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Posted in: Tokyo Metro changes rule on reaction to N Korean missile launch See in context

This guy should be taken down before he starts a War!

Wrong! If KJI is assassinated, then a war might come out right away. NK would have to be the ones to make a first strike, as any other country shouldn't (and won't) be the one to start WW3. In the event of war, then the assissination attempts will ensue because then the case will be seen as KJI started it all.

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Posted in: Abe says he will initiate debate on new constitution See in context

It's a good decision to change the constitution, as a modern and civilized country you should be able to rely less on others and enjoy the independence of your own armed forces. Much has changed in 70 years and the constitution should change with the times. Just because you have the ability to declare war does not mean you'll up and do it, right?

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Posted in: Japan kills 333 whales in annual Antarctic hunt See in context

Overpopulation is the issue in the world. The Earth cannot sustain so many billions of people. Frankly, many more extinctions will occur and it IS great to protect all animals from it, but that is only a temporary, bandaid solution. To save the whales: birth caps are ultimate goal... which stem from a lack of women's rights in certain countries and a whole other bag of world problems...

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Posted in: Lucasfilm lost sleep over uncanny resurrections of 'Rogue One' See in context

Loved the step towards this high-quality computer animation! Obvious, a ways to go but you understand what their are trying to achieve and I can appreciate that. Rogue One was a good flick

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