cheese and icing sugar.

If you are going to indulge in a bit of cultural appropriation, at least do it properly.

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Posted in: New Zealand debates whether ethnicity should be a factor for surgery waitlists See in context

Clinical need and waiting time should be the only factors considered. Anything else is just discrimination.

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Posted in: Why don't airfares advertised by airlines or travel agencies include the fuel surcharge in the total? See in context

In some countries businesses are legally obliged to show the entire price a customer will pay. Anything else is just fraudulent.

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Posted in: British actor Glenda Jackson, two-time Oscar winner, then left-wing politician, dies at 87 See in context

A fabulous actress, I re-watched Elizabeth R recently on iPlayer. Despite her accolades she always said the highlight of her career was working with Morecambe and Wise, and she wasn’t wrong.

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Posted in: UK police arrest murder suspect after three bodies found on Nottingham streets See in context

Three families are grieving, not two. The two university students, Barnaby Webber and Grace O’Malley Kumar were 19 years old. Ian Coates was 51 year old school caretaker. It was his van that was used in running down the three pedestrians.

Concentrate on the victims, not the murderer.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping woman as she walks home in Kobe See in context

Japan desperately needs a sex offenders register.

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Posted in: What to know as the falls of Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon roil UK politics See in context

Two crooks.

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Posted in: Kyoto wants to add extra charges for tourists to use city buses See in context

Bleeding tourists dry. If the city is over crowded then limit the number if tourists to the city centre, other cities do this with timed tickets to tourist sites, limiting tourist coaches etc.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson quits as UK lawmaker after being told he will be sanctioned for misleading Parliament See in context

Johnson was in a safe seat, there was a very good chance the voters of Uxbridge would have chucked him out at the next election. He is saving himself the humiliation.

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Posted in: Baseless anti-trans claims fuel adoption of harmful laws See in context

Men keep out of women’s spaces.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson quits as UK lawmaker after being told he will be sanctioned for misleading Parliament See in context

He’s throwing a massive tantrum, saying it’s a conspiracy. He broke the law during lockdown, when so many Britons died alone and relatives couldn’t attend their funerals, he was having booze ups with his mates. Utter scum.

Most here are celebrating.

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Posted in: How do you feel about convenience stores curtailing their hours of business amid the current labor shortage? See in context

How do I feel? How strange, I have no feelings about the opening hours of shops. I do think, however, that the labour shortage is an issue that will not be resolved any time soon.

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Posted in: I don’t want society to impose its values on whether someone should have children. Marriage, pregnancy and childbirth--shouldn’t such decisions be left up to each and every one of us? See in context

It’s no one else’s business if someone has kids or not. Your medical history is not their business, neither. Why do people think it is?

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Posted in: Here Comes the AI: Fans rejoice in 'new' Beatles music See in context

Awful. Did anyone ask McCartney if he is alright with this?

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Posted in: What is the worst experience you have had with an airline? See in context

Hmm, it’s hard to decide between Emirates initially refusing to intervene when stroppy passengers were abusing me then swapping them with drunk men, or ANA, after hours of delay and no information informing us tight after take off that we flying yo a completely different destination and leaving us dumped in a closed airport in the middle of the night.

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

Christmas pudding was treated with great suspicion

Did you put it out before attempting to take it through Customs?

Yes, due to the shape, weight and appearance they originally wouldn’t believe it was a pudding, not like purin, therefore not pudding. I tried using the word cake with similar results.

My nephew almost had a toy Sonic Screwdriver confiscated by US Customs, they decided it was a weapon. He had to google it.

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Posted in: Here is the portable trashcan you never knew you needed See in context

No, I don’t need it. It’s a reusable bag, I already have several.

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Posted in: New Zealand airline asking passengers to weigh in before their flights See in context

This is all about money, not safety.

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

I have had cheese taken from me at Customs. Christmas pudding was treated with great suspicion, but I got to keep that.

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Posted in: Mister Donut unveils a new type of doughnut, stuffed with two different fillings See in context

Cheese flavoured. Use real cheese!

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Posted in: Huge price hike for Japan Rail Pass triggers huge drop in foreign travelers who’ll buy it See in context

Japan actively discouraging visitors to go outside the usual tourist bubble. This will cause more crowding at the usual sites, and fewer for those smaller places that need visitors to survive.

When I first came to Japan I used the JR pass to travel all over the country, as did my friends and family when they visited. I don’t think that would happen now.

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

Not an uphill race, an almost vertical downhill slope. The women’s race winner was knocked unconscious.

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Posted in: The Noah's Ark for plants beneath the English countryside See in context

A very worthy endeavour.

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Posted in: Passenger opens door on S Korean plane while in flight See in context

I bet he wanted to have a smoke.

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Posted in: Imagination's Leee John: Shining a light on UK black music See in context

Imagination were great. I remember their debut on Top of the Pops doing Body Talk - Leee John on the piano generated a lot of outrage and complaints. It was fabulous.

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Posted in: Disgraced Australian-born former entertainer Rolf Harris dead at 93 See in context

‘Disgraced’? He was a convicted paedophile who showed no remorse.

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