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Posted in: Owners of disputed isles shun Noda's bid in favor of Ishihara's See in context

For sale Belgium and Germany. Bidding starts now.

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Posted in: Japan eyes record medal haul in London See in context

Maybe you can run harder and jump higher when your radio active.

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Posted in: Omron develops hand gesture recognition technology See in context

With kinect you first have to be in place and raise your hand to the air to activate. So this is something totally different. This will change our lives in the future.

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Posted in: U.S. warns of cancer-agent in Japan weight loss pills See in context

The us goverment did aprove " Neotame" if we are talking about dangerous, take a look at that product, and they dont have to wite on the product it's in the product.

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Posted in: New device invisible to magnetic fields See in context

so the military will buy this, pattent it and we will never hear from it again, and it will never be used for any healthcare or other good purpose

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Posted in: Iran leader says CIA, Mossad behind scientist's murder See in context

It doesnt matter if investigators dont find any proof of mass destruction wapons in Iran. They Will be attaked anyway and the world Will be told lies. Again!. And That is why i hope the iranians have a way of getting back at the worlds biggest agressors. Dont Get me wrong. I Love the usa. Tickets booked for powertour. Just like the normal population of the usa Israël and Iran That just want to live life and Get ahead in life

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Posted in: Iran leader says CIA, Mossad behind scientist's murder See in context

If the us or Israël attack Iran. Then i hope Iran has a red button to fight back. They have the Irak oil. Now the only non opec country is enemy nr 1

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