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Posted in: Europe's far-right populists buoyed by Wilders' win in Netherlands, hoping the best is yet to come See in context

Everything gets called "far-right" now-a-days if it isn't centrist or left.

Javier Milei, the new Argentinian president, which I agree with in many aspects, also got called far-right, even when his policies are extremely different to those of Geert Wilders, which I mostly disagree with, not to mention that Milei as a hard-core libertarian isn't even really part of the left-right spectrum.

It is also pretty tiering that people who aren't centrists or leftist are called "The Trump of X".

Looking at the Wiki page of the party of Geert Wilders, it seems that the party is populist, pandering to the left and right where it is convenient, so just calling it a "far-right" is not just wrong, but it really doesn't accurately portraits their party.

To be honest, all this inaccurate name-calling reeks of media bias, and if anything that name-calling is part of why there seems to be a swing against the left in politics.

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Posted in: Europe's far-right populists buoyed by Wilders' win in Netherlands, hoping the best is yet to come See in context

Wealth inequality continues to expand worldwide. The rich are getting richer and richer. If "socialism" were really as rampant as you claim, this wouldn't be happening.

If anything, I would argue that far left socialist economic policies end up with exactly that result.

Corruption and cronyism are a staple of heavy regulated economic models.

Monopolies become pretty much inevitable as regulations usually do not allow newer players to enter the field.

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Posted in: Undeclared income of Japan's wealthy hits record high See in context

Be careful of what this actually means.

Part of this "Undeclared wealth" is by people who DO NOT LIVE IN JAPAN.

Japan has always tried to claim that Japanese nationals should pay taxes in Japan, even if they do not live in Japan, if they have "a house" or something along those lines in the country, or in the case of inheritance or "gifts", they claim to have an absolute right to Inheritance or Gifts tax right if that Japanese national has been living "constantly" outside of Japan for less than 10 years, which once again, Japan claim it doesn't even count because if they have a house or something like that in Japan they claim that they are not really "outside of Japan".

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Posted in: Putin says we must think how to stop 'the tragedy' of war in Ukraine See in context

It's wonderful what war propaganda can do.

On the one side, you have the Pro Ukraine people that claim this is never going to stop until Russia, and specially Putin are put behind bars, which is extremely unlikely and no realistic at all.

On the other side, you have Pro Russian people that believe Russia was justified invading another country, and see Putin as some sort of super man.

There is very little to no pragmatism or nuance to be found in this comment section.

My real concern is that, as long as this us vs them mentality continues, this is going to be yet another never ending proxy war.

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Posted in: Japan to allow criminal checks beyond 10 years for jobs involving children See in context

This is said to be for to avoid "sexual predators" working with children, as a way to create an easy emotional reaction on people so that people support this, but this is mostly just going to be a disaster, in which this is mostly going to be used against people with non sex related minor misdemeanors.

And that's on top of the usual discrimination there already exists in this regard. I remember a couple of years back that in a company I used to work for I knew of a very good candidate for engineer getting rejected because my boss found out that this guy APPEARED at a court at some time in the past.

He didn't even knew why he appeared at the court, or what was this about, but instead of looking up, or even asking about it, he decided that this was "enough of a risk" and just ought right rejected his application, even though he was a great fit.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district raises alarm against unruly Halloween, even caging Hachiko statue See in context

They should declare an state of emergency and stop all activity in Shibuya, close all businesses, all stations and everything until the end of the year, in order to prevent this event, which is the most important thing ever.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

Nope is not because Halloween in Shibuya there is no organizer.

Most of the events like the Awa Odori Festival are organized by the government.

If the Government wanted, they could do it, and waste the same kind of money they are wasting on preventing it, but they prefer to just try to prevent it.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

It's the same story every single year, Shibuya puts barriers, police cars everywhere and things like that to "stop" people from "disrupting" the Shibuya Crossing, by disrupting the Shibuya Crossing while not allowing people to just make a simple celebration.

It would actually go better if they just accepted the reality that this is going to happen, and it doesn't matter how much they try to force people into not wanting to party, it is still going to happen, and instead of wasting all of these resources into this campaign using it so that they can try to make it as safe and organized as posible.

Japan has a lot of events with a lot of people in the streets all over the place, so the only reason they are going so against this one is mostly ideological.

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Posted in: Japan to extend gasoline, energy subsidies through April See in context

These subsidies are dumb, because they are subsidizing a price which about half of it is just taxes.

They should just take away some of the double taxation or reduce taxes in gasoline, but then they cannot claim they are "subsidizing" taxes and get more from the budget into the black hole of national finances.

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Posted in: Top court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

To Japanese living abroad - just get your citizenship and don't tell anyone about. I know several in the UK who've done this. It makes their lives abroad much simpler.

100% this.

The people who created this lawsuit also knew about this, but wanted to end this "don't ask, don't tell" situation, in which the "most honest" people end up paying the price for being honest, and they end up loosing their Japanese Nationality, but once again Japan has shown how meaningless laws that are for posturing nationalism while also quietly allowing people to have dual citizenship anyway as long as they keep their mouth shut is the way of the law in Japan.

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Posted in: Musk considers charging all X users monthly fee See in context

This article is complete misinformation, but the same bad information has spread like a wild fire all over the place.

It is taking out of context what Elon actually said, in which he said the reason he was giving preference to Premium subscribers and making that a monthly payment was to combat bots, then he went on to say he was thinking about adding a lower price tier.

He never said anything about charging everyone for using the platform.

You can see the interview yourself at

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Posted in: Japan court rejects damages claim by woman over same-sex benefits See in context

who pay it?

Usually no one, that's the whole point.

The benefits are tax deductions. So in other words, they had to pay more in taxes just for being gay.

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Posted in: Japan court rejects damages claim by woman over same-sex benefits See in context

The constitution of Japan clearly stipulates that marriage “shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes.” A prefectural government, however progressive its governor may be, cannot create a law, let alone one that overrides the supreme law.

Again this one. That part of the constitution is meant to mean that both sexes have equality over the law, it was never meant to be a denial of same sex couples.

Not only that, there have already been multiple rulings that say that the current civil code for not giving equal rights to gay people is in violation of the constitution which you called "the supreme law".

And not even that, this case was about 事実婚, which is not codified marriage. In these cases, it is 100% open to interpretation of what actually constitutes 事実婚, and there are already many precedent cases in which 2 same sex people are recognized as been in 事実婚, so if the court didn't recognized it as such, is just because the court didn't want to interpret it that way.

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Posted in: Japan panel OKs Alzheimer's drug See in context

Yet another drug targeting amyloid beta, so I don't expect much.

It has been sad and frustrating that it has been a while now since the bombshell report in the Science magazine that the study that made the amyloid beta the main target for anti Alzheimer's appears to have made up data, which will explain why even though over the last decades there have been a lot of drugs targeting amyloid beta, none of them seem to have any significant impact in the disease, and even after the report there have been multiple announcements of "a new Alzheimer drug", all of which target amyloid beta.

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Posted in: Hacker group attacks Japan nuclear websites over Fukushima water release plan See in context

Intelligent enough to do Hacking, stupid enough to be afraid of normal levels of radiation.

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Posted in: Scientists say human-caused global warming is exacerbating natural disasters such as fires and floods around the world, making them both more likely and more deadly. Do you agree? See in context

The only thing I have to say about this is, anyone who is in the hysterical side of "we are doomed" or "it is the fault of X or Y", but you have been against nuclear power, you are really not in a position to preach to anyone.

If nuclear power had been developed as it should in all the years after the Chernobyl accident, we would be in a very different place right now in terms of our dependence of fossil fuels.

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Posted in: S Koreans rally against Japanese plans to release treated nuclear wastewater into sea See in context

The irrational anti nuclear hysterics are at it again.

These people obviously understand nothing about radiation or nuclear power, are probably illiterate in all scientific subjects, but somehow they trust their irrational fears that have basis on the depiction of radiation by the likes of Godzilla or The Simpsons more than the international nuclear power watchdog.

Also it becomes a great pretext to once again rally people against Japan, so there is also that.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with Russia over suspension of tax treaties See in context

It is sad and laughable that even though it has been proven time and time again that economic sanctions as a way to stop some country of doing something or to try to do a regime change never ever work at all (I mean, Cuba, Iran, North Korea...), people continue to support them, even if they have bad consequences for the lives of every day people, and even themselves.

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Posted in: The nuclear arms race's legacy: Toxic contamination, staggering cleanup costs and a culture of government secrecy See in context

This article and comment section is a sad reminder of how little people actually understand, or even care to understand radiation, nuclear contamination or any topics around nuclear power.

"Estimating how many people have suffered health effects from these tests is notoriously difficult."

Because, unless you were directly affected by the initial radiation blast, giving you radiation poisoning, or some other illness very easily linked to it, all other type of radiation will conform to what is generally known as the "Background radiation" of earth, and it's very difficult to pinpoint the source of the single gama particle that caused your colon cancer as either part of one of the gama particles from the radioactive particles created after a nuclear test, or natural background radiation from the uranium rich soil of your back yard, or from a supernova that exploded billons of lights years away.

That's why you usually use statistics to compare rates with a baseline, and if the baseline hasn't moved that much, then the effects are seen as negligible.

Still, some people do not like this scientific way of doing things and continue to claim that all of the cancer from some specific area that was near a nuclear site or something like that is because of the test, without any evidence, but still claim it, and then articles like these make it seem like the scientific consensus and the anti-nuclear guy that made a bad statistic to say radiation is killing people are just as valid, make it "controversial", and therefore people continue to have an exaggerated perception of radiation risk.

There is non radioactive contamination that is as bad or worse for humans, that is also invisible, that has left places in France completely uninhabited and with restrictions (google "zone rouge"), and that even though you cannot actually measure as easy as radiation, making it even more "invisible" and dangerous than radioactive contamination, people do not care as much as they do about radiation, because of the constant anti-nuclear propaganda.

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Posted in: Japan says North Korea threat more serious than ever See in context

The more real threat to Japan is China, not North Korea.

The only reason North Korea is able to continue with their insane missile program in North Korea is because China continues to support them.

The moment China stops their support, the North Korea regime is done for.

But thinking of North Korea as serious is, to be honest, quite funny. I mean, even the way this is redacted it says "North Korea threat more serious than ever", which if the threat has never actually been that serious, being more serious than ever is completely meaningless.

North Korea is flexing, and using those flexes to try to negotiate sending them more money and making more concessions, as always.

Even if the threat is real, this sounds mostly as government propaganda to get people anxious about the threat of North Korea, and get more money, and making people not feel so bad when they inevitably rise taxes again.

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Posted in: Do you think summers are hotter now than when you were younger? See in context

I remember the summer of 2005 in Japan. One day while in Akihabara I felt like I was dying, and when I saw the public thermometer it said 40°.

Never felt anything like that again.

In Sapporo this summer has actually been mild.

It depends a lot in the location, amd tbh, the global change in temperature is about 1 degree since 1900, so most people shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Though, cities have gotten way hotter than the average global because of urbanization, including more and more asphalt, less green areas and excess use of air conditioner systems.

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Posted in: Should NATO open an office in Japan? See in context

Once again, Japan cannot and will not be part of NATO because Japan doesn't have an army as such, and the constitution prohibits Japan from having a proper army, and no, the JSDF doesn't count as an actual army, since they are heavily restricted as to what actually they can do.

Not to mention that the US is under obligation to protect Japan if anything where going to happen, and there are lots of US military bases in Japan, making Japan basically a country implicitly protected by NATO without being an actual member.

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Posted in: 'End of AIDS' still possible by 2030: U.N. See in context

Infections are still rising in the Middle east, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, so flying pigs still posible by 2035.

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Posted in: China seeks equal visa treatment from Japan after COVID See in context

They are reaching.

The only reason why there was an non-equal visa policy was because China did so in order to push Japanese investors and tourists to visit the country for business or leisure.

So they unilaterally allowed Japanese citizens to go Visa-free, unilaterally stopped that as a way to push for Japan to remove their Covid-restrictions on China, and unilaterally now are asking for extra things to Japan to return to a Visa-Free status.

Japan doesn't trust that people from China will not overstay their visit, and there are good reasons for it.

I mean, after looking at what the Chinese government did last year, I wouldn't be surprised if people just tried to run away and never return again.

Honestly, going to China is not a priority for anyone in Japan, and the people who need to go to china will be getting a Visa anyway, so once again, this will go nowhere, but it just shows how arrogant China has become.

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Posted in: Japan assures safety of Fukushima water at ASEAN-plus-3 talks See in context

The anti-nuclear people, in their quest of being afraid of what they do not understand, not only deny experts on the subject without any real counterpoint to their arguments outside of nonsense like "no one really knows" or "how can that be ok?", but they are being used by 3rd actors for their own politics.

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Posted in: Hong Kong will ban more products from Japan if treated wastewater is discharged, its leader says See in context

Very sad to see how nuclear hysteria is alive an well, and continues to be used for politics.

It's also funny see how, when it comes to Nuclear energy, being against what the experts say on the topic is 100% acceptable, even if they lack of any evidence or argument for doing so outside of "We don't know what will happen".

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Posted in: 'Clone' or competitor? Users and lawyers compare Twitter and Threads See in context

You made the Twitter code for algorithms open source. Your lawsuit is dead on arrival.

It's not that easy. First, we don't know about what Musk is actually talking about, and it's probable that he is talking about code and "trade secrets" that are not open source.

For example, the only thing we do know about is the alleged data scraping, which if true could very well be in violation of Twitter terms of use.

Second, open source doesn't mean you can use the code without restrictions. The code you talk about is actually being released under an AGPL license, wich means that if Threads is using that code, any change they did to the code, they also need to release as an Open source project, or they are violating the terms of use.

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Posted in: Twitter chaos leaves door open for Meta's rival app See in context

So, is this an ad for Meta's thing I didn't even knew about until I read this article?

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Posted in: Vietnam bans 'Barbie' movie over South China Sea map See in context

It's really crepy how Hollywood studios just include random Chinese propaganda in their films all the time, in order to "get approved" in China.

The best part is when they do all the effort to include the propaganda and they still don't get approval in China.

Imagine if they included Russian propaganda just to be able to show it in Russian thaters.

I wonder if people would react the same...

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Posted in: Ex-lawmaker, YouTuber GaaSyy faces new intimidation charge See in context

There were actually people in Japan that didn't understand why he didn't want to come back to Japan, I mean, he has made a lot of powerful enemies in Japan with his expose, he got banned from almost every single social media for telling stories of powerful people, many times with evidence, and the original "charges" of scam and fraud were things that had already reached an agreement between the two parties, but conviniently when this guy becomes a political figure they want to persue criminal charges for that against him.

Nothing of this is surprising, but it is just sad. I really do not understand why he came back to Japan tbh.

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