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which is it?

Which ever you think would make me look worse.

Now, do you have any real commentary about what I said, or are you going to continue to talk about my looks?

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won’t answer the question? So you wear a mask.

No matter what my answer is, you will find a way to insult me with that information, so unless you have something to add to my comments that is actually relevant to what I said and isn't trying to attack my person, I won't answer anything else to you.

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you are a consistent virus denier. 

You are just a provoker. Never once I've "denied" the virus, or the existence of the virus, or anything like that.

You can go back and look, how when people ask for backup for the things I say I provide academic links and scientific data.

If anything, you people like to spread fake news about the virus, and make it look like it is the apocalypse.

And after insulting people, you just try to claim "it wasn't an insult".

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But if that is what Abe said people will believe that without asking for evidence

To the contrary, Abe right now has the lowest approval rate he has had, and it started to go down ever since the whole pandemic started.

In contrast, someone like Koike that loves to push the fear of the virus every time she can, has an extremely high approval rate.

Right now, being anything else than someone who is willing to destroy the whole country to stop a couple of infections means you are unpopular.

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Where is the proof anyone can make a statement.

Literally you can look at the data yourself.

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There was no need for the first one


But people just want to believe this is a horrible virus that will kill everyone, even thou the evidence shows otherwise...

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So if you've decided not to wear one, then your solution to stay home satisfies all parties.

I'm not staying at home. I'm just going to business that do not take stupid unscientific measures.

I don't want economic suicide, but I also understand that business are desperate. For many it isn't about any health benefits masks could provide, but a desperate pledge pandering to an OCD like audience so that people go back to their business.

Some of them do it in order to get money from the government. (I could also apply for one of these programs, but I'm not going to agree to unscientific panic inducing measures to make the world a worst place just to get a bit of money)

Thing is, when you overdue measures to the point people feel humiliated, it will backfire. The most extreme Corona doomers will not go to their bussiness no matter what extreme measures they take, and will lose extra revenue.

Telling people to not do something that is for the most part an involuntary reaction, people will feel humiliated by it, and of course they will not go.

Japan's Q2 GDP has gone over negative 20%, and that's with the virus in Japan being for the most part tamer than the common flu.

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Aichi has had 1 single death from this virus since May.

That's all I'm going to say.

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Thank you. That’s a good solution to your issue for everyone.

Tell that to all the business that will go bankrupt this year ;)

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Leave science to the scientists.

When has ANYTHING in this pandemic had any science on it?

Lockdowns? No science

Closing borders? No science

Masks? Low evidence science for general public use, no science for cloth masks (in fact there is a study that shows cloth masks sucks)

Face shields? No science

Plastic barriers in weird places? No science

Limiting hours a business can be open? No science

Lighting the rainbow bridge red? No science

Telling people to not scream in roller coasters to prevent infections? No science

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I, for one, will not be going to any amusement park until silly rules requiring masks and not screaming are removed. It's as if they don't want my business.

Same here.

In fact, after May when all this madness started in Japan, I started to go out to restaurants more frequently to try to help out business, but now a days I see more and more these stupid rules of mask wearing, even inside places were you are supposed to eat with your mouth, so I've stopped altogether going to those places.

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Do people really want hospitals overrun and higher death rates in Japan?

At this point I think people have become addicted to the adrenaline rush of panicking about everything.

I've also noticed how people are very fast to applaud fake news if they involve something really bad about the virus (no antibodies, young people dying a lot, extensive lung damage in most covid patients, statistics that mix asymptomatic people with pre-symptomatic as if they were the same, etc...), but ignore most real world information about the virus that makes it seem not that deadly (overall low mortality rate, mortality rate for those under 60 equal or less than influenza, mortality rate for small children is way lower that of influenza at near 0%, asymptomatic people are not the main spreaders of the virus, asymptomatic people have low viral load, and as such cannot transmit the virus as much as a symptomatic person, etc...)

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No, the government is trying to figure out how they can keep the country running while also trying to minimize the spread of the virus.

So, are Japanese people not able to spread the virus?

I mean, I have Japanese nationality, I can go out to just travel and come back.

A lot of people who do not have the Japanese nationality, cannot come back to their own homes and families for basically any reason for months now, many already in financial ruin because of this.

The reasoning behind these bans are arbitrary, and mostly just purely nationalistic. I mean, if you banned people who can enter based in their skin color people would be outraged, but if it is based on nationality, apparently people are ok with that, even if those are permanent residents.

Really, since march the world continues to go down the drain hole, but I hope in the future all those who helped to make the world a worst place will be remembered as the real virus of this pandemic.

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So I guess corona doesn't affect those with Japanese Nationality, and international school teachers.

This is one of those measures that are just pure racism masked by the "we must stop the Coronavirus" narrative.

The virus is ALREADY inside the country. All these countries that ALREADY have widespread infection of the virus, and still have closed their borders based on nationality and some other "special circumstances" (read, those we like) are just pandering to nationalists as a once in a lifetime opportunity to do so.

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The result shows just pure panic.

If anyone who isn't a epidemiologist were honest enough, Maybe would be the biggest number, but everyone is in fatalist panic mode right now, so No becomes the default, even if people really have no idea about this.

Every day that passes after March is just depressing, looking at humanity going down the drain hole.

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I was absolutely correct and you were wrong - deaths have increased sharply in the US and the trend is now up. Like in thread above regarding the US, you are not connecting a current surge in cases with a future surge in death rates.

I never said that there was no surge, I said that a single point meant nothing, and I'm not wrong by saying that, I also said, that even if there was a surge, it is clearly not following the same type of increase that we are seeing in the number of infection.

Calling this a "sharp increase" is just fear mongering, the increase is way less sharp than the first wave, and it is not following at all the really sharp increase in confirmed infections.

you continue to downplay the virus and ignore the emerging evidence.

This is the thing with people like yourself. Anything that isn't panic inducing commentary, or that criticizes panic is somehow "downplay". It is basically imposible to have a good discussion about this when every time someone isn't calling for drastic measures is somehow "downplaying".

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Deaths and numbers of people in serious condition are still lower than at the start of the outbreak months ago, but these numbers are scary, so let's scream and hide.

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so you still do not recommend wearing masks. Your choice but I just want to say people are wearing masks precisely because of the good point you mentioned they realized they may unknowingly infect others if they don't.

I don't recommend masks to those who are not symptomatic because there is evidence that mask usage in the wide population can lead to a higher infection probability for those wearing the masks.

But if people feel like they need to wear a mask, I'm not at all against that. The only objection I would have is that it can lead to short supply, like it happened around May.

This is not the current government policy regarding hospitalization. 

I'm aware of the lodging policy, but the policy also says the following:


The number of hospitalizations and usage of these lodging facilities went down, and many localities have stopped the use of these, since the Emergency declaration stopped, in other words, it is the default to use lodging facilities, but if there are no lodging facilities available, asymptomatic and people with mild symptoms will be hospitalized.

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But in the end no one wants to suffer and die from covid-19 so if your asymptomatic then chances are you will live and not feel a thing but you might cause others to get sick and not be aware. Which is the better?

The only good thing I can see of all this panic and drama is that people are FINALLY realizing that they can cause the death of others.

I know it has become almost a taboo to compare this to the flu, but the flu basically has never disappeared because it is also a illness that can cause people to not feel much, and still spread it, and even if they have symptoms, there are so many people who have refused for years to take the most basic precautions, and continue to go to work, and to shop even thou they are sick.

People die yearly because of this. So my question is, how many people have you killed in your life without even knowing it? It is not a good feeling to think about it, but it is probable that you have at least contributed to the early death of someone without even realizing it.

But it doesn't really makes sense to basically stop our lives out of fear that maybe something we do might have a dramatic consequence on some other person. The best we can do, I think, is take good precaution when it really matters.

Wear a mask if you are sick, there is this narrative that asymptomatic people are just as contagious as symptomatic people, but that's just not true. First, asymptomatic people are not producing excessive nasal secretions, and are not constantly coughing or sneezing. Also, just by the nature of what it means to be asymptomatic, the viral load of an asymptomatic person is way less than that of someone with symptoms.

So even if you are not sick, engage in common sense etiquete that EVERYONE should do regardless if we are in the middle of a pandemic or not. Cover your mouth with your elbow and look down when coughing or sneezing, wash your hands after going out, etc...

Even if you do everything right, there is still a chance someone might get sick, but at that point I think it is not reasonable to blame people for it, viruses and bacteria have existed way longer than humans, and they are not going to disappear any time soon, they are part of life, and we, for the most part are able to continue with our lives even if these dangers exist in this world.

This is just yet another one of those risks, stop acting as if it is something completely out of the ordinary, or as if humans are not constantly having to fight with millions of different microorganisms in order to stay alive.

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In terms of hospitalisations, the number has increased from 280 on 1 July to 949 on 21 July. That is roughly a 338% increase. If it continues to rise at a similar rate, then Tokyo could run out of hospital beds within a month.

Not sure if you people are aware of this, but even if you are asymptomatic, and really do not need to be hospitalized, you are going to be hospitalized as a policy thing if you turn positive in a PCR test.

There are some horror stories of people who were asymptomatic, lost their jobs, because even after testing negative 2 times (as the policy requires), and being able to left the hospital, their jobs discriminated against them, out of an irrational fear of infection.

But you can continue to panic and continue to support the colapse of modern society ;)

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I would recommend you to read the actual article (if you can read Japanese) before doing these criticism, since some of the things you say are actually addressed in the article.

Also, it isn't my opinion, I was just making a simple synopsis of the article, for those who cannot read Japanese.

As the article puts it, if we divide the type of infection in 7 different stages, the rate of infection is also different. For example, people in stage 0-3 (who are asymptomatic for the most part), are way less likely to spread the virus because of the simple reason that they have a low viral load.

The article also explains how vulnerable groups in Japan have actually took good measures for the most part to prevent infection, which once again shows that focusing efforts in this groups is the most relevant.

Please read the article ;)

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The Japanese government (and global government in general) must stop being pressured by fear mongers, and start looking at the reality of the situation.

I know it is politically unpopular, and people at this point in time will celebrate any measure, no matter how draconian or useless if it gives the look of doing something "against the virus", but the reality of the matter is that, if we continue to push this narrative that all that matters is the number of infections, not only we will be here for a long ride, but also most of the measures will be meaningless and probably do more harm than good.

The reality is, and this is the science of the virus, for most people this virus is nothing.

There is a very good article about the reality on the virus toxicity, and stages of infection of the virus at

As this article explains, a coronavirus isn't like influenza, and most people will not even develop influenza like symptoms. If any symptom is developed, it will be very very mild.

Even those who do get hospitalized because of wide range of symptoms (like a bad flu), will not develop any problems beyond that.

The real problem of this virus has to do with some of the severe cases, which in the case of Japan is 1 in 10000 to 25000, will develop what is known as a "cytokine storm", or an extreme reaction from the inmune system, which has a very high mortality rate.

It is yet not known all of the triggers of the cytokine storm, but age is a big component to it. The older someone is, there is a higher risk to develop a cytokine storm, and therefore die.

This is what has been killing a lot of people in nursing homes around the world, which is also one of the reasons why Japan is doing "good" in mortality terms, since for the most part, there hasn't been very big outbreaks at nursing homes, unlike in places like the UK.

There is also very clear a difference in the innate immunity to the virus between Japan and some countries in the West, which explains why even thou we should be seeing higher seroprevalence numbers in the Japanese population, we don't, because most people who are getting infected do not even need to create antibodies to fight the virus, which is in sharp contrast with places like NY that have shown high seroprevalence numbers.

We need to focus on vulnerable people, since they are at a higher risk of developing a severe form of COVID-19, but this constant pushing on just pure infection numbers, really do not help with that, only creates anxiety in the population, and measures taken to avoid these low risk infections will create way more harm.

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Yeah, because corona like Halloween and Christmas...

These measures makes absolutely no sense, but they just apply it to seem like they are doing something.

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when will Japan see that cannabis is a medicinal tool.

Well, you can actually legally get CBD based products in Japan.

I actually have been using CBD for anxiety for about a month now.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

You take it off to eat, but you put it on when the waiting staff come to your table or when you leave your table to go to the bathroom etc. I would have thought this would be quite obvious.

No one was doing that, so I don't see where the obvious part is in that.

Luis - given what you say elsewhere, I think it is highly unlikely that you have been reading the scientific literature either

Wanna bet?

Here is a list of a lot of PCR and Serological studies around the world that try to calculate the IFR of the virus:

An analysis of many Serological studies to get a general IFR, and that shows the problems with a single IFR:

Here is a paper that talks about mortality on people under 65.

Here is a paper that shows the problems with outbreaks in nursing homes (With an specific view of Sweden, but it really applies to most countries in which most deaths are from nursing homes)

And there are many more papers I've read. Tell me the subject about SARS-CoV-2, and probably I've read a couple.

Daily deaths recorded yesterday were 993, the highest in the US since June 10 (998). The decline has reversed.

Not sure if you understand how death reporting works in the US, but basically you get very low counts on saturday and sunday, on monday there usually is a small rise, and there is always a big peak on Tuesday.

There is actually a very good article in the Center for Evidence Based Medicine of Oxford University's site about how reporting of deaths, and the actual date of deaths do not match, and can create artificial peaks because of delayed reporting.

Sadly, unlike the good work that CEBM has been doing for creating an accurate report of daily deaths based on date of death instead of reporting as most media uses, I've not been able to find something similar for the US, but I can asure you that the data if you tabulate it by date of death is way more clean, and without weird peaks.

So, because you need to take into account delays and variations on reporting, using something like a 7 day moving average can give you a more clear picture of what is going on, and if you apply that filter to the current data, that peak becomes a small rise of 517 deaths on the 7-day moving average for monday, to 556 deaths on Tuesday's 7-day moving average, which would be the same number of deaths on a 7-day moving average as on last Friday.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

 One wears the mask to protect others and that means respecting the human rights of others.

If you are not infected, you wearing a mask isn't protecting anyone.

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I wonder has anyone been refused entry to an establishment when NOT wearing a mask?

I've seen that people are being refused at Animate.

Also, about 3 days ago, I was given a mask when entering a restaurant called "Steak Gusto", which was extremely weird. How am I supposed to eat with a mask in my face?

The virus is deadlier than initially claimed as more long-lasting effects are being understood.

You are crazy.

The virus was said to have from 10% to 3% of a death rate. Right now that sits at around 0.1% to 0.4%.

And by the way, in the US the new cases are among the 17-49 and group who were deniers, and they are dying.

I'm so sick about this mix of facts and misleading information.

Young people, even with the flu die, but the rate is nothing like people over 70. The rate of people dying from COVID on the age range you are talking about is the same as people from that range who die from influensa.

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Back on non-flat earth, there is evidence. And not only a little, but a lot.

Just because this doesn't jive with your belief system doesn't make it untrue.

This is why I don't like to talk about these subjects with people that lack proper scientific education.

I'm not denying that there are circumstances in which wearing a mask makes sense, and has been proved to work, I have read the papers on the subject.

The problem here is, what we are seeing here is not the same set of rules.

Having people to wear masks because they themselves are sick makes sense in order to prevent (even if not a 100%) spread.

Having highly trained medical professionals to wear masks when in close contact in order to prevent getting infected has shown to work, but just because of very strict protocols on their use.

Having the general population, most of which are completely healthy wear masks, can actually increase the chances of them getting infected for multiple reasons, like touching your face more than usual, having to get closer to people in order to hear them better because of muffled sound, using mask for long periods of time, among many others.

Having people who are healthy, and have health problems that can get aggravated by mask use, is just cruel.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Mild is now being proven untrue. Lasting effects from mild to severe are being recorded around the world. 

Show the research of it. I can show you reviews of multiple studies on the epidemiology with strong evidence, the virus is mostly mild and effects are very similar to those of Influenza like illnesses.

The main problem for this virus in particular is that there is no vaccine nor there is an anti-viral treatment, which means if you have a severe form of the illness, there is not much to do to lower your viral count.

The results would be the same if you had a severe form of influenza and you took no treatment for it.

So you think they do work and they protect others? But not effective?

I think there is no evidence that they work in the way it is supposed to avoid this pandemic. There are studies on people who are infected in very controlled situations, there are also some mild evidence studies on the use by medical professionals that lowers their chance to get infected (in direct contact and very close contact with infected people).

There are simply no studies on the effects of just giving everyone a mask and waiting for it to stop a pandemic, and there is strong evidence that in fact it doesn't really prevent the spread of an outbreak in some place like a city.

So if you are sick wear a mask? The more touching of face sounds like an assumption or are you speaking from experience here? Tendency maybe which is avoidable but not absolute. Definitely no evidence of wearing mask leads to face touching which is worst than no mask.

There is evidence that masks can lead to a false sense of security. In fact the point I made there is a point that was made by professionals at the Evidence Based Medicine Center of the Oxford University.

But human rights should apply to all humans in all condition, definitely a slippery slope elsewise.

There have been cases in the past of people who spread virus knowingly being arrested and even put on jail, because at that point you are basically being an actual real risk to others.

Now, in most of those cases are really extreme cases (before this bs), like people who are carriers of the typhoid virus, doing things like cooking for a restaurant, and ignoring orders not to do it, or people who are HIV+ and knowingly have sex with other just to infect them.

You are correct that even in cases where you know someone is infected that even there it could be a human right violation, but at least there is precedent that it might be not in this kind of situations.

What is completely a clear cut violation on human rights is doing the same with someone who is healthy, and even worse it this causes health problems to these people.

You haven't mentioned what evidence would actually change your mind on this though. Of course this is somewhat rhetorical as we are 5 months into a pandemic with the western world literally seeing the data over time and changing their narrative to masks do work. But prove me wrong.

Change my mind about what? There are so many topic here that it is a little bit disingenuous trying to simplify it into a single problem that you just need to prove.

For me to change my mind that it actually works in a pandemic, there would need to be studies with strong evidence (by strong evidence means, studies that have a strong sample of people, that removes bias and takes into account variations in the population) of working in the wide population, regardless of infection status, and that the negative effects of these actions are less damaging that what they are trying to avoid.

For me to change my mind that it isn't a human right violation to just force everyone, without matter that they are infected or not, to wear a mask, you can't. I don't think there is any circumstance that would justify forcing people to take actions that are completely a waste of time, just because of panic and security theater.

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Posted in: 33% of parents in Japan delayed vaccinating kids due to coronavirus fears See in context

So yeah, apparently it doesn't matter if we have outbreaks of other illness, as long as these other illness are not COVID-19.

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