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Posted in: Mother accused of killing 2-month-old daughter by lacing her milk with drugs pleads not guilty See in context

There is a real concern that she murdered her infant.

I am quite sure nobody here needs any poster telling us she night have done it or not. That is pretty obvious, that is why she is on trial.

So, what is your point? Spare us your hollier than thou arrogance.

What do you all gain from spreading condemnation and bloodthirsty comments about somebody totally unknown to you?

It is not about defending her, just understanding we don't know for sure what happened and all circumstances around this.

Just because we are able to think whatever we want and express it, it doesn't mean it is worth expressing it.

What are we spreading: animosity, intolerance, quick judgement before the facts, ignorance, inhumanity, self gratification, etc?? Or generosity, tolerance, understanding, open-mindness,etc??

Does what we say help make a better world or just perpetuates the current state of things??

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Posted in: Mother accused of killing 2-month-old daughter by lacing her milk with drugs pleads not guilty See in context

You don't know the circumstances of the case anymore than I do.


Being humane means being so evenly. The baby is surely a victim of a crime. Be it murder or neglect.

However, this crime is beyond the perpetrator's actions, a social problem. As all crime is.

We will never know what really happened. No matter how obvious it seems to any of you. Whatever you state is not the truth unless you have witnessed it first hand.

By being judgmental, impulsive and bloodthirsty you are not being any more humane than you claim she was.

You are actually perpetuating and encouraging the same social issues that bring about these sad situations: failing to hear all parties, understand all parties, etc.. Abraham Lincoln once something to the tone of "never judge a man unless you have walked a mile in his shoes".

This woman was a new mother for a baby she probably wanted or not, from a man she willingly slept with or not,

for a reason that could range from seeking love to seeking thrills, from a house where her own mother is a burden to her, no father seems to be in the picture for her either, she could be anything from depressive, undadapted, impulsive, rebellious, unsocial, lacking friends, drug user or addict, school dropout... etc, etc,

or not, and still as a new mother very well be facing post-partum depression(PPD), which in and on itself is hard enough for mothers who have the support of their husbands and families and who expressly love their babies (my wife and I are the parents of 2, I can attest to how PPD can affect women, my wife's dejected face after weeks of irregular sleep and her then apparent inability to care anymore for a crying baby when she hasn't been able to sleep well for weeks, carved a lasting image of just how tough the mother's job is), and in that condition the mother's mind is literally blurred, blunted and foggy.

Whatever happened, we don't know, but in any case she deserves the benefit of the doubt and as much pity and sympathy until she is proven guilty.

And the man who got her pregnant deserves as much judgement for not caring for the consequences of his actions, not being responsible.

And all of us need to figure out our role in this and all type of tragedies, as members of society, we might not commit any crime... but do we condone any from our relatives, friends, acquaintances?? Do we pass quick judgments over the internet, but our friend's/relative's/acquaintance's dangerous driving, mistreatment of others, drug use, illegal activities, etc don't meet the same kind of judgement face to face??

Do we seek to help those who seem to be screaming for help, overwhelmed by stress, problems or bad health??

Let's do this instead of passing frivolous judgements over the internet. Will you??

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