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Posted in: 7 weird questions female ALTs get asked while teaching English in Japan See in context

Yep, the Japanese can be pervy as hell.

There’s also a freedom to saying something in English to a non-Japanese. Maybe its therapy.

’My husband is having an affair.” That’s been dropped in an Eikaiwa class or two. Cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist.

Having two junior high school boys call out, ‘Anaru sekkesu!’ like a dude shouting, ‘Freebird!’ at a Bill Hicks concert. Ahhh, such fond memories.

None of them can better the time I was fresh off the boat, new to teaching... had a 60 plus year old woman delight in freaking me out by replying to my, ‘What’s news?’ warm-up by asking, “This morning, I went to the toilet. けつの穴がいったかった。

How do I say that in English?”

And the other straightfaced people reaching for their dictionaries...

Comedic... genius!

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyer says he is stunned his client left country See in context

I had a feeling that Ghosn was being railroaded. But the facts will not be outed now. Carlos is.... Ghosn.

Does Japan have an extradition agreement with Lebanon? The man will be sure to go somewhere he is sure to have immunity.

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