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All of this precaution wouldn't look empty if they were actually testing people. The virus was already around in December and the total number of tests is around 300k, the same number of tests as Ireland, a country that has been affected by the virus for half of the time, and with just 5 million people.

Just using those numbers Japan should have tested around 50 times more people revealing many many more cases but obviously they don't want to do that, they'd rather turn a blind eye to the issue.

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This is essentially the result of repressing all negativity and going out of your way to not "rock the boat". When these kids should be voicing out their frustrations and problems even if it's just as a way to vent or relieve pressure they are keeping it in until it's too much.

Also, for the people saying that the suicide rates are going down, that's completely untrue, the suicide rates are similar to 30 years ago with a vastly reduced amount of kids, 50% more kids were being born in the 80s than now, so the suicide rates are actually up since then.

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