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Luke McMahon comments

Posted in: Japan pledges $2.8 billion in refugee aid over three years See in context

Well with his proposed changes to the constitution, I've been saying that Japan will have to take part not just in combat but in cleanup and fallout from wars, specifically regarding refugees. As ppl have said, this is a way to do that without allowing any in. I'm not convinced the changes are a good idea, but I'm pleased that he seems to recognise that increased responsibility.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to battle on after Japan whaling court deal in U.S. See in context

Japan have taken whales other than Minkes. I don't trust them to manage the numbers of any living creature. Don't see many Japanese seals around these days. Oh they're gone right? Nothing traditional about huge ships, radar or fishing in the far reaches of the globe. Whales can't be farmed so just leave them alone. Do we have to eat everything that moves? Japanese people don't give a flying about blue fin tuna, still served up and scoffed doen everywhere. People can say stuff about Sea Shepherd being self promoting. Good, big deal. If that gets them money and attention all the better. More donations, less whaling. If governments weren't spineless, Sea Shepherd wouldn't have to do what they do, the wsy they do it. Finally, you want Australians to respect other cultures? No. It's our sea too. Japan can please themselves in Taiji, but if you travel the world to harass whales, expect resistance. Gnite.

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